Moonlight's spotlight - Aimi Rika

Published : February 8th, 2024 Written by Moonlight

Aimi Rika

Age: 24 (August 15th, 1993)

Measurement: H(79cm) W(53cm) H (78cm)

Height: 4 ft and 9 inches (145cm)

Cup size: H cup

Status: Active


Hello everyone! Moonlight's spotlight has returned. Today, I would like to introduce Aimi Rika to JAV fans in ZENRA. She has been in over 50 JAVs and played many different roles (solo, threesome, lesbian, gangbang, SM, bondage, etc). Of course, her performance has been stellar. She has shown good chemistry with both actors and actresses. Her kissing is gentle and soft. Her voice is soft to start with, and her moan typically starts soft and gets louder as sex goes on. She expresses her lewdness well by closing her eyes halfway. She gets fucked in many different positions. Most importantly, she appears to enjoy sex, making her acting very natural. This is something that I appreciate, as I want everyone (actors, actresses, and even viewers) to enjoy the whole movie.

Her beautiful appearance also made me fall in love with her, and I would love to share my thoughts with you. She is of mixed ethnicity (Hawaiian), making her appearance unique with her wonderful darker skin tone. Her eyes are big, and her lips are thick, and these give her an alluring and seductive look. She is small and skinny, but her breasts (surprisingly natural) are medium to large size. These breasts jiggle well in all directions during sex, and that is one strong point for her. As you can see in her photos, her small body makes her breasts look even bigger and stand out. Her medium brown colored and small-sized areolas and nipples match well with the shape and size of her breasts. I also need to point out that she has skinny arms and legs, giving her a beautiful, slender appearance.

I listed a few of my favorite movies from her with a summary and my thoughts. Please share your favorite movies from hers in the comment section :)

Criteria Score (out of 10)

Face 8

Breast 8

Ass 6

Body line 8

Performance 8

Video quality 10


Fresh Face No.1 Style Rika Aimi Her Adult Video Debut

Starring: Rika Aimi

Tags: Debut, Beautiful girl

I always start with a debut video of the actress, whom I review since I get to see a very natural side of hers in a debut video. Just like many other actresses, Aimi was also very shy and smiled a lot in this debut video. As she started getting more comfortable, she started exposing her lewdness. Seeing this transition made me fall in love with this movie. It was cute to watch that she was not used to kissing or sucking dicks in this video since it made her look so innocent. Her performance has gotten much better as she has done more films, and it was a pleasure to watch the improvement.

Overall, this movie started with an interview and was followed by one-on-one sex with a few different actors. The camera work was nicely done, with smooth transitions between scenes and a nice mix of wide and close-up views. Her light blue shirt with the light grey skirt in the interview was a very good choice as it emphasized her innocent traits. I was glad that they used light-colored bedding (e.g., beige, light pink, white) in this video as it gave contrast to her darker skin, making her body stand out more. I think this is a good video to start with if you want to know more about her.


Cum, Sweat, Saliva, Symphos Dripping From Every Hole, Extreme Sex

Starring: Aimi Rika, Takatsubaki Mashiro

Tag: Creampie, Slut, Squirting

Personally, I like having two actresses in a movie as it is lovely to see two beautiful actresses' bodies at the same time. Fortunately, Aimi Rika has often filmed with other actresses. She filmed with Takatsubaki in this movie. The plot in this movie was simple, as these two actresses fuck the customer. This movie had many different scenes (e.g., threesome, oil massage, sex one-on-one), and the good chemistry between Aimi and Takastubaki shined in this movie. They both were engaged in a way when Aimi was getting fucked, Takatsubaki was either eating Aimi's body or eating the customer's body.

In addition to a good performance, the camera work and choice of outfit were excellent. This movie had a close-up, wide, and even POV shots, and this variety may satisfy viewers with different tastes. Also, the red wine bikini and black bikini made them look sluttier, which matches well with the theme of this movie. Although it is a lengthy movie (207 minutes), it was not boring to watch with the good quality and variety of the movie.


