Sexually Frustrated Tokyo Wife Sayaka

Published October 5, 2016

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Japanese wife Sayaka married to a graphic designer 18 years her senior is being cheated on so she takes out her frustration by starring in an AV title by GUTS.

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Sexually Frustrated Tokyo Wife Sayaka
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We're not sure how exactly common it is for younger women to marry men much older than them, but going by what we've seen in the questionably accurate world that is Japanese AV, it happens often.  The stories usually involve an ambitious and randy woman--or girl really--not too long out of high school who somehow got hitched to a gentleman a decade or two older than her.  The latter was predictably horny at first, but it didn't take long for his desires to either fade away or be focused on other women leaving his young wife in the dust.

In the case of SAYAKA, age 20, her husband 18 years her senior started seeing other women.  Well, that's what she believes and she's furious about it.  For her though, revenge and sexual diversion are bedfellows so she makes the bold decision to star in one of the fantastic unfaithful wives titles produced by GUTS.  We've shown a few already and granted, they are not recent affairs, they still pack a punch and the quality of the women taking part leaves very little to grumble over.

SAYAKA (last name not given) is a bona fied amateur to Japanese AV.  We don't know for sure if she has starred in titles before or after this one.  One of the issues with women who only go by a single name (and without even using Kanji at that!) is that it makes it very hard to track them down.  She definitely has the drive for more and we'd be surprised if SAYAKA stopped just after one title.

We couldn't help noticing how much she resembles CHIHAYA ANZU, another 'GUTS girl' whom we featured on ZENRA almost a year ago.  They definitely share some facial similarities, but we're pretty sure that's about it and they're certainly not related let alone the same person.

Quite common in amateur titles from any studio is the masochistic trait most women share.  SAYAKA was anything but.  Even the first scene which could be described briefly as 'public exposure' put her in charge.  There, she was instructed to kiss an actor in a public park.  She obliged without batting an eye and soon enough that kiss went from light tongue to tongue exploration to full-on groping with her resting atop him on a bench with anything but an ample amount of real estate.

We wonder if the director wanted them to keep going or stopped early in case of being caught by the authorities as the scene ended sooner than we would've liked.

The only real dud in SEXUALLY FRUSTRATED TOKYO WIFE SAYAKA was the scene following the park kissing.  Fortunately, it was short.  The director gave SAYAKA the camera and told her to film herself peeing.  She obliged.  The end.  We don't mind urination at all, but the lighting for this self-shot scene was so dark it was nigh on impossible to make out anything.  Even for fans of peeing, the several minutes SAYAKA spends in the bathroom may be best to skip.

The biggest surprise was seeing SAYAKA in very revealing bondage gear in the final scene.  As we said earlier, she was NOT a masochist and was given the chance to live out her dominatrix fantasy with a very eager slave.  For a title about a real Japanese housewife who decides to do AV, seeing an amateur go all out like this was a rare treat.  Granted, it was tame compared to other femdom titles, but she still put on a great show and we doubt in this scene or any of the earlier ones she was faking it.

It's probably obvious already, but we've become very big fans of these types of documentary titles.  We love how they push for realism.  We also know that while some people share our views, there exists a fair share of AV fans who prefer titles that stretch the limit of reality as well.  At ZENRA we aim to provide a healthy variety of updates across the very wonderful world that is Japanese AV in order to satisfy most desires.  This may be it for SAYAKA, but we've many more titles that follow a similar theme as SEXUALLY FRUSTRATED TOKYO WIFE and we hope you enjoy them.

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