Tokyo Love Action Story: The Hong Kong show featuring JAV Stars

Published : November 10th, 2023 Written by Fried Chikan

Tokyo Love Action Story

東京愛情動作故事 (Chinese)

東京アンダーヘア (Japanese)

Station: myTV GREAT

Origin: Hong Kong

Languages: Cantonese, Japanese

Director: Li Wenshun

Genre: Romantic Comedy

JAV Cameos

Kana Momonogi

Ai Haneda

Moe Amatsuka

Minami Aizawa

Iori Kogawa

Umi Yatsugake

Saika Kawakita

Ria Yamate


Karen Yuzuriha

JAV stars are not well known in just Japan but all over Asia serving the region as the most popular porn industry. It’s not uncommon to see actresses go abroad to do evens, promotions, or even work there. Today’s story is Tokyo Love Action Story a television show from Hong Kong featuring JAV stars from past and present days. See the new HK show that’s got Kana Momonogi, Moe Amatsuka, Minami Aizawa, Saika Kawakita, and more.

Tokyo Love Action Story (Chinese: 東京愛情動作故事, Japanese: 東京アンダーヘア). is a show airing from HK broadcaster myTV GREAT. A risqué comedy shot in Japan featuring both Cantonese and Japanese spoken languages. An 18 age plus rated program running to about 40 minutes a pop. Starring Chen Qirong (陳啟榮) as the lead with Ai Haneda in a major supporting role. Chen plays Zhou Guobin a man whose cursed to find 10 public hairs of AV stars or risk losing his life…and penis. And that is just the premise it gets even weirder.

The JAV Cameos

As for the porn cameos. The show features an interesting mix of new and old AV stars. New girls like Umi Yatsugake, Ria Yamate, and Karen Yuzuriha. Established stars like Kana Momonogi, Moe Amatsuka, and Saika Kawakita; three big gets. Recently retired stars too like Minami Aizawa and Iori Kogawa. Interesting gets as Iori has been retired for almost year and Minami had just recently retired. Likely the show had shot much early and is only now coming out. Also much older retired names like Mihiro and Ai Haneda.

A lot of JAV fans should know some of those names but the last two are stars from an older generation with Ai having a major role. Ai was an exclusive actress during the early 2010’s whose worked with SOD, Idea Pocket and Attackers. She got the honor of SOD’s Best New Actress Award in 2010. She came back for a quick stint in 2018 before retiring just as quick. Now working as a hostess in recent years.  Meanwhile Mihiro was a big star during the mid-2000’s as a double exclusive for Maxing and S1 No. 1 Style. She has since transitioned to more mainstream entertainment.

Episode breakdowns

The first episode introduces our main character Zhou Guobin to Japan. In the country to meet his online girlfriend Kana Momonogi. Yes the AV star Kana Momonogi. Before he can enjoy his stay he meets a strange hooded figure who gives him a special notebook and tasks him to find 10 pubes or lose his life. He brushes off the weirdo until the next day he awakens to a rock hard dick that just won’t go down. Fearing for his little guy he goes along with his task. He happens to meet Moe Amatsuka whose going through her own problems. As he meets her he awakens the supernatural power to read her mind. Using the power to get close to her and help her issues out. He obtains her intimate hair and his swelling goes down.

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Zhou’s poster was taken from this compilation cover for Kana

That is pretty much the basic format of the show. Every week he meets a different AV girl with their own set of problems and helps them out with things. Using the notebook to decipher clues to who he needs to find and what his powers are like. One week he’s helping out a cute Umi at the maid café. Using his power of the week of suggestion to instill some confidence in her to stand up to her creepy manager. In another he’s using his memory ability to help Ria get over a crushing break up (while showing us a nicely gratuitous scene of her in a bunny suit). Or giving the overworked Saika a break by erecting a time bubble around them so she can rest.

Meanwhile Ai becomes something of a love interest for Zhou after he saves her with his invisibility power. A one sided love affair that becomes strangely twisted as the series goes on. Her role is not just an episode cameo but a major secondary character. Her storyline being much darker and dramatic compared to the main storyline. She did a fine job in the role especially in the beginning playing the messy party girl. However when it dives into the mystery and darker plot it drags the show a big.

The stand out episodes however belong to Iori, Karen, Mihiro, and Minami Aizawa. In episode 3 with Iori she plays ropes Zhou into performing for her retirement video. Which is a problem for the virgin Zhou performing in front of so many people. Made even more difficult when he develops a mirror movement slash body sync power that ties him and Iori together. A nice little scene where he and her have to masturbate for the camera together. It’s a fun episode that leans into the AV life the most that also gives both leads some dramatic work later on. One of the better complete episodes and has some recognizable AV sets. It’s also one of the more risqué episodes.

The other risqué episode is with Karen. She plays an absolute sex kitten who Zhou comes upon while delivering packages for a love hotel. When he scares off her partner as the two where having kinky sex she decides to make Zhou her next plaything. Which he refuses to do because of his crush on Kana but his cursed boner has it’s own mind. A really fun performance by Karen playing the super slutty and flirty type. It also delves a bit into casual sex and not placing too much seriousness in sex.

Minami has a great episode where she plays herself as a haughty and moody AV star. Zhou is her driver for the day and has to put up with her mean self. After spending some time together stuck in a car they bond. Minami is a pretty good actress and not just by porn standards. Her temper tantrum in the car is delightfully deranged. We also get some nice eye candy of her posing for a photoshoot while at the JAV pool.

Mihiro’s episode came as a surprised. I am not all that familiar with her but her acting was very well done. Showing off her low emotional beats to her playful and cheerful side. Her face was so very expressive and animated. The best of the bunch in acting. Mihiro’s episode is about Zhou and his friend uncovering the connection from the AV star to a lonely widow involving time travel. Also one of the least sexy episodes to boot.

Mihiro’s episode came as a surprised. I am not all that familiar with her but her acting was very well done. Showing off her low emotional beats to her playful and cheerful side. Her face was so very expressive and animated. The best of the bunch in acting. Mihiro’s episode is about Zhou and his friend uncovering the connection from the AV star to a lonely widow involving time travel. Also one of the least sexy episodes to boot.

Series Review

Overall the show is a well made and shot series. The outside scenes in particular are lit very nicely. The plot is kind of all over the place as is the tone. It goes from raunchy comedy to touching drama to suspenseful mystery. It’s also sexy and risqué but not as sexy as you would like a show featuring AV actresses should be. The comedy isn’t all that strong either. Not to sound too negative on it, I did enjoy it. Even without the AV gimmick it had some nice stories and little moments with some surprising thoughts on sex and romance. A nice little show whose biggest hook is the JAV cameos.

Without spoiling too much the show leads itself to another season. If it will be made or not remains to be seen. I wouldn’t be against the show coming back and it would be fun to see what names new or old in AV they could draw from. The show makes a possible reference to one big time name in JAV at the very end.

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