Oppaira's JAV Plot/Theme Tier List - Part 1 - S Tier

Published : July 7th, 2024 Written by Oppaira

Hey guys, Oppaira here. A little birdie once told me you guys really love tier lists and today I'm keeping on that with a plot/theme tier list. Honestly, I got inspired one day to do this and just started rattling off every plot and theme I could possibly think of. It got so big that I had to split it up, unless you'd prefer reading some 10,000 word manifesto, which I know none of you do. Well, maybe one or two of you might but my boss will tell me I'm being crazy. So this time I'll try and keep it a bit shorter, a bit more lighthearted, and hopefully keep you engaged in a post that's not way too long. Let's go see what themes I really love.

If you know me you know that I love a good deepthroat video. There's just something about deepthroat videos that is oh so satisfying. Watching her get defiled when he's thrusting hard into her throat, the sounds she makes, or watching her happily slurp it down and hold it in, it's all fantastic. Part of it is probably that some actresses show real skill that's nice to see, part of it is probably a subconscious carnal desire to dominate in the bedroom. It's one of the few themes where I will not only watch random actresses doing it but will even watch western videos with it (and seriously I watch very little western). It's how I've discovered a handful of actresses I enjoy, like when I discovered Akari Niimura and couldn't stop watching her deepthroat and get her throat destroyed. Without a doubt one of my favourite themes.

This is perhaps my absolute favourite theme. Whether you're doing the series from Oppai (GES) or Honnaka (GYS) or any other studio, it's sure to make me go crazy. Oppai has my absolute favourite series and I've even written posts specifically about it. There's a lot that makes it great, starting from blending multiple pieces together. You get pinch of cheating, a dash of risky, and a whole lot of "do whatever you want". I think that last part is the real kicker to it, that they're able to make so much variety work that videos usually feel quite different from each other while managing to still feel the same. You can jam so much into a scene just by saying ちょっと待って as you pull up your pants or any number of variations you can come up with. For porn that's done in a completely different language that you can barely understand (and even if I understand more than most readers some 4 year old in Japan is still outdoing me) the narrative is always super clear and easy to follow along with. I suppose it helps that Oppai keeps luring me with big tits and creampies just like the boyfriends being stolen in the films but other series by other studios captivate me nearly as often. It's a plot with so much potential and always sure to get me excited.

A little known fact about me is that I once had a job at a convenience store. Coincidence this is one of my favourite themes? I think not. Porn often feels like a place to fulfill fantasies and sex at work is definitely one of the best out there. What makes the konbini theme so great is the uniqueness of the setting. It's not just some generic office, it's specific yet has a lot of different places. You can use the aisles, the counter, the fridge, the back room, the storage room, the washroom, you just get so many options to make it work. It also comes with a built-in outfit that is different from everything else and extremely easy to utilize. You also get the ability to nuance the theme quite a bit, from cheating wife to a college student working her part time job. Hell, there are plenty that are drama heavy like when you catch a girl shoplifting and go from there, or maybe call up her stepmom. The limits are pretty endless, and while studios don't always do it right, I give them the benefit of the doubt so much of the time because I like it so much. I've seen my fair share of mediocre konbini themes just this year for my watchlist series and I'm sure that won't change any time soon. I'll admit I didn't have a hot coworker to ogle at in the past, maybe that's for the best, but I can sure as hell pretend I did and get excited about it in porn form.

Are you at all surprised the boob man loves milky boobs? Pregnancy fetishes are their own thing but once they start milking, oh baby. It goes without saying that this theme only truly works when they have huge boobs but when it hits, holy hell is it hot. There have been quite a few actresses over the years I've enjoyed solely because they can lactate, like Mio Sakuragi and Mona Kasuga. The beauty of it is that you don't really need to do anything. I mean seriously, just squeeze the boob like you were going to do anyway and that's it. Add a narrative or not, I really couldn't care less, all I came for was the milk and you gave me that. I do admit it's sad that the theme is dying right now, we're lucky to get a handful each year and many of them are relatively flat chested. Begone flat-chested women, this one is only for the gift from god that is the huge boob. Still, I'll keep myself happy with videos from the past or on the hopes that someone I like now will get pregnant.

Who doesn't love a good lesbian film? Maybe there are some but definitely not me. I know lesbian is a theme that some feel weird about because they can't envision themselves in the middle of it. Me? I always imagine myself porking one of them while they're doing the deed. It's a simple theme, just cut out all the guys, and yet it's so effective. Ironically I find the best is when one or more of them put on a strap on dildo. You get the benefit of penetration except everyone has boobs! (people better not make a comment that some of the men have boobs). Seriously though, when I want to watch a girl's nice big boobs get sucked on or passionately kissing, sometimes I'm turned off by there being a beard in the way or it being an old dude. Lesbian avoids all of the downsides and just gives you exactly what you want to see. Quite a few of my favourite videos feature lesbian in some capacity, whether it's more like Beauty Venus where it's partially integrated or just a full on lesbian film. Either way, the only thing better than one pair of boobs is two and that's how lesbian rolls.

Raise your hand if you've worked in an office? Keep it raised if you had a hot coworker? Hands still raised? Great, now keep it raised if you've thought about having sex at the office. Yup, most of us still have our hands raised. Office lady is such a simple theme because everyone has strong feelings toward it. Especially for a society that coined a term salary man to literally mean office worker, this is a theme that you see all the time. Do they mess it up from time to time? Probably more than time to time if I'm being completely honest. That doesn't change the fact that a good office lady theme will get me going every day of the week. Like all of the setting themes the narratives are endless, just pick something and run with it. I'd say the more dominant female ones end up being my favourite (aka the female boss punishes her under-performing subordinate) but who am I kidding, it's all nice. Whether she's under the desk sucking me off or I'm under the desk eating her out, or really any number of scenarios, as long as things look the part I'm in.

Just like the office lady theme I one time went to school. Okay maybe more than once, more like for many, many years. And you know what happened? I had some hot teachers and the rest is history. As I mentioned before, one of the things I like most about porn is the ability to fantasize about what could be. When your hot teacher holds you back after class only to fuck you on top of your desk, holy moly does that push my buttons. Tight skirt, low cut top? Damn, yes please. I may not have had teachers doing quite that but I always love a good teacher video. Let's not forget the inherent variety it offers in all aspects, from outfits, settings, and how the theme is spun. As long as you make sure to leave it at the school it's all kinds of fantastic. Porn doesn't have to be a hot woman screwing a hunky dude in an abandoned warehouse like S1 would make you think, and as much as I would loathe being back in the classroom, I'll make an exception if my teacher looked like any of these fine women.

So after the first post this is where we stand. Like I said, I've got a lot of different themes mapped out for this so hopefully we can have some more fun posts in the not too distant future. For now I hope you've all enjoyed it. As always, remember to drop your favourite plots and themes in the comment section. Until next time!


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spaten78 6 days ago
I still think Julia’s first “Girlfriend’s Sister” video is a top 3 video for her.
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Fasas 5 days ago
Who is the actress and code for the first video, if it's Akari Niimura, what video is that?
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