Pan Takes - April 2024 Vol 2

Published : May 13th, 2024 Written by Panking


Naughty Busty Home Tutor’s Seductive Lesson! Can’t Resist Anymore Because She Tempts with Her Cleavage!!

Starring Noa Haruna

Noa Haruna as a busty tutor sounds like a dream come true. The execution here at times leaves a little something to be desired but mostly still results in a satisfying watch. As is often the case with this studio, the plot is pretty barebones with Noa loosely playing a tutor "assisting" some lucky guys in their studies. All the scenes mainly play out the same so there's not much variety in terms of the setup and the overall theme feels a tad underutilized although there is a nice part where she's jerking him off while helping him study. Beyond that, it's essentially a non-factor. The eyecandy aspect is always a strong component of this studio and that yet again rings true here. Noa's tits as always look stupendous but her wardrobe is equally nice too. I especially love the boob window she rocks in a couple of outfits that showcase her immaculate rack very well as well as sporting a pair of glasses.

The camerawork is vital in that regard and does a fine job of capturing those delectable melons of hers. The lighting is pretty samey across the whole film but I did like the light glistening off her body in the last scene thanks to her being covered in body oil. I do think she displays a bit more enthusiasm than usual which is nice to see. It's still nothing to write home about but I can see some level of improvement at least. Finally, we have the action which is a very mixed bag featuring two sex scenes, two handjob scenes, and two paizuri scenes. I say mixed because the two scenes are both very solid but the other scenes kinda fall flat due to them ALL featuring fake cumshots. It sucks most of the satisfaction out of them as a result. There's still some enjoyment there but sadly not as much as if we got a real load or two. All in all, a fine film offering up some stellar eyecandy and quality sex scenes but not too much beyond that. A solid watch for Noa fans but otherwise it's probably a skip.

Overall Rating - 7.8/10


First Big Orgy Life Experience of H Cup that Shocks, 21 Big Cocks Endless Unlimited Sex

Starring Miyuu Kiyohara

We're once again continuing the trend of mostly vanilla release for Miyuu with her newest film here. Although this one is a tad more adventurous featuring a light gangbang theme. This is S1 we're talking about so don't expect anything too crazy as at most you'll see her with five guys at a time. But it's still a nice thing to see as someone who enjoys group sex. And for what it's worth, the execution is mostly pretty great starting with the action itself. It consists of three group sex scenes and a dull masturbation/stimulation scene. My only real complaint is with that scene in particular. As it most often is, it's a waste of time. There's even a section where they just rub dildos all over her. It's so pointless and unnecessary. Thankfully the actual sex scenes are terrific boasting a nice intensity to them which is what you want to see from a gangbang type film.

The position variety is excellent too along with all real cumshots and Miyuu gets plenty wet throughout. Sometimes it can be a little repetitive but overall pretty enjoyable. Sadly Miyuu's performance doesn't fare quite as well. Her bubbly charm cracks through a few times but it's mostly a nonfactor as she's quite whiny and is mostly related to being a fuckdoll getting passed around the room. I'll wrap this up by going over the production values which are serviceable and get the job done for the most part. The lighting and camerawork are both solid and the settings are fine if not a little bland. The pacing could've been better mainly by cutting down that stimulation scene. A couple of grievances aside, I still had a fun time with this one. Sure her performance isn't as good as Karen Yuzuriha's in her latest gangbang film but what can you expect given she's still pretty fresh. That aside, the action is excellent and the execution is solid enough to satisfy any gangbang fan out there.

Overall Rating - 8.4/10


Unexpectedly Sharing a Room with a Busty Female Boss with K-cup Breasts on a Business Trip

Starring Momoka Kagura

I won't mince any words here. I find this setup absolutely tiresome and wish it could just be shelved for a while. Despite that, this is easily one of her best videos to date. So yes the premise is your generic "sharing a hotel room with my female boss" with the typical shenanigans happening as they end up fucking all evening and into the morning. There's nothing really unique here except for a few minor parts where she's on the phone with a fellow employee(I think). It's extremely generic but it doesn't matter too much as the execution at least is outstanding starting with the brilliant production values. The lighting is exceptional with a decent variety to it ensuring no scenes feel too stale given the lone setting. By far the best is the 2nd sex scene as it utilizes a dimmer setup for a nighttime scene that results in her body looking breathtaking.

