Oppaira's May 2024 JAV Watchlist

Published : May 10th, 2024 Written by Oppaira

Hey guys, Oppaira here. Welcome to my January May 2024 Watchlist. It's been a few months since I've started doing this and I'm enjoy it so far. Without further ado here's the videos for this month.

10. PPPE-220 - Reika Takeda (Karen Yanagi)

The older Reika Takeda has an affair with a younger guy at her konbini job.

Konibi themes are one of my favourite so I always have a strong bias for them. Even despite the video having some action outside of the konbini it does look to do the theme justice. Sex around the store, a simple enough outfit that seems like it’s kept on quite a bit, hard not to enjoy. I’m also a bit biased to watch some of the more recent debuts more and more and this is a good chance to do so. I was a bit letdown by Reika last month but I think a more suitable theme should result in a release I am more likely to enjoy. If not, well, at least then I can probably stop paying so much attention to Reika and focus on other debuts. And it goes without saying but last month's disappointment definitely impacts how excited I am for this one.

9. IPZZ-266 - Kana Momonogi

In Kana Momonogi’s 100th release on her 8 year anniversary she stars in a How to Sex video.

I find the video looks quite interesting from a multitude of different themes and narratives going on. On the one hand you’ve got the how to sex theme that is something I haven’t seen enough of. Yes, a fair number have been doing it, but I’ve sat by and skipped a lot of them. Yes, the guy learning is a pro actor who I don’t think really needs the pointers but whatever floats your boat. The thing that makes it interesting is doing it all with a cosplay theme. You could have made it quite generic and gotten away with it but doing something interesting like this definitely looks quite appealing. It remains to be seen if it will live up to expectations especially since I think Kana is far better at being sweet and innocent as opposed to their portrayal here but I’ll just hope for the best and take what I can get.

8. FPRE-029 - Ichika Seta

Ichika is a tall women who plays volleyball in a club with men. Her boyfriend happens to be the coach for the team, but unbeknownst to him she's secretly fucking everyone on the team but him.

I'm a huge fan of finding the right person for the right video and my lord does Ichika look the part here. Her more masculine features whether it's her short hair, meatier body, or especially her height (she's 174cm tall) make her fit right in. The fact that she is as tall or even taller than the guys really drives home that point. Ichika is someone I've been meaning to watch again, I've found a few decent videos but this one just hits that extra bit harder that makes me excited. This is on top of the fact that the video itself looks quite interesting. Even if the volleyball theme is a bit diminished at time to make room for the narrative it does at least satisfy on the fact that the narrative is intriguing. I absolutely hate it when the narrative hurts the theme for little gain but when they're running a train on her and she's happily betraying her boyfriend in the same breath, now that I can get behind. Part of me feels like this video should be higher up on the list and maybe next month I'll realize that my love for other actresses over Ichika shouldn't outweigh how great this film actually looks.

7. NIMA-031 - Yuri Honma

Yuri Honma stars in a hentai adaptation.

Hentai adaptations can be all over the place and NTR ones like this don’t seem all that amazing. That being said, I’m still excited to watch this one. For one, and this is a really big deal, it stars Yuri Honma. People might remember a few years back that she was one of the best actresses during the pandemic. She went from a career going nowhere to the top of the industry overnight and I really too a liking to her. Seeing how pitiful her career has been as of late I find myself with a high willingness to watch her and nothing worth watching. I’d be lying if I said anything other than I’m willing to watch just about anything half decent which is what we see this month. The video still looks like it can be alright but I’m far more intrigued just because it’s Yuri and it’s been far too long since she’s had something worth watching.

6. MEYD-909 - Ai Sayama

Ai takes care of a patient who becomes her lover and for years and years the two engage in an affair.

Ai is quickly becoming one my most viewed actresses for my Watchlist series. That should come as no surprise, two videos a month, one of my top 10 of all-time, and she’s getting tons of great opportunities. Not every video will be a hit but who cares, sometimes you can just enjoy watching an actress you like in a decent enough plot. Does this look insanely good? No, but it doesn’t have to. Ai Sayama in a nurse outfit having sex, good enough for me. Hopefully the better quality Ai shows up but either way it’ll be hard not to enjoy nurse Ai.

5. ROE-220 - Momoko Isshiki

Momoko works at a konbini for a part time job and finds she has a boring life. One day she finds out that the college student she works with has the hots for her when she catches him jerking off to her. When he invites her out things get heated between the two of them, and Momoko’s once boring life is instead filled with the two of them fucking like rabbits.

