Oppaira's Top JAV Asses Part 8 ft. Akari Niimura, Tsukasa Aoi, and more

Published : June 6th, 2024 Written by Oppaira

Oppaira here, back at it again with another set of asses. This time I'm here with a few enhanced asses. Enjoy!

Not everyone is as big a fan of Akari's ass as I am but that's alright, more for me! I find Akari's body to be a bit stocky but I find when it goes all over her body like that it's actually fairly enjoyable. Too many actresses are skin and bones these days so someone with a bit more meat like Akari does well in my books. Her ass seems to have those classic lines and deformities that make you think it's fake but it does still look quite nice when she's bent over.

Her videos for Lunatics tend to be great at promoting her ass and this one is from late 2023 is a prime example. I find Lunatics often takes a simple theme of the actress having a big butt being tempting and runs with it. You can see from the left screen that it's built right into the plot and then from the right that despite wanting to cover a lot of positions they give you some good eye candy. Other Lunatics videos are pretty good as well but when it's built directly into the plot like this it's exceptionally nice.

I'm pretty vocal about my aversion to Eimi but I must say her butt is fairly nice. I think it stands out a fair bit amongst her otherwise thin body, giving it the one piece of meat it needs to not be skin and bones. I also find that, unlike her tits, it doesn't look that fake. I mean sure, I'm willing to bet that it's fake given what she used to look like but it's a more respectable limit that gives you plenty to enjoy while not being overdone.

Eimi has spent a long time freelancing and going back in time is the best course of action. Rather than try to find a mediocre video from where she currently is at Faleno, we can go back to her freelance time and find this video from Wanz Factory. As you can see, tons of great camera angles to look upon with a theme focusing on her ass. You know it's the right video when the cover says お尻 in big letters.

Madonna actresses don't tend to have the nicest asses, at least not when Madonna actually gets actresses that look the part. With Momoko being over 40 you kind of wouldn't expect an ass like this. I find that her ass does look fake just like her boobs but that I'm quite okay with that. It really compliments her body and adds a nice thiccness to her that is necessary to compliment the front.

While there are certainly plenty of videos that have some good ass eye candy from her, including her latest, I find this older one when she was still on their main roster to be better. The more interesting dynamic of ripped jeans gives you something quite unique and really sets it apart from the competition. Yes it does hide some of her ass but it hides the worst part and still leaves you with the round cheeks exposed.

When I went to watch Sakura for the first time I had a feeling I knew what I was getting into. I was wrong. As much as I enjoyed other qualities I must say that her ass was surprisingly enjoyable. While it was pretty evident to me it was fake given how much else is fake I found that I still enjoyed it. Never once did it feel overdone and instead just worked for her. I found her arms are a bit on the bigger side compared to many which means her ass being a bit bigger felt more natural on her body. It jiggles around and overall just works on her body.

The nude maid series from Planet Plus is definitely a go to for asses and I know I've featured it before. The whole cleaning aspect lets you get a great sense of their ass from the unique perspectives. A lot of us are used to enjoying it in some form of doggy or cowgirl, and rightfully so, but it's always fun to see it in a more natural position. Watching her bend over to plug in a cable or as she's standing while vacuuming the living room just hits different.

Tsukasa has long since been one of the premier asses at S1. They tend not to be a studio that focuses on asses which makes Tsukasa stand out all the more. I find that it's proportioned quite well and has a good amount of curve to it. Even with some visible stretch marks I find stretch marks on the ass to be quite hot, like her body is naturally telling her that her ass is better than it was supposed to be. Is her ass fake? Who knows. I have a tendency to assume there's work when there's clearly other work (aka her tits). If it is, kudos to the doctor, if it's not, I guess I'm just stirring things up. Either way though it's absolutely fantastic and a big reason why she's maintained her status on S1 for 9 years now.

Like many, going back a year or two is more ideal to get something that is super ass focused. S1 surprisingly doesn't focus on her ass as much as you'd think. I mean sure, any video shot well will highlight her ass but there's a big difference between your average video and one that says beautiful hips in both English and Japanese on the cover. Do you want to have sex with such a beautiful ass like the cover says? I think you'd be mad not to. As Pan put it in his first impressions of her when watching this video, her ass is "always the center of attention as it should be" and you can have a good time here "if nothing else for some terrific ass eye candy".

I hope you've all enjoyed another set of wonderful asses. Stay tuned for next month when I share another great set, until next time!


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pachuli4666 6 days ago
Very good selection Oppaira. Tsukasa Aoi's ass is spectacular, It's a shame that in her movies she is usually very cold in her performances.I recommend that you look at the ass of Aya Sazanami, who is now called Aya Konami. From my humble opinion it is in the Top 5.
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ZENRA 6 days ago

Tsukasa Aoi looks like the one mum at the PTA who knows she's the hottest of everyone around and also really doesn't want to be there. Every movie, every pose, she has this one same look.

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