Plastic Fantastic: Favorite Enhanced JAV Actresses Part 2

Published : June 7th, 2024 Written by Fried Chikan

The plastic tour continues with more upgraded, enhanced, and altered babes below. You can read part one here.

Karen Kaede – Doll Faced Beauty

We spin back up with Karen Kaede I mean Lemon Tanaka, I mean Karen Kaede. A 2018 debut, Karen has steadily worked herself up into one of the premier girls of Idea Pocket before leaving and then coming back. A slim slender type, her face is clearly her biggest strength. I was not a fan of her at the beginning at all, her doll like looks heading a bit into the uncanny valley for me. But she has won me over and now I think she is one of the prettiest girls in JAV now. She squeaks onto our list with her perfectly sculpted face and tiny fake titties. Karen is a looker first and foremost. What a looker she is with her symmetrical face, large ears, long neck, slender nose, big grinning smile, thin heart shaped lips, and those big doe eyes. She really is one doll of a gal. A dainty, fragile looking beauty.

The rest of her continues that trend with her slim frame, fantastic fair skin, and small assets. An uncommon case of fake but small boobs, my least favorite aspect about her, but she does have delightfully pink little nipples. I would consider her a looks first actress but beneath that dainty face is a woman who is unafraid of being lewd and nasty. A great performer by her own right. While her looks are easily her best strengths, her body is turning heads recently. Since coming back to IP Karen has put on more weight and muscle which is doing wonders for her physique. A much more filled out body, her ass is looking better than ever, and that midsection of hers is toned like you can't believe. Even her tits are looking better than before (some have speculated that she had her implants removed). Karen's body has suddenly become a whole new plus point for her.

IPX 596

“Sexy Private Tutor Miss Karen's Kissing Lectures – Individual Lesson Karen Kaede”

Our title gets up close and dirty with Karen as she plays a tutor who likes to motivate her students with her lips. Mainly focusing on her beautiful face and kissing skills, this intimately shot title is one of her best. The kissing focused title is not as gentle as it seems on the cover. Which leads up to my second favorite thing about Karen; her performance and willingness to get lewd. This girl can get nasty when she wants to and this title is a great showcase of that. Cute, gentle little kisses followed by sloppy kissing and drooping spit. Karen will shock you with how nasty she gets. You would not expect to think this dainty chick would make out with a dude until her spit starts to drip from her chin. Or for her to take is cum in her mouth and lick it back onto his spent cock. Karen is a great and sexy case of a book not matching it’s cover.

I would check out all the kissing, blowjob, and hand job scenes. Anything to do with her mouth here being porn gold. They keep it close to her face and you get front row seats to her pretty face while it gets as lewd as it can be. Beautifully shot, nice outfits, great lighting; this is a great title. All in all this is one of her best titles so far because of how it highlights her two best assets. Give Karen a look for her doll like looks and stay for the lewd woman underneath.

Aika – Version 3.32.1b

The resident Gal of JAV is our next fantastic plastic. I think Aika gets a bad rep mainly for her plastic surgery. Yes she has had a lot of work done on her face and a lot people knock her for that. With her heavy make up, changing hair styles, tanned skin, and loads of jewelry; people conflate her with having a cheap and fake appearance. But she has been around for a long time, is a great performer in the right roles, and there is nothing cheap about her cheap nor fake about how great her body is.

Aika has a fantastic fit figure. One that seems mostly all natural because of how modest it is in comparison to the rest of her. A slim slender figure that is fit as fit can be. Abs that faintly show under her tanned stomach. A firm body with a nice firm bum and some muscular looking legs. Small little natural titties that can be fully or smaller depending on her weight. A beautifully tanned and fit figure that gets lost in all the gal noise. Don’t let her face and image distract you from her great fit figure.

TPPN 067

“Glistening Sweat & Love Juice On Deeply Tanned Skin. AIKA”

Our video has Aika from her earlier days in 2015. More youthful and fresh faced, her body is a bit more fuller than she is now. Not as fit, more full (especially her boobs) but still as rocking as always. This no plot title is all about getting her all hot and sweaty. No need for her to play her usual Aika self, this is just about sex and enjoying her body to the fullest. Check out Aika’s great figure for yourself as it gets dripping wet. I chose this title because Aika is more strip down here with her being nude for most of it. Very little jewelry, no crazy outfits, and lighter on the make up. Pretty different from her usual stuff, she doesn’t play her typical domineering and haughty self. Just her stripped down naked without all the extra stuff. What better way to show off Aika in a more intimate and no frills way. Where you can focus on her great body and her enjoying some great sex.

The video starts off with a banger (pun intended) with the action starting right off. No set up, interview, or long teasing session. We see these two go right at it from the beginning, hard. A lusty sex scene where the two are making out, fondling all over, and rubbing each other’s genitals. What a great pure sex scene from Aika. Very little talking between the two, just them letting their instincts take over and enjoying each other’s bodies. A great lusty sex title that shows off Aika in a different light.