The camerawork also does a nice job of highlighting her juicy figure most notably in the shower scene as we get some stunning shots of her phat ass and tits up against the glass with some fitting lighting to boot. There's not much to talk about wardrobe-wise, but she does sport some pantyhose in the last scene. I also can't say much about her acting. She's not THAT bad but her facial expressions and engagement are rather lackluster. Faring much better is the action featuring three and a half sex scenes along with a paizuri scene. I say half because the shower sex scene only lasts about 5 min and lacks a proper finish but it is still very enjoyable. In fact, every scene here is satisfying with no real issues. We get lots of doggystyle and cowgirl with plenty of shots showcasing her meaty ass which is always nice. But yes the action overall is nearly flawless resulting in what is her most enjoyable film yet. This is absolute must watch for sure.

Overall Rating - 9.5/10


Dr. Yuria Sensei’s Megaton Breast Sexual Education

Starring Yuria Yoshine

Can I just say that I really love this cover? That outfit is very sexy and its got a nice subtle touch to it. And in this particular instance, the video actually lives up to the cover. The plot casts Yuria as a voluptuous school nurse who gives some "hands-on" treatment to some lucky male students. Such as when one student comes to her complaining about some pain down there and she then proceeds to inspect it for herself before giving him a tittyfuck. It's a fun setup that blends both a nurse and school theme to excellent effect. Now by far one of the film's best aspects has to be her wardrobe and the overall production. I absolutely love her signature outfit consisting of the doctor's coat, pantyhose, and glasses. It gives her a nice professional yet still sexy look. Not to mention the lingerie piece she sports in the last scene is a stunner as well as it accents her thick body extremely well helping to showcase her juicy curves in smoking hot fashion.

I really like the lighting too especially in the last scene which goes for a bright and saturated look but is still quite soft helping to compliment her plump figure. My only nitpick really would be the use of a fish eye lens in the tittyfuck scene. It just feels unnecessary. Otherwise, it's very well executed across the board. Another highlight is her acting easily as she absolutely delivers. She's subtly seductive with a very comforting aura which fits the theme perfectly. I also appreciate that she's not too over the top either and her facial expressions align with that. Capping all this off is the terrific action featuring two sex scenes with one being a threesome along with two paizuri scenes. I appreciate that most scenes give us real cumshots and are all mostly satisfying besides a scene or two taking a bit too long to get going but it's not too damning. Overall I can confidently say this is one of her best solo films to date. It nails just about everything making for one of my favorites of the year so far.

Overall Rating - 9.2/10


A Yariman Empress with Divine Breasts and Buttocks who Monopolizes the Happening Bar and Devours Men

Starring Maria Nagai

I absolutely love this particular setup so I was very eager to see how this one would fare. It's not without some issues but overall it was a success. The plot sees Maria going into an underground sex club and basically just taking over as she steals guys away and fucks them silly. This is by far one of my favorite underutilized themes in JAV so seeing it here is an awesome treat. The execution overall is pretty great and generally, I think Maria' is a good choice to play this role. Her ridiculous over the top body suit this theme well. Performance wise she does a fine job but I would've liked to see a little more "oomph" from her. Her enthusiasm is fine but her facial expressions and demeanor could've been better at times most notably during the sex scenes. She just doesn't quite hit the high that you'd want to see from a plot like this. Next up we have the action which is a slight mixed bag.

