Saki Hatsumi - Pleasure of Exposure First Half

Published October 4, 2019

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Saki Hatsumi plays a dutiful wife who becomes the twisted plaything of a pervert featuring ample outdoor sex and nudity via ORGA.

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Saki Hatsumi - Pleasure of Exposure First Half
Translation and Timing by ZENRA
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If MIKI SUNOHARA's PLEASURE OF EXPOSURE was director Shisui Usaba's self-proclaimed magnum opus, then SAKI HATSUMI's version of this impressive masochistic cheating wife drama JAV would be a very worthy runner-up.  It even runs longer by featuring an extra scene or two pushing itself close to an insane 180 minutes!  So big actually we actually had to split this one in two updates to make it work.  Oh, and for those who *hate* thick mosaic, but love FHD JAV, rest easy as this movie was filmed shortly before the thick pixelation diktat was handed down from above.

Yes, before getting into the nuts and bolts of PLEASURE OF EXPOSURE with SAKI HATSUMI, I really need to commend ORGA or whoever they hired to add in the mosaic as this may be some of the thinnest and 'giri-giri' (form-fitting) I've seen in recent years.  If you want to see a title that really pushes the limit of what you can and cannot be shown in modern JAV, your search ends here.  Don't believe me?  Check out all those screenshots.

Now if you've already seen MIKI SUNOHARA's version of this, you should already have an idea of the story.  What happens there is near identical to what happens here.  In fact, SAKI HATSUMI's version is the first one ORGA shot followed by YUI HATANO (we'll be showing this one in the future), then MIKI, and finally with AIMI YOSHIKAWA (we'll be showing this one too).  While ORGA is now on hiatus mode, director Shisui Usaba just shot an eerily similar title for a JAV maker called AVS Collectors.  It's safe to say he's rather fond of this theme.  In fact, anything involving humiliation and turning cheating wives into masochistic sex slaves is his bread and butter.

Don't go into PLEASURE OF EXPOSURE expecting realism.  On a scale of one to ten with ten being something like GOGOS, this one's pretty much at the bottom.  Let's face it, the chances of a real wife having an affair with a strange, perverted man that leads to them having sex outdoors with real passersby taking notice AND eventually having her do the deed in front of an audience are about zero.  Realism and JAV rarely go hand-in-hand and today and Monday's double update is no exception.

Some may love that outdoor sex near the tennis courts (yes, it really was filmed outside and no, the passersby were not actual people, sorry!) and for others, the final masked sex encounter may be the highlight.  There really is something incredibly alluring about seeing a married woman do something so carnal while a group of clothed strangers watch.  And speaking of her husband, he's there, but PLEASURE OF EXPOSURE even with its hefty run-time is a drama JAV pretty much in name only.  There may have been two minutes of interaction between them with the rest of this release being dedicated to a smorgasbord of kinky sex acts.

SAKI HATSUMI retired out of JAV and public life a few years ago.  PLEASURE was one of her last releases and I'm glad she did it with such a skilled director.  She may never have been a super A-lister and I'm sure some may find her bold looks far from the ideal Japanese woman, but I've always had a soft spot for her.  She's open with expressing herself, has eyes that will suck you in like a black hole of lust, and going by her acting history, had no issues with doing some truly odd-ball titles when the call came.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 808

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