Extra Risky Memorial Nude Photo-Shoot

Published February 10, 2023

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No better way to commemorate a fortieth birthday than having extra erotic photos taken alongside friends who have never seen you naked before.

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Extra Risky Memorial Nude Photo-Shoot
Timing and Translation by ZENRA

There's going to be a small segment of our subscriber base who sees "memorial nude JAV" and already is thinking of THAT series.  So with that said, I'll address that to some extent before moving into writing about today's update.  A studio whom as of writing I am not even sure is still shooting (though given how they are owned by PRESTIGE makes me certain the staff are simply regulated to other labels) was known for a few years for an INSANELY good series involving husbands with a hotwife/cuckold fetish convincing their wives to take part in a "memorial nude" slightly erotic photo-shoot with a male actor.  I will admit that back when R18 was a thing (...) I purchased almost every single movie shot.  From start to finish, they're all fantastic and who knows, maybe we will have the chance to show them on ZENRA in the future because full comprehension especially in the beefy interviews that kick each scene off really sells the encounter.

Anyway, with that out of the way, fans of that amazing D-O-C series may be rushing into today's ROCKET update thinking it will be similar...

...but it's not!  EXTRA RISKY MEMORIAL NUDE PHOTO-SHOOT has more in common with those two great nude art model movies than the D-O-C series.  Yes, that means like most ROCKET movies, walking into this expecting realism will make one a sad camper.  Come to think of it, the only ROCKET movie that really mixed in realism well was that amazing naked date experiment one-off shot by a random AD on a shoestring budget and did great here, but perhaps bombed there.  Oh well.

From the get-go, if you're familiar with any other ROCKET movie featuring large casts and a zany theme, the flow to MEMORIAL NUDE PHOTO-SHOOT should be quite familiar.  Probably the only real difference is given the theme, full nudity occurs way sooner.  I can't say I am NOT a fan of this release.  The pacing is solid and the casting is fine as well.  Some may not like it that 'action' only happens in the second half, but the reactions leading there are excellent.  From embarrassed nudity to accidental arousal to covert masturbation attempts while being pictured nonstop make for an unusual yet titillating scenario.  I think it's easier for a women to covertly get herself off in such a setting than a guy.  After all, the former can just engage in some light strategic rubbing whereas the latter...

The only two things I am not entirely fond of in EXTRA RISKY MEMORIAL NUDE PHOTO-SHOOT are that one of the pairs may be engaging in fake sex at the end (I'll leave it up to you to figure which!) and the actress who plays Miyata really should have dialed down her performance when the group sex began.  In fact, a lot of them were going a bit too crazy and yes, I know this is ROCKET, but we should always try to keep one foot grounded in reality even when we are witnessing prime JAV Land fantasy.  But I do like this movie in spite of these minor flaws.  Having yet to shoot another, we wait and see if this is a theme that will show its face again at Japan's weirdest mainstream studio.

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Does a great job combining CMNF/ENF and accidental arousal.
+Slow, but smooth pacing with a great payoff.
+Wild group sex finale...


-...that's almost too wild for its own good.
-Fan theory only:  one of the pairs is faking it (probably to keep costs down).

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