Tia – All “American” Girl

Next up is the fabulous Tia. A poster girl of sorts for plastic actresses during her time before retiring in 2017. She was known for her alternative look in stark comparison to most women in JAV. She looks like someone straight out of western porn. She debuted with a more ‘normal’ look before revamping herself, like many plastic actresses. Going with that almost “American” girl look that she was most well known for now. With her supposed Hafu background, the mix of which she has never clarified, only adds to the mystery of Tia. What isn’t a mystery is that fine body and face of hers.

What a great overall figure that can please anyone. Big, firm, and shapely boobs with a slim waist to her wide hips. A little curvy, lots of plastic surgery, fake boobs, medium figure, and highlighted hair that could range from brown or blonde or even red. It’s hard to pick a favorite hair color of hers but I would have to go with the blonde look since it’s so rare in JAV. Tia has worn many faces throughout her life even changing it again after retiring from porn. Prime Tia for me was the look she had during 2015. Really an outlier among your typical actresses in JAV.

SNIS 340

“Made To Model Under wear... Tia”

The video is a goodie from Tia. She plays an employee who is made to model skimpy and sexy lingerie for her bosses while having their way with her. Tia is a pretty solid performer and one of the rare actresses that excel in submissive roles. That pretty face, fine figure, and multi-color hair hides a big sub inside her. Liking to take more docile roles, she also likes it a little rough with her deep throating blow jobs. A solid pick if you are looking for one of her submissive titles.

If you are checking this title out, I would zero in on the final scene. It condenses the entire film in just one scene. In it Tia performs a one woman fashion show for her co-workers. Not only do we get her in all these fun lingerie and being embarrassed, we get to check out how thick her lower half be. Big and a little muscular, Tia is packing it from below the waist. Some great ass shots during her runway performance. Part of that runway show is her servicing four guys at the same time. A great title with Tia in all sorts of skimpy underwear as she played with like the submissive little slut she likes to be.

Reiko Kobayakawa – Big Balloon Boobs

We get more mature with the next pair of ladies, starting with Reiko Kobayakawa. There is something about Reiko that is so deliciously attractive. A big hook nose, heart shaped lips, high cheek bones, and a big beaming smile. She is pretty wrinkles and all if slightly an unconventional beauty. A mature woman that looks so lewd underneath. At least underneath her shirt is a a pair of big ol titties. So clearly fake still you can’t help but love them. So perfectly round and with an unnatural bounce to them, one of rare pairs of fake boobs I like. A name that has been around for a long time now and a solid choice for older lady/milf type.

As for the rest of Tsukasa she has enhanced her chest twice I believe. First with a modest set of pointy tits then later on with a huge set of bolt-ons. I've never been a huge fan of Tsukasa for her tits but I will say her newest pair are not half bad at all for bolt-ons which are pretty uncommon in JAV comparatively. As for that ass I can't tell if it's enhanced or not. She's had a mighty ass for a long time now back to her debut and lately it's seems to have added a bit of more meat to it. Fake or not it's a great ass.

MOND 188

“Unusual Days of a Married Woman: She's Requested Sexual Care taking Reiko Kobayakawa”

Our video is kind of a rare plot not seen usually. Reiko plays an older woman who hurts her ankle and needs physical therapy and some attention. Of course what does the strapping male nurses do but give her the care and physical therapy that she so sorely needs. Such a great plot idea that I hardly see. The fantasy of milfs is usually the older woman taking care of the more youthful man, guiding him along with their experience and maturity. This time we get to see Reiko get the care and love she deserves. Older women need some tender love and care (TLC) too.

My highlight goes to the final scene where Reiko fully healed takes on her two nurses to show her appreciation. And boy does she show her appreciation. Starting them off with a very lively blow and hand job. How swapping their dicks in her mouth, jumping/sucking one right to the other. No longer held back by her ‘injury’ Reiko is lively as ever sucking dick. Filled with so much vim and vigor, Reiko is a treat to see fully healed. Definitely check this scene out to see two dudes wear out their fine older woman. Give Reiko a go for a solid milf pick that has finely aged.

Karen Yuzuriha - Mini Model Figurine

The superstar of Premium is next with Karen Yuzuriha. She has become an unlikely star for the mid-level studio. I never would have thought that she would be as popular as she is nor that I would like her as much as I do. There’s something about Karen that has captured the hearts of many. Maybe it’s her perfectly sculpted face or her tiny little yet very voluptuous body. It could be her improved performing that goes from good to great. Maybe it’s all of those things.

PPPE 097

Karen Yuzuriha Got An Erection After Seeing My Big Tits Girlfriend Get Fucked By DQNs Creampied Until The Sperm Flows Backwards

With this title we try to highlight her performing and body. This puts her in the sub role as she gets a train run on her by a group of delinquents. The gang bangs of this title really carry the whole thing. Karen gets taken to task hard. These guys fuck Karen and use her like a public sex toy.

