Having Sex in Front of My Husband Infidelity Examination 3

Published January 19, 2024

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To save a failing marriage, would you allow your wife to have sex with a JAV director while you watched?

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Timing and Translation by Patonyan

Part of me loves JAV, part of me loves (watching) infidelity, and yes, that includes cuckolding. JAV can't get enough of cheating especially when it's a wife doing it behind her husband's back, but with her husband present? And there for the purpose to encourage her? OK, purists may call a movie with a husband present who isn't there for a shame factor not cuckolding, but a 'hotwife fantasy' but given how interchangeable both are and how much more popular cuckolding is as a term, forgive us for using it even if for this GOGOS series, hotwife is probably the more appropriate of them. Or really, maybe less 'hotwife' and 'unusual counseling method'?

That's the gist in HAVING SEX IN FRONT OF MY HUSBAND INFIDELITY EXAMINATION 3, the third and so far final iteration in this amazing hyper-realistic series about marriages on the rocks due to issues stemming from bed-time behavior. Three movies in and it still is a bit odd how instead of going to an actual marriage counselor, the husband, surely a JAV freak, reaches out to his favorite unfaithful wife specialty director for aid. Either way, the wife does agree and perhaps it does work out for them in the end!

A unique facet of this series is the casting: GOGOS, like most JAV makers, has a pool mostly of actresses in their 20's but sometimes older. Here, the trend continues, but gosh is the wife in this update adorable. Shot at the tail end of COVID when Japan was still masking hard, we don't get to see her face until almost 25 minutes in. It's worth it though! She may not be the possessor of curves beyond belief, but she's realistic, cute, pale, eager to get out of a rut, and shaved. Also, to save the marriage, she will have sex with a camera-wielding JAV director while her husband first watches via a remote camera one room over and after passion gets the hold of him, with him actually in the room (and later having something of a sloppy second experience after the director has his fill).

INFIDELITY EXAMINATION makes you wonder just how much of this is reality and how much is staged. There's a ton to unpack early on, but those slow build-ups make GOGOS movies what they are. Sex is great, but when there's a real purpose to it besides getting off, it goes from simple physical piston love-fest to something even words fail to describe. This marriage may have been saved and hopefully we will see a return of this series all about couples going the limit by seeing each other have sex with strangers.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1090

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Rare cuckolding/hotwife (your pick) theme.

+Super cute wife--or actress? It's hard to tell!

+Very fleshed out back-story. Peak realism.


-You know what goes here if you've read our other GOGOS reviews, but is it really a con?

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