It features just two sex scenes and a handjob scene. Now the first sex scene really is split up into two parts as she fucks a guy out in the bar area before taking him and another guy into a private lounge to continue. That specific part and the whole 2nd sex scene are fantastic. However, the first part is really slow as it's devoted to a 30 min blowjob section that seemingly never ends. And the handjob scene is okay at best as it really should've been an assjob or tittyfuck scene. Another issues I have with that first scene is the camerawork as half of the sex is shot with a static camera making for some less-than-ideal angles. It's pointless really. We do get a few nice shots of her ass in doggy and cowgirl at least. And I will praise the lighting and wardrobe though. I especially love her slingkini outfit in the last scene. It's always a favorite. MKMP-552 isn't perfect but the flaws aren't enough to bring it down too much as it's still an entertaining watch for any Maria fan.

Overall Rating - 8.6/10


I Won a Treasure Lottery and Purchased Adult Big Breasts Sex Worker for a 24-Hour Exclusive Overnight Creampie Date with Fluffy Soft Breasts

Starring Hana Himesaki, Nene Tanaka, Yumi Shion & Yuria Yoshine

These group videos tend to be really hit-or-miss. Just because you get all this talent together doesn't guarantee it'll be a success. However, I'm very happy to report that this particular video delivers. The plot revolves around a guy who wins the lottery and is rewarded by having 24 hours with all four of these busty ladies. It's a dream come true for not only him but I'm sure many of us as he gets to fuck them all day and night. I think the premise is simple but effective as it gets the ball rolling and doesn't get in the way. Plus, it's just flat-out a great fantasy that we'd all love to experience one day. A good premise is nothing without proper execution and thankfully, we got that here for sure starting with their acting. Now I will say don't expect too much interaction between the cast. There are a few moments though such as when Yumi appears behind Nene and assists her in tittyfucking by grabbing her tits. But beyond that, everyone here vibes together extremely well.

They're all incredibly upbeat, cheerful, engaging, and generally seem to be enjoying themselves. There's no weak link to be had between them either as everyone is on their game here. The action is also on point featuring two threesome sex scenes, a fivesome with everyone, and a group paizuri scene at the start. Honestly my only minor nitpicks are the use of some fake cumshots which is unavoidable with this type of plot and the pacing is a tad bloated in some spots. Both aren't too damning and overall every scene is delightful. I especially appreciate that everyone gets an equal amount of screen time. And the camerawork does a solid job of capturing everyone without feeling too frantic and messy which can be a common issue with group films. The lighting is damn near perfect across the board too really amplifying the eyecandy factor. I could go on and on but I'll end it here by saying this is easily one of the best group films in recent memory. An easy must-watch!

Overall Rating - 9.4/10


Matched with a Busty Wife on a Dating App, Met Under the Condition of “Mask On” and “2-Hour Limit”, But it was My Wife’s Younger Sister…

Starring Noa Haruna

I never really expected Noa Haruna to shoot with the likes of Madonna but here we are. I'm not the biggest fan of them but this film ultimately made for a solid watch. Here we see a guy who is in a rather unfulfilling marriage and begins to use a dating app on the side. He ends up matching with someone who turns out to be his younger sister-in-law whom he initially can't tell because she keeps her signature mask on. I will credit the film for actually incorporating the mask into the plot for once. I'm not the biggest fan of this setup which is one of the reasons I kinda loathe Madonna but the execution is solid and it's fairly well-paced. By far one of the best elements here is the production values. I've always praised Madonna for this and that yet again rings true here. Without a doubt, the best aspect of this all is the lighting. It's quite soft helping to accentuate Noa's body and chest excellently and also suits the film's vibe extremely well.

The camerawork is top-notch too with no major issues. The pacing can be a tad slow to get things going but it does work in the film's favor and does a nice job of setting things up. It really is expertly crafted from top to bottom. The action is quite nice too consisting of two and a half sex scenes alongside a masturbation-type scene where the guy fingers and fondles her while the sister is away in the kitchen. I do wish there was some more risk involved as it's the perfect setup for it and it feels sorely lacking. Besides that, the sex scenes are both enjoyable with a nice variety of positions. Now this is the part where I usually rag on her acting but to her credit, she's not THAT bad here. She obviously still has a way to go but her general enthusiasm has seen a slight uptick at least and she settles into her role decently well. Her facial expressions still need some work though. I've been enjoying seeing her in more plot-driven films and this one makes for a great watch.

