Soft on Demand Female Employees Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors Company Sex Party First Half

Published November 24, 2023

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Ten easy on the eyes new hires at Soft on Demand find out just how important it is to satisfy the their devoted fan base via stripping, games, and music!

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Soft on Demand Female Employees Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors Company Sex Party First Half

Timing and Translation by ZENRA

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For the lucky few who have went to Japan, one of the most impressive and long-lasting memories is just how incredible customer service can be. For many a shop, "the customer is God" is a tried-and-true mantra. Even now as the era that spawned this theologically fraught statement fades further and further into memory, the new blood taking reigns of the Reiwa Era still keep it close to heart. After all, upset customers may result in bad sales! We need to keep them happy to keep wallets open.

This concept of extreme customer satisfaction also can be found in the JAV industry. Where fans for the most part prefer to remain anonymous, it becomes harder and harder to connect with them. Looking at monthly sales charts can only help so much when plotting what to do next. JAV studios more and more are concocting novel ways to reach their fans but most any can agree SOFT ON DEMAND takes the cake where fans really and truly come first! As we have seen previously, fans apparently very often assemble at the Mecca of JAV in the Nakano Ward for wild events. Often held hand-in-hand with new hires, SOD shows these hopefuls just how much they care about keeping their 'users' engaged.

What are the chances ten fresh-faced potential new hires--all women and all quite attractive--suddenly find themselves taking part in a lively game of strip rock-paper-scissors with over a dozen fans and of course hosted by none other than MYUU? In JAV Land, quite high! What begins as simply giving potential new hires a seminar on how SOD goes above the norm to cater to their users needs (hosted by a surprisingly proficient HARU HARA) descends--literally as we venture down to SOD's legendary 3rd floor open air office--to crazy stripping and more with MYUU in her trademark red jacket hosting.

There are several themes that appear from time to time in JAV movies that never get old and one of them is strip rock-paper-scissors. The more the better when it comes to numbers and SOD, being one of the few studios that regularly churns out these big group movies, does not disappoint. Sure, some may only want to watch movies with bigger names, but the beauty of SOFT ON DEMAND FEMALE EMPLOYEES PLAY STRIP ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS COMPANY SEX PARTY--or any other movie from their super long running FEMALE EMPLOYEES series is casting lesser known faces. Sorry, SUZU HONJO may be the most beautiful woman in JAV as of writing this, but casting her as a random new hire would absolutely defeat any sliver of realism a wild movie like this may have. 

The pacing early on my drag for some; the seminar and introductions do take awhile, but once games begin, it's wildfire to the very end. Heavy on the embarrassment, heavy on the CMNF/ENF, and other public antics of fan-employee sexuality, we get darn near perfection till the very end. There definitely are a few oddities along the way: the 'test tube camera' challenge is one that may fall on flat ears for a foreign audience (any fans of female armpit hair stubble present?). The other issue is only half the employees stay to the very end when sex is on the table. Two in particular (coincidentally both actresses involved in the 'test tube camera' challenge!) who were hot/cute and cherubic/innocent ala ICHIKA MATSUMOTO and TSUNA KIMURA respectively, sadly were not part of the final bunch.

These above issues are minor though. Every time SOD pushes out another movie of this caliber, we should all breathe a sign of relief; if there ever was a bellwether to gauge the health of the JAV industry, it's surely how often these huge group releases see the light of day. The more the better!

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1948

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Huge group JAV of legendary proportions!

+Never tiring to see strip rock-paper-scissors.

+Varied casting to satisfy most any user.

+MYUU rocking hosting as usual.

+Losers remain stark naked standing in the background.


-Somewhat of a low start.

-Not all new hires stay to the end.

-Two of the four sex scenes take place in private rooms with less than stellar lighting.

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