Once again I’m such a huge fan of the konbini theme. I also really think that this spin on it and the actress are a great combination. I know Momoko to do over the top quite well so when you present a theme where over the top makes sense of course it’ll go over well. Watching them have nonstop sex while she’s covered in cum, going at it every moment they get, definitely looks to suit her perfectly. Sure, it has some content outside of the konbini, but when you add her being sweaty and squirting it’ll hopefully make up and still deliver quality stuff.

4. CJOD-424 - Julia

Turns out the boss has a deep secret because on the weekends she turns into a cosplaying sex-fiend.

I feel a bit conflicted by this release. Part of me knows that Slut Heaven videos tend not to be Julia’s cup of tea because her strengths lie in being passionate instead of dominant. That being said I can hardly turn down good cosplay content from Julia. Bunny suit? Sexy maid? Sexy schoolgirl? As much as the video may not be as wild as it needs to for it to be incredible I also accept that Julia is my favourite active actress and I have a huge bias. I’ll basically watch any reasonably interesting Julia video (or perhaps even every single one like I did last year) and this is definitely good enough to watch.

3. JUQ-745 - Marina Shiraishi

Do you want to celebrate Marina’s 10th anniversary with a bang? Come join her on an island getaway in Okinawa for the vacation of a lifetime.

I started seeing some of these island visit videos popping up and I felt like they had potential. In fact, Ririko Kinoshita also has one this month that doesn’t look quite as good as Marina’s. I think ultimately my expectations of a video like this are to do things more interesting than normal. Sex on the beach would have been quite welcomed which unfortunately we only got action in the back seat of the vehicle. That being said when they have wild action in the hotel room or Marina in business attire, those things all add up to create something more interesting. Hopefully the more lighthearted theme suits her personality and really drives a fantastic film.

2. PPPE-214 - Azu Amatsuki

Azu Amatsuki finds out her sister’s boyfriend is interested in her and the two wind up having sex behind her sister’s back.

Azu is someone I watched back under her Nako Hoshi days and haven’t seen since. I’m glad she’s finally getting an opportunity to star in this series because I love it and I’m sure she’ll do it well. I thought she was a wonderful performer and even if her tits aren’t quite at the level of others in the series being a more modest F cup it can still turn out well. It’s got a lot of the stuff I know and love from this series and hopefully it’s as good as I know GES videos can be.

1. WAAA-358 - Ruri Saijo

Ruri Saijo finally stars in Wanz Factory’s famous 10 Minute series in the 117th episode in the series. As the series goes, Ruri has 10 minutes to get a guy to cum using anything except intercourse and if she fails then the guy gets to have raw sex with her and creampie her.

As many people know Ruri is now on her second return to JAV. Or maybe we should just call it her first return since her release for Material wasn’t really a redebut when it was a single film. This time looks more promising when she’s on her second video and has a release like this. It’s still a bit early to tell what’s going to happen with her but this is far and away the best thing she’s released this decade. I’m a huge fan of this series and Ruri seems lively, delivers some great paizuri, and of course looks amazing in the fantastic outfits they gave her. I’ve definitely been burned on some of these being underwhelming but the added benefit of seeing Ruri in a video that at least won’t be dull is worth the watch for me.

I've been enjoying holding myself to a watchlist like this. It helps make sure I watch videos I think are objectively good as opposed to using subjectively good videos. That might sound counterintuitive when reading it but as it turns out some actresses I like aren't consistently good or have mediocre releases so I watch the video and I'm disappointed. This makes me watch ones that are likely to be better and so far that's been going well. It also makes me watch recent debuts (2022 and 2023) a little more which I also like. Either way as always I'm curious which videos you're most excited for. Until next time!

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drk 2 weeks ago
I'm waiting for the triple threat of AIKA, Yui Hatano and Hibiki Otsuki coming in that WANZ 10 minute series sometime soon (There were SNS photos of them from it at some point in early Feb, so I'd expect the video in early/mid June tops).
ZENRA 2 weeks ago

You should see the pic we RT'd yesterday of Yui and Hibiki. Sure, it has some touching up, but good golly do both of them look fantastic.

drk 2 weeks ago
I've seen it, sadly it will be some or other secret agent movie, so classic NTR. Sad
Panking 2 weeks ago

Oh, you had WAAA-358 as your number one most hyped video? Well, I don't know if you've watched it by now but I have and uh...it's not great. I won't spoil anything for you incase you haven't seen it yet but I was also reasonably interested in this one and thought it was very underwhelming for several reasons.

Oppaira 2 weeks ago

How could I not? You know I've been a fan of hers for years and you know how awful the video was the last time she came back. Give me something in a series that I actually like? Hell yeah! I haven't seen it yet but it wouldn't surprise me if it was mediocre. I'll just have to hope you're wrong.

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