Overall Rating - 8.5/10


Beautiful Mama and Stepdaughter. I’ve Come to Meet the Woman I Impregnated Decades Ago and Her Stepdaughter

Starring Ichika Matsumoto & Maria Nagai

I'm not gonna lie, going into this one I had low expectations. The theme wasn't looking like my cup of tea and just the sheer combination of these two was wild. It's one of the most polar opposite duos I've ever seen. But to my surprise, it wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be. The plot sure is a doozy centering around Maria and Ichika playing a stepmom/stepdaughter relationship. One day this strange man stumbles upon Ichika and reveals that he is her papa who had his way with Maria back in the day. He follows her back home and ends up having sex with the two of them over and over. I don't particularly enjoy darker themes like this so naturally I wasn't a huge fan of it. But I did like the dynamic between the two as it's fairly convincing and their performances certainly go a long way in that regard. Ichika is appropriately submissive and does a fantastic job with it without being too over the top. Her facial expressions in particular were very fitting. Maria isn't too bad herself in playing her role which leads to a few nice moments such as when she's instructing Ichika to suck him off as she holds her head in place while doing so.

I also appreciated the very end when they both started to loosen up a bit. The production values are another big positive here as the lighting really fits the tone of the scenes and is decently varied. The camerawork is also superb and always manages to capture the best shots which is really noticeable in the last sex scene when they're taking turns riding him. This leads me to the action consisting of two sex scenes, a short blowjob scene, and a masturbation scene. The blowjob scene is pretty forgettable but does serve its purpose to bookend the film. Now I do have a few issues such as the pacing being a bit too long, especially with the 2nd sex scene running for over an hour and 20 minutes. All the cumshots are fake too which is a bummer. But the sex itself is terrific with an even focus between the two and a nice array of positions. DASS-393 proved to be one of the most pleasant surprises of the year so far. I was ready to hate on this but actually ended up enjoying myself quite a bit. I wish the theme was something more lighthearted but I can't deny that the execution was on point in nearly every way making for a surprisingly enjoyable collab.

Overall Rating - 8.3/10

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Waldemar 2 weeks ago
Momoka Kagura is a sexpot, my favorite in this post-Hitomi era. Her face grown-up, a real woman's, like Mako Oda and Nachi Kurosawa, full of experience and no need to fake nonstop orgiastic crying, she knows what she nrrds and what her partners want, she can seduce and lead or surrender and enjoy hardworking lovers. She obviously loves sex anytime anywhere all the time and craves fucking in front of an audience, and she can smile and laugh and when she climaxes, I really believe it. We are in good hands here. Her body is that of a sex goddess, the best breasts since Hitomi, enormous, full, swelling, jutting in divine curves, firmly protruding to truly swing and jump freely, her areolae massive and magnificent, and she knows what to do with colossal boobs, and she only has to show them off and I'm in heaven.
Panking 2 weeks ago

Yeah, Momoka and Hitomi share quite a few similarities. Obviously, both have huge tits with large areolas but also equally amazing bodies that balance out the sizable rack. Slender with nice hips to boot. Although I will say Momoka definitely outclasses Hitomi in the ass department. But all in all, she's the closest thing to a Hitomi replacement we have right now.

Waldemar 1 week ago
Agree, Momoka and Hitomi both to me are as close to body perfection, bosom magnificence, and sexual attraction as you get. I find Hitomi's ass gorgeous, well, I just love everything about her. But under torture (her absence) I'll admit that Momoka's well-shaped behind is in a class of its own, obviously designed to balance her overwhelming boobs, securing eye-popping hourglass curves. By the way, I enjoy your comments quite a lot.
Panking 1 week ago

Thanks, I appreciate it! But ye Momoka is definitely a top favorite of mine right now. Hard not to love an actress who is stacked on top and bottom while also boasting a great figure.

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