Super Tempted By Tits Fresh Face Sex Hostess Princess Rika Aimi

Starring: Aimi Rika

Tags: Prostitutes, Solowork, Creampie

In case you are not a fan of watching a movie that has many actresses, Aimi also has many solo movies. This was another film where she performed as a sex worker, but she was the only actress here. The plot was similar to other movies with the same/similar theme in the way she fucked her clients either one-on-one or threesome. I liked it when she was rubbing on the client's thighs/dick while having her beautiful breasts exposed. This showed her lewdness well. This is also one of the videos where you can enjoy her paizuri skills. I liked the camera work and outfits in this movie, as usual. However, the outfits and background decorations in the last scene (threesome scene) caught my attention the most. It was a nice combination of her red dress, light purple wall, dark grey bedding, and black shoes. It would have been nicer if her underwear was a different color (e.g., black, navy, etc) to add even more variety. Overall, this is another movie that I may want to consider watching if you want to enjoy her solo work and her slutty acting.


W Busty Guy

Starring: Rika Aimi, Sachiko

Tags: 3P, SM

For those who are into SM, Aimi Rika will also satisfy your needs. She teamed up with Sachiko in this movie. Both actresses played submissive roles in this movie. This movie has a variety of plays, including foot worship, pet play, collar play, dildo play, and breast spanking. Not only did these girls perform SM plays very well, but they also did a great job on the threesome. It was good to see that they both were engaged in sex. When Aimi was getting fucked, Sachiko was eating Aimi's body or playing with the master (actor). They both have great breasts, and I was glad that they both often fucked in a doggy style where I could enjoy watching their breasts dropping down and jiggling around. This movie also contained many non-vaginal cumshots (i.e., cumming on the face or on the body), which was a great choice since this made these girls do cum swapping or eating cum off of each other's body.

I also recommend this video for the good camera work. All of the scenes were taken as wide views, which captured the threesome very well. The brown floor with beige carpet was a nice color choice. Their choice of outfit was something that caught my attention as well. The combination of dark green and navy colored apron was a good detail that I enjoyed. Overall, this will be a solid choice for those who are into SM.


Mao Hamasaki And Rika Aimi Seduce Local Girls And Pick Up Lesbians On The Beach In The Middle Of Summer! Let's Feel Good With Us!

Starring: Aimi Rika, Hamasaki Mao, Ichiki Mahiro, Kasagi Ichika

Tags:Lesbian, Nampa, Swimsuit

Are you into lesbians? Me too! The good news is that Aimi Rika has done a fair number of lesbian movies. What's special about this movie is that Mao Hamasaki is also in it. Anything with Mao is almost always good haha, and this is also true in this movie. What made this movie good was that it had positive vibes with Mao's cheerful personality. Her positive energy influenced Aimi, and she was bright throughout the movie. In terms of sex, it was very hot. I liked it when the girl who was picked up by Aimi and Mao was initially shy, but then she started enjoying sex over time. Also, Aimi and Mao spent a good amount of time kissing and eating the hookup girl's body (breasts, armpit, and pussy). This was beautiful to me since it showed me how much they enjoyed sex.

I also liked their choice of bikinis. They chose bright-colored ones that match well with the beach in the summertime. The camera work and background decorations were good as usual although it would have been even better if they included more close-up shots when they were licking nipples and pussy. Overall, it was a nice lesbian movie to watch.


We Lesbians Pretend To Be Massage Therapists At A Women-Only Spa

Starring: Aimi Rika, Hachino Tsubasa, Himeno Ran, Kawana Misuzu, Yuki Rino

Tags: Lesbian, Massage, Dildo

If you want a bit more hardcore lesbian movies, Aimi Rika certainly can satisfy your needs. The plot was simple as Aimi went to a massage parlor and was fucked by the lesbian therapists. I enjoyed this movie since the lesbian therapists started with a gentle massage, but that soon turned into aggressive lesbian sex with deep kissing and dildo play. As a person who loves breasts, it was good to see her breasts jiggled in all directions with a massage. What also made this movie great was the camera work. It was a good mix of close shots and wide shots. I was glad that there were many close shots when these girls were kissing each other and eating pussies. Also, the color choice of the underwear was amazing (e.g., dark green and light pink). Although it is a long movie, there are other actresses, such as Rino Yuki, in this movie, so you may end up watching the whole movie.


Private Ivdeo Of A Gal Strange Psychic Natural H Cup Personality

Starring: Aimi Rika

Tags: POV, Documentary, Creampie

Are you more into POV videos? This video will be a good choice for you. I also like POV as you can put yourself into the scenes even more since it feels like the actress is right in front of you. Also, having the actress in front of you can help you appreciate the facial expression better. Aimi has big eyes, and it is amazing how much she can express her lewdness with them. I also enjoyed watching her riding on the actor as you could see subtle movements of her waist and hip with soft moaning. This movie had some wide shots, and these wide shots showed how she was fucked from many different angles. This also helped me to watch her beautiful body from many different angles.

