Panking's Top 10 Most Photoshopped JAV Covers

Published : September 6th, 2021 Written by Panking

We've all been bamboozled by some JAV photoshop magic at one point or another. It's nearly unavoidable. Now we all know that most covers incorporate some form of photoshopping but it's usually rather minor. But in the case of these films, they go above and beyond. Whether it be shopping their face, titties, ass, or any other physical attribute. It's always done to an absurd degree. It was hard to narrow down my list as there are many, many examples out there but settled on a good array of films from a range of studios. I'll be going in order from least to most egregious. Now let's kick things off with my number 10 choice.

10. JUFE-063 or any Fitch film

"The Record Of How I Creampied And Trained My Wife's Beautiful Sister With Colossal Tits For 5 Days While My Wife Was Away To Attend A Friend's Wedding"

Here we have a major studio guilty of over photoshopping many of their covers. I'm sure many JAV fans would name them as one of the biggest culprits. While Fitch isn't the worst out there, they certainly like to touch up their covers a bit too much. I really could have picked any of their covers but decided to use this one as my example. They clearly enhanced her breasts for this cover which is something they very commonly do. While she is fairly busty already they go a little overboard. And not to mention the touching up of her face. These are all the common tropes of a photoshopped Fitch cover. Always enlarging the actresses' bust among other features while shopping her face.

Don't be fooled by this enticing cover as the actual video is pretty terrible. The central premise is rather dark as it revolved around a man pressuring his wife's sister to be his sex slave. I'm sure some may enjoy this plot but not me. Maybe a compelling performance could have helped but Mako Oda is quite lackluster here. She can be rather whiny and boasts pretty weak energy all around. I realize her role is to be submissive but you can still make it captivating to which she falls flat. The film also makes use of shooting some of the scenes with a phone. It was a trend in JAV for a while that I really didn't like. There's just nothing positive about this film. It's a complete fail in every way.

9. MIRD-141

"MOODYZ Fan Thanksgiving Day - Fuck Bus Tour 2014"

Why have just one set of photoshopped titties when you can have 16 of them? This entry is a part of Moodyz's "Fuck Bus Tour" series that ran for 10 years before ending in 2014. It was a nice series that always boasted some eye-catching covers such as this one. Now I can't say I hate this cover or anything. In fact, I like the range of colors used for the logos as it really grabs your attention. But did Moodyz really have to copy/paste the same pair of tits over and over? Especially when several of the actresses aren't even close to being that busty in real life. Again this cover isn't terrible by any means but just kinda laughable having that many pairs of photoshopped tits together.

Is the video any good? Well, that's pretty subjective depending on your specific taste. The general premise revolves around a group of lucky "fans" being invited to go on a trip with some of the biggest JAV actresses around. They get to participate in a range of fun events along with getting blowjobs, handjobs, and full-on sex. There's a lot of fluff here that does indeed bloat the runtime but I'm sure some will enjoy it. One criticism I have is that at times it can feel a bit hectic with too much happening at once. This leads to some messy camerawork. If nothing else the action is very entertaining. This series was quite the spectacle and I can appreciate the effort put into it. But personally, it doesn't really appeal to me all that much.

8. MIMK-061

"Amazing Insatiable Fuck With Wife Kaori"

While this may not be the most absurd photoshopping ever, it's still a bit over the top. In actuality, I could have selected any films from this particular series. Each entry is based on a doujinshi where the proportions are of course quite large. So naturally, every entry features some ridiculous shopping. Here we see Yuu Shinoda with breasts that are quite easily 3 times larger than they really are. It looks especially ridiculous when compared against the image on the left. Yuu's tits are nowhere near that big lol. Sometimes the shopping isn't too bad with the series but then you get instances like this that are just kinda comical. It's not terribly offensive but just amusing.

Is the video any good though? It's not half bad really. The plot seems to center on Yuu Shinoda playing a lustful housewife having an affair. There's probably more to it than that but that's a basic summary. Not a bad premise overall and Yuu Shinoda delivers an excellent performance. She plays the role quite well with fitting enthusiasm and facial expressions. The production quality across the board is superb with balanced pacing alongside top-notch lighting and camerawork. And the action is just as good with several full sex scenes that are shot well and feature a nice array of positions. All in all, a satisfying film that despite its absurd shopping still makes for an enjoyable experience.

7. YMDD-231

"The Anaconda Clan's Ambition Snake Blade Unlimited Ejaculation"

Well, then there's this one. Sometimes they photoshop titties and sometimes they photoshop asses. Or in this instance, tongues. It's certainly a cover that grabs your attention I'll give it that. I don't think I need to explain away this one. The shopping of the tongues is pretty damn wild and over the top. They remind me of the character "Orochimaru" from the series Naruto who also possesses a long snake-like tongue. Of course, the eyes are a bit photoshopped too. Especially the actress on the right there. At the end of the day, I gotta give this cover some credit for at least photoshopping something different and making it pretty funny, It's definitely one you'll remember.