Tsubaki Sannomiya - Doll Face

Tsubaki Sannomiya is our next Plastic queen. It’s hard to pick out which enhanced part of her is the best. Is it her beautifully prim and cold face or is it her firm and round tits and ass? The 2020 debut started with S1 until heading over to Attackers. A move that actually fits her well. Partly because she has that mature air about her so she pairs well with their many cheating wife dramas and because this perfectly sculpted babe is quite a sub.

ADN 425

Sweaty Sex With A Longing Female Boss In A Mid summer Office With A Broken Air Conditioner. Tsubaki Sannomiya

A lusty drama taking place during a hot summer in an office. A twisty tale with Tsubaki playing the haughty boss to the reluctant adultery. It’s fun seeing her usually aloof face make all these faces to match the story and drama. A wet and sweaty Tsubaki in OL clothes don’t hurt either.

Eimi Fukada - The Plastic Queen

How could this next one not be on the list? Even though I’m not the biggest Eimi fan I have warmed up to her. Yes her tits aren’t great and her face is hit or miss for many. However Eimi is so much more than both of those things. There’s her fun personality or her rock solid performing. Eimi’s deep voice always gets me. She is also very underrated for her ass. A medium sized round ass that looks so good on her slim waist.

MIDE 981

Dengeki Exclusive Juice / Sweat / Tide / Liquid / Saliva / Saliva Dada Leakage Sexual Intercourse SPECIAL Eimi Fukada

Enough of my words let these clips of Eimi’s ass do all the speaking for me.

Yuria Satomi – Youthful Milf

We back end our list with the ever lovely Yuria Satomi. First debuting in 2004 as Aya Koizumi, she came back in 2008 as the Yuria we all know and love. A short haired milf whose looks much more youthful, thanks to the work done on her face. I’m a fan of Yuria for her signature short hair, immaculate skin, high cheeks, cute pouty lips, and that beautiful yet cheeky smile. She can light up a room when she flashes those pearly whites. She looks a lot like an older relative of Rika Mari or Eimi Fukada. An older name this long time actress is a solid pick for those looking for milfy women with looks that have stood the test of time (with some help).

PGD 870

“Cream pie Sex With A House wife Who Wants To Get Pregnant”

What better way to check out her looks than this POV heavy video. Yuria plays a happy housewife living that blissful domestic life. She’s trying to get pregnant which of course means letting it in her deep with some cream pies. To spice things up they bring in some fun costumes like some sex toys or a dark one piece swimsuit. Overall this is a much chiller and happier title than most. Not an inch of malice, this anti-hardcore title is a perfect vanilla video. Just a husband and wife in domestic bliss.

All the scenes are pretty cute especially the beginning but my recommendation goes to the swimsuit scene. Surprising her husband with a tight fitting swimsuit, she and him get it on for some day time nookie. What I really liked was how they explored every inch of her body while in the swimsuit. Caressing her over and under it or having her flip around and show off her tight little buns. They made full use of that costume and she keeps it on for all of the action. A great easy breezy title from Yuria and a solid way to start off with her.

Honorable Mentions

Sakura Sena – Boobs, Boobs, Boobs

Probably the first fake actress I’ve ever seen for JAV (before I even knew about it), Sakura Sena. An actresses from the late 90’s to early 00’s, she is a blast from the past. Working both in JAV and as a solo agent abroad she is a rare example of being both a pornstar and a AV actress. She is mostly know for her big fake breasts. She has these massive and I mean massive boobs, just staggeringly big and round. And clearly fake too, there is no need to discuss if they are real or not. They would make Reiko blush. Amazingly big and amazingly fake boobs that you can’t take your eyes off of (or at least I can’t).

As crazy as it sounds I have even more plastic beauties that I can give a shout out to.Kana Morisawa is another actress who went under the knife later on in her career. Changing a bit of her nose and chin, she looks a lot more distinct now. Really a head turner with her unique and sharper facial structure. There is also Nozomi Arimura with her nice tits and ridiculously large and pointy nipples. Finally there is Reiran an actress some noted for her similarity with Maria Nagai thanks to her ridiculously fake ass and hips. Unfortunately she has worked really sporadically in JAV. But that body is something else.

And that closes out my favorite enhanced actresses. I think girls who have had work done get a bad rep in porn. Many refer to them as being ruined. While I think it’s true that some have had bad work done and I prefer more natural women, this seems a bit harsh. Nothing wrong with say, ‘she’s/that’s not for me’ and moving on. There is room in porn and life for all sorts of people. All natural women and women with big honking fake bazookas.


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blast 2 days ago
my personal favourite, Mayuki Ito and Rin Hachimitsu
especially Rin with her hourglass shape and perfectly rounded boobs. hopefully her problem with 8man can be resolved immediately
1 0
Fried Chikan 2 days ago

Nice picks, both have such great bodies. Mayuki with her narrow waist and Rin has nice filled out figure.

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