I think this movie would have been better if they had used more lights in some of the sex scenes. They turned on the little lamp in some scenes, and that was not enough light to brighten the room. So, some scenes did not show her body as much as I wanted to see. Overall, I still recommend watching this movie since you can also enjoy watching her wonderful body in both POV and wide shots.


That Dress-Up Doll Fucks Rika Aimi

Starring: Aimi Rika

Tags: Cosplay, Creampie, submissive man

Are you into Cosplay? Of course, Aimi Rika has some videos about Cosplay as well. I chose this one because the plot was interesting. Aimi performed as a schoolgirl in this movie, and she asked a classmate (actor) to make a cosplay dress for her. It was cute to watch the actor getting nervous and shy when measuring Aimi's breast sizes. It was also interesting to watch her cosplay dress getting sexier as the movie went on. This implied to me that Aimi was getting more comfortable with the actor and started exposing her lewd side more to him. Aside from the wonderful cosplay dresses, this movie also had some SM plays where the actor was submissive and Aimi was dominant. So, if you are also into SM play, this movie is a good one to watch.

I also appreciated how many details this movie had on background decorations. When Aimi was wearing black/navy underwear, the chair and curtain in the background were beige/light yellow in color. This gave a contrast between what she was wearing and the background so that she stood out more in the scene. In the last scene, where Aimi played a little devil with a black dress and red hair, the bedding was red, and the lights were yellow. The color combination (red, black, and yellow) was a good choice for me. Overall, it was a good movie with nice dresses, backgrounds, and sex.


Dual Slim Beauties At The Top Of The Industry: Welcome To Big Titty Heaven In This Limitless Creampie Soapland Rika Aimi Rino Yuki

Starring: Rika Aimi, Rino Yuki

Tags: Soapland, POV, Creampie, Titty fuck

This is my favorite movie of hers and one of my favorite movies of all time. Also, this is a movie that introduced Aimi Rika to me. So, I decided to put this movie on my list. There are many reasons that I liked this movie.

First, it was a very good selection of the actresses. Rino Yuki also has a wonderful body with light skin color and even skin tone, medium-large breasts with great perkiness, a slim waist/arm/thighs, and a cute face. Seeing two pairs of amazing breasts in one scene already made this movie my favorite. I also somehow loved the skin color difference between Aimi and Rino, as this added more variety to this movie.

Second, their outfits were beautiful, with flowers on their heads. These outfits blended well with the background that had a light purple wall and red bedding. Also, the brown pillow and grey air mattress were good color choices. They also applied just enough oil to their bodies so they did not glow too much. I love seeing details in the outfits and background, as you already know by now because this tells me how much the movie director cared about the movie. In other words, this movie is not just about the sex; it is more about the arts.

Third, the camera work was perfect. It was a good mix of wide and close shots so the viewers could grasp the whole sex scene. It was a nice decision to have paizuri and blowjob scenes as POV, so the viewers could feel like they were getting the service. They also put some nice structures/decorations (e.g., flowers, lamps, etc) between scenes, making me feel like the whole movie was a piece of art (again, not just bout sex). The background music was soft and calm and did not interfere with the movie.

Fourth, the performance of Aimi and Rino was beyond perfection. They took turns to get fucked or to kiss the actor and to suck the nipples. In other words, they made sure that the actor, who performed as a customer, was satisfied with the service that they provided in their store. It was also good that they kept checking in with the customer to ensure that he was truly enjoying himself, and this was deemed very professional to me. They did not forget to smile throughout the movie, giving a positive vibe. Aimi and Rino were fucked in many different positions, and it was wonderful to watch their god-given breasts jiggling in all directions.

I really recommend watching this movie to everyone as this movie has so many strengths. In my personal opinion, this is also a good movie for beginners for JAVs since these types of details are not typically present in Western porn, so they can get a just of what JAVs are about.

In conclusion,

I was grateful to know Aimi Rika because she has been in many films and performed in many roles. This tells me how passionate she is about what she does. In my opinion, there are many actresses who only appeared in a small number of movies with limited roles (i.e., not playing lesbians, not doing threesomes, etc), and as you can tell, Aimi is not one of those.I am glad that she is still active and excited to see more new movies from her.

Please let me know what you think of her in the comment sections. I am more than happy to learn about her. Thank you for reading my blog.

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