Does this wacky cover equate to a romping good time? Well, that largely depends on your personal taste. Now honestly I'm not 100% sure what the exact premise is but it seems to revolve around these 3 actresses playing high-class females who love to tease and seduce some submissive men. This is mainly done by licking some all over with lots of saliva play. This isn't my cup of tea at all so I wasn't a fan. If nothing else I can certainly praise the acting which is pretty over the top fitting the absurd premise. The pacing unfortunately bogs down in the middle with too much focus on licking. That's all I can say really. I didn't enjoy it but if you love saliva play and licking, then this is right up your alley.

6. VENX-041 or any Venus film

"My Big Tits Sister-In-Law Is Luring Me To Temptation With Her Titties"

Venus studio is without one of the worst photoshop offenders when it comes to JAV. You can pretty much pick any of their covers to fill this spot. Nearly every single cover features some sort of absurd shopping whether it be the face, titties, or ass. Now I wasn't familiar with this actress at all until this video. The cover certainly piqued my interest but knowing Venus I went in with plenty of skepticism, and I was right to do so. They make her boobs as large as her face on the cover when in reality they are a far cry from that. Realistically they're maybe a third of that size. It's quite ridiculous. And of course, this extends to all the images on the back too. Venus definitely accentuates her curves quite a bit.

It's kinda hard to enjoy the film when you've been bamboozled that hard. At the end of the day, it's a typical Venus film. The plot is exactly as the title describes so no surprises there. The structure follows the same beats as all their other films. The first sex scene revolves heavily around the theme. Then there's the formulaic bathroom blowjob/paizuri scene followed by a vanilla sex scene at the end that barely utilizes the theme at all. It's the same as any other Venus film. Her performance is pretty forgettable too. While she's not terrible she's not particularly memorable in any way. That's all I gotta say. If you've seen any works by Venus before you know how it goes. Always go into their films with a heavy dose of skepticism.

5. KTRA-061

"Little Sister, Big Tits, Creampie Heaven"

When it comes to photoshop trickery, K-Tribe is one of the worst offenders. They will photoshop nearly any and every aspect of their covers. I really could have selected any of their films to be here in this spot but I ultimately chose this one as it perfectly encapsulates all their deceit. The first and most obvious being her breasts. While they are certainly decently sized they are nowhere near that big. The cover makes them look bigger than her head but that is definitely not the case. Next is the clear photoshop of her face which becomes very apparent from your first glimpse of her. Then of course they purposefully hide the rest of her body(at least on the front cover) to conceal her chubby figure. 

But maybe the actual video is pretty good? That answer is a resounding no, not really. As you probably can guess there's no central plot here at all and instead it's just a typical vanilla sex-focused video. It's pretty bland overall. This leads me to the action which doesn't fare any better. There are 4 scenes in all featuring 2 sex scenes, a paizuri scene, and a bathtub masturbation-type scene. Those latter 2 scenes are awful and a complete waste of time. And the 2 sex scenes are extremely slow-paced and dull as hell. Not to mention her performance is super lackluster which makes the scenes even more underwhelming. As a whole, it's an absolute dud. Don't be fooled by this cover.

4. DVDMS-502

"Amateur Documentary Porn: Some Tipsy Higher Ups From Work With Colossal Tits Came Over To Have Fun. I Hit On Them, Then They Got Creampied Until Morning"

Oh boy, where do I even start with this one? There are several issues with this cover. I'm not super familiar with Deep's studio but I don't remember them being this egregious with their shopping. Regardless they fucked up big time. Right off the bat, what the hell did they do to Monami Takarada's face on the right there. It doesn't even look like here. I know studios often touch up faces on covers but this is ridiculous. And then of course they really shopped the fuck out of their chests. Sure they're fairly busty to begin with but they definitely upped their cup size unnecessarily here. The result doesn't even look good at all. It's one of the worst photoshopping cases in modern JAV that I've seen.

Is the actual video any good? Well, it's not bad I suppose. It's nothing to write home about but is serviceable at least. The premise is decent with these two playing sexy office ladies who get a little tipsy after visiting their co-worker. And as expected they proceed to fuck his brains out all night. It's shot in a more voyeuristic and amateurish fashion. The sex is plentiful throughout with nice positions and lots of threesomes. The performances are pretty solid as both boast great energy and seem to work well together. The film does use some static camerawork which can be very hit-or-miss at times. At the end of the day, DVDES-502 is a rather solid 3p release. Just don't be completely turned off by its absurd cover.

3. CJOD-287

"Limitless Ejaculation Soapland Getting Brought To Orgasm Squeezed In Between Two Plain Jane Glasses Wearing Big Titty Sluts With Thick Bodies!"

This is one of the most comically over photoshopped covers I've ever seen. Chijo Heaven usually isn't this bad when it comes to photoshopping but good lord did they overdo it on this one. Now, of course, Nanami and to a lesser extent Nenne are still busty but their bust is enlarged by several cup sizes each. They're bigger than their heads for crying out loud. It looks just as ridiculous on the back cover as well. If you're a big tits lover and see this cover you'd instantly be charmed by it but once you actually sit down to watch it, it's nowhere near as good as the cover may imply.

