Yui Hatano - The Sacrifice of Pure Ecstasy

Published July 12, 2019

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To help his wife recover from a curious spell of amnesia, a concerned husband admits her to a rather unorthodox mental health clinic via ORGA.

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Yui Hatano - The Sacrifice of Pure Ecstasy
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

Young wife Yui has forgotten a most horrible incident from years past.  Her nagging suspicion about the hole in her memory has led her to an isolated psychologist who performs treatments bordering on the abnormal.  There, Yui finds herself confined in the tiniest of cells in preparation for a most unholy ‘orgy to the gods’.

When JAV studios decide to submit a title for awards season--mainly the AV OPEN--they'll go all out.  Not sometimes go all out, not slightly pad the production all out, but as all out as they financially can and then some.  Most often this means titles with larger female casts and an almost unnecessary focus on orgies in lieu of well...anything else.

I can't speak for all JAV fans, but I prefer to see studios that think outside of the box for these titles.  Yes, yes, it's nice to see a lot of pretty people having sex together, but we can do better!  For both of ORGA's AV OPEN entries, they focused less on hiring big female casts (their last only featured one! and more on stories that are more grandiose than normal.  Sure, THE SACRIFICE OF PURE ECSTASY stars YUI HATANO plus two other female patients (YUKANA MIYANO and AYANA KATOU), but their time on screen is only for about one scene.  The majority of SACRIFICE just like YOBAI MURA features YUI HATANO amidst a sea of perversion.

THE SACRIFICE OF PURE ECSTASY is a pretty twisted title.  Be it period pieces or more modern dramas with heavy masochistic themes, they usually are grounded somewhat in reality.  Today's update goes well beyond that and if you were still in doubt, just check out that bizarre occult gangbang featuring...ugh...hooded men in Guy Fawkes masks.  I can imagine it made sense picking out a neat-looking mask for this scene, but we're well aware your western fan may see them and think something far less sexier.  Going with Tengu masks would have been a better choice.

If you're familiar with other ORGA titles, then you know what to expect when it comes to production.  This is a beautiful release through and through and YUI HATANO shows once again that legendary isn't a rank given to her simply due to her lengthy career as an actress.  Not only is she stunning, but she can act.  She may not be at the MIKI SUNOHARA level, but she sure is passionate and believably played a confused wife named--coincidentally, probably--Yui.

Aside from the weird choice of masks, there was only one tiny issue I had with SACRIFICE and that was literally the final cumshot in the gangbang occult scene.  Yes, it's pretty obvious some, if not all, the penetration in this encounter was staged.  It's a way to cut corners and being a title that's most decidedly fiction, I don't mind.  Also, there are still two other sex scenes that do feature authentic penetration and semen.  My issue lies with the cum not only being faked, but the squirter packet being clearly visible (!).  This was a title shot before mosaic got thick again, but even that lovable thin pixelation didn't even cover it all.  I'm shocked the camera didn't angle differently or the last few seconds of footage was not cut.

Don't let the final screenshots next to this review trick you into thinking this title ends simply and happily.  There's a twist and we won't ruin it here.  This is YUI HATANO at her peak and ORGA doing what they do best.

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