2021 Debut Review - Fuua Kaede

Published : April 9th, 2022 Written by Oppaira

Fuua Kaede

Birthday (Age at debut): 2001-04-20 (20 years old)

Height: 170cm

Measurements: B93 - W59 - H88

Cup Size: F Cup

Debuted: For S1 on 2021-08-13

Social Media: InstagramTwitter


S1 debuts have been all over the place recently, from really great like Aka Asuka and Konan Koyoi to quite awful like Kaoru Yasui and Unpai. I was very cautious about checking out Fuua as a result, but the rumblings I've heard were good enough that I decided I probably wouldn't regret it too much. How bad can an S1 actress actually be, right?


Facially I found myself enjoying Fuua. She reminded me quite a bit of Akari Mitani if you've seen her pics on social media, except with a bit softer eyes. I found that to be quite nice as Akari's sharp eyes are one of my least favourite qualities from her. I may be the only one who saw that similarity but either way, Fuua looked nice. Fuua is, I would say, in the upper half of debuts that we've gone through from last year, facially speaking.

I actually quite enjoyed Fuua's boobs. They had a good shape and jiggle to them that I could enjoy. Yes, they were a bit small for paizuri (which was actually a bit of an issue at one point in the video I watched), and I would certainly have enjoyed them more if they were big enough to dot it properly, but that was only part of the story.

Fuua's ass was not nice. It was on the smaller side and not very shapely at all. It certainly seems like some of that was due to how she arched her back (or rather, how she didn't), but either way, I just couldn't enjoy it at all.

Fuua was also quite tall at 170cm. I find when an actress starts to get into that territory, you start to notice. It's around two standard deviations above the average height so you'll notice how long her limbs are, which is totally the case with Fuua. You can really tell she has these long, slender, beautiful legs.


As a performer Fuua was rather average. She didn't inspire anything and didn't seem to be into it the way she ought to have been, but I can at least say her moaning was nice. Instead of some furious, high-pitched whine, it was more of a heavy panting. Personally, I tend to enjoy that, so I wasn't too upset that she otherwise wasn't too into the video.

Fuua was also good about keeping quiet when she needed to. The risky scene gave her that opportunity and she did justice to it the way a lot of newer actresses can't. That clip above also happened to be the one time she seemed into it, grabbing her boobs for good measure, but it also highlights the above point about how muted her enthusiasm and expressiveness was.

Video Review

Fuua plays the older sister and gets turned on by the vigor of her younger sister's boyfriend. Being as attractive as she is, it doesn't take much convincing.

I felt like this was a risky sister lite video. What I mean by that is that there were certainly elements of it but there were plenty of elements that got downplayed. They tended to mitigate the risk and the girlfriend by having two of the three sex scenes not involve the girlfriend whatsoever. While that certainly felt more like what a real affair would be like, I tend to like the risky stuff and it got downplayed. That came to fruition primarily in one scene in the bedroom, which was definitely my favourite scene as a result. I did appreciate more of a POV style which allowed me to enjoy Fuua herself a little more.


Fuua's career has mostly been that of a typical S1 newcomer thus far. A large amount of relatively generic videos and just now only starting to get into more interesting concepts. It's not unexpected so there's not really much to comment on. She has managed to do an IV already and it was for Air Control instead of Rebecca, so there's probably a high probability of a Rebecca one in the future.

The biggest thing with Fuua is that she has had two VR releases already, including as her second release. That's rather surprising to me as you generally see S1 waiting to do VR. Konan Koyoi's VR was her 5th release for S1, Mahina Amane's was her 8th, and Aka Asuka's was her 10th, for reference.


Rating - B

I plan to watch them again eventually.

I have a feeling this isn't the last time I've seen Fuua. Despite her not being as curvy or busty as I would like, she is fairly pretty and that makes up for some of it. Even if she's not a strong performer it's still early on and she'll get other opportunities.

This is a continuation of my 2021 debut reviews, and you can see my thoughts on all of the actresses I reviewed here. I will be posting another summary of this batch of actresses at the end of the week and be posting another look at 2021 debuts toward the end of the year.

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