If you enjoy extremely generic soapland films then this is right up your alley. Otherwise, it's completely forgettable in every single way. It's just a typical soapland style video with all the usual fluff so expect lots of lotion/soap play with the actresses rubbing themselves all over the actor. It's extremely dull here and results in a massively bloated runtime that just drags and drags. The performances aren't up to par to save it either as the chemistry isn't really there between the pair at all. Nanami isn't too bad overall but Nenne is pretty lackluster with some really weak facial expressions. It's an incredible uninspired soapland film with an egregiously shopped cover. There's nothing redeeming here whatsoever.

2. EBOD-755 or any E-Body film really

"Massive 43 K-Cup Knockers! This Horny Preschool Teacher Couldn't Get Enough Men, So She Offered Up Her Colossal Tits In Return For Cock - Her Raw Sex Porn Debut"


You all knew E-Body was gonna make the list somewhere. Truth be told I could pick almost any of their covers for my list. This isn't the worst offender from them per se but it was one that stuck out to me as a prime example of their bamboozle mastery. First off this cover uses a classic trick that E-Body likes to pull where they purposefully hide her body and only show her upper half. That's a clear indicator that she's not in the best of shape and that is absolutely the case here as she's mighty chubby. Secondly, her tits are maybe half the size that the cover may indicate. And of course, there's clear photoshopping of her face too. Not to say that she's ugly but she's not exactly a looker either.

Is the video any good though? No, not really. It's a typical debut film so you should know what to expect. It's pretty vanilla across the board although one scene does make use of her preschool teacher background with some decent results. The action as a whole is fine but nothing too memorable mainly due to her performance. She's clearly a bit timid as is typically the case with debuts so don't expect much. As a whole, it's just really lackluster. The production quality is not too bad at least with solid lighting and camerawork. And her wardrobe is kinda nice too. All that said though this film still fails to match its cover in a major way and stands as a fine example of E-Body deception.

1. KATU-071

"A Horny Lawyer With Erect Nipples This Tanned Gal Bitch Is A Cock-Sucking Cunt In A Miniskirt"

Oh boy. There is a lot to unpack with this work of photoshop magic. They definitely went above and beyond here. This series is notorious for its over-the-top shopping and it shows. Let's begin with her breasts. While it's not the most egregious example out there it's still noticeable. Then we have the obvious touching up of her face and even tongue. I almost didn't even recognize AIKA from the cover at first because of how different they make her look. But of course, the wildest shopped aspect is no doubt her hips and thighs. It's downright comical. Especially the image on the back cover in the upper left corner. I guess if nothing else it's certainly an eye-catching cover. 

But all that aside maybe the video is actually pretty good. Well...not exactly. It's a rather vanilla film that features a major focus on her ass and thighs, who would have guessed right? Now let me first say that I am not a big fan of AIKA, or at least modern AIKA. That definitely factored into my enjoyment here. But moving on, it's just a relatively average at best film. One issue is the slow pacing. Many scenes are bloated by too much foreplay. Also, the film uses the fisheye lens way too much here trying to make her thighs and ass look bigger than they really are. As a result, the emphasis on thigh fucking is a big miss for me personally.  The sex itself is fine but nothing more. If you're a big AIKA fan you may enjoy it but otherwise, it's a pass.



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AtilaAltair 2 years ago
I wish I could understand why they photoshop so heavily the covers. In the past kinda makes sense but nowadays you can easily find trailers of every single release.Do people in Japan are still easily scammed by the covers?
Periph 2 years ago
They are after the dudes that wander into the stores and browse the physical dvd covers. In those situations, the shopped covers could absolutely work to create a sale.
AtilaAltair 2 years ago
Yeah, but you can easily pick up your phone and see the trailer. If people weren't that lazy they wouldn't do that type of editing in the covers.
Elegance 2 years ago
The Yu Shionda KATU cover is ridiculous. They made her look thick.
ZENRA 2 years ago

I think that studio just throws all caution and sense to the wind when designing covers. Fans are probably used to it by now.

Periph 2 years ago
In the case of the videos based on an adult comic series, they are trying to match the appearance of a specific drawing as close as possible. Usually this isn't physically possible since the drawing is only limited by the imagination of the artist. So they may need to use photoshopping to make it work.
alistair_williams 2 years ago
I absolutely enjoy reading this because they have been too much of this photoshopped front covers, especially from E-BODY.Thank you for the blog.
drk 2 years ago
The last item on the list almost gave me an aneurysm.You should know that you've gone too far, when AIKA's most recognisable features are her nose and eyes.
ZENRA 2 years ago

I agree about that last one. Never in a million years I'd think that was her. I can understand some actresses not looking as good as they do in pictures, but AIKA has serious natural beauty and doesn't need much (if any) touching up.

drk 2 years ago
Natural beauty + one of the tightest/hardest (idk if you get what I mean) bodies in the business. It's a bit of a pity that she's keeping a low profile recently.
drk 2 years ago
'toned' was the word....
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