MOODYZ's Fan Thanksgiving Day Fuck Bus Tour Series Review

Published : November 23rd, 2020 Written by Fried Chikan

Hey all Fried Chikan here with a series review on the spectacular MOODYZ Fan Thanksgiving Day Fuck Bus Tour, also known as Bako Bus. This series is all about hordes of girls in giant orgies. Want to see if your favorite idol was in a sea of tits and dicks, then read on to find out.


(girls, girls, and more girls)


Bako Bus was a special event title from Moodyz that takes 10 to 16 idols, some big names and some smaller names, with “amateur fans” for an orgy filled fuck fest in a spa resort. The series is done under the guise of a company retreat/team building vacation with some fan thanksgiving/appreciation thrown in there. The orgies get quite large ranging from 20-30 plus people. A jam packed series top to bottom. This was Moodyz's show stopping extravaganza, meant to show off their greatness. 

The titles mostly follow the same formula: bus introduction with one on one sex, a bath orgy and one or two more giant orgies at the end. Sprinkled in between these orgies are sexy games being played, girls hanging out with each other, blow jobs and hand jobs off to the side, some girl on girl action, and of course more sex. The side stuff is great because it gives us a breather between the massive orgies and let the girls relax and loosen up. Typically I find the videos to get better as it goes on. By the end of it the girls (and guys) are much more comfortable and willing to get wild.

The older titles ran from about 2-3 hours but later HD titles could run from 6-7 hours with the scale of it rising up and up. Bigger names start showing up more. So you’ll be getting a lot of bang for your buck here. Like way more than you can handle in just one title. There are about 2 dozen titles in this series with some companion titles that act as a behind the scenes version. Unfortunately the series is dead now, likely due to rising costs with the last video coming out in 2016. With covid it’s doubtful that the series will return anytime soon but that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy what is already out for this series.

The Idols

The main draw of this series is seeing your favorite idols take part in these giant orgies so here is just a small list with my favorite videos and the notable idols in them.







Ai Uehara


Ai Uehara


Rei Mizuna

Yui Hatano



Kurea Hasumi

Er Sudoku

Mao Murasaki

Elly Akira


Hibiki Otsuki

Mio Kuraki

Riku Minato

Rui Saotome

Kana Tsurata

Asahi Mizuno

Uta Kohaku

Ichika Kamihata

Anri Hoshizaki

Wakaba Onoue

Aimi Yoshikawa

Kotomi Asakura

Hikaru Konno

Anri Suzuki

Minami  Ayase

Kaho Kasumi

Momoka Nishina


Miku Ohashi

Tsuna Kimura

Yui Hatano

Hana Yoshida

Miku Abeno


Erika Kitagawa

Yukino Takeuchi

Ai Uehara


Ruka Kanae



Mio Kayama










Yu Kawakami





Serina Hayakawa

(They're much more names in this series but I can't name them all here)

(A buffet of asses. Note that guy in the top right. He's in fucking heaven)

Series Review

Enough backstory what about the sex, are the orgies any good? Yes, yes they are. Most of the titles start with the bus sex and you can see the girls and guys be a little timid with each other at the start as they have sex one on one but the best part about this series is seeing the everyone relax and start getting more familiar with each other as the video go on.

At the start of these videos everyone is polite and bashful but in the later scenes and orgies all that comes undone. Girls start playing with each other more, fingers go up pussies, tongues start getting sloppy, the sex gets harder, people swap partners, and squirting is rampant. In one scene Julia gets her tits sucked on by Jin Yuki as she is getting fucked and in comes Serina Hayakawa to suck Jin’s tits. Someone like Julia rarely does lesbian content so it is a real treat to see it here. She is not alone though, lots of girls may do things here that they wouldn't normally do in their titles. Everyone just seems to get more and more uninhibited and free, which is exactly is the appeal of orgies. And for me personally the biggest draw.

Another thing I like about this series is that it introduces you to new idols. Mio Kayama, Uta Kohaku, Kotomi Asakura, Mao Hamasaki, Elly Akira, and Mio Kuraki are some new actresses to me that really left an impression. When I saw Mio Kuraki straddle a guy, slowly pumping her hips with her finger in a guys mouth, and then licked her lips to call another guy over, I knew I found new idol I wanted to follow. You could watch these videos and find a new idol to follow.

The orgies can get loud and messy, as over a dozen girls get fucked, which can be a turn off for some but they’re also quieter and more intimate moments hidden in the chaos. I like it when the camera focuses on a couple slowly and passionately fucking surrounded by a crazy free for fall. Another interesting bit about this series is that you get to see JAV idols just hang out and interact with each other. They joke, talk, and sometimes even get frisky with each other away from the main scenes.

These videos are filled with both of these moments, both big and small but the overall appeal of it comes from the sheer spectacle of it all. Seeing all these girls get down and dirty with each other is orgy gold.


(just chaos)



Starring Julia, Kurea Hasumi, Hibiki Otsuki, Asahi Mizuno, Aimi Yoshikawa, Kaho Kasumi, Yui Hatano, Ai Uehara, Mio Kayama, Aika, Yu Kawakami, Serina Hayakawa

This title’s cast is absolutely stacked no pun intended. It might be the most star studded title in JAV history. I mean look at that lineup; Kaho Kasumi, Julia, Ai Uehara, Yui Hatano, and Kurea Hasumi all in one video is insane. And that is only like half the cast I just mentioned. I would recommend this title just for that lineup alone but the sex and orgies are no slouch either.

Every girl gets her moment of shine and with a cast of all stars the action is always moving at a nice pace. There are no weak links here. One of my many favorite moments is seeing Yu Kawakami play, lick, and even slap a guy's nipples while he is being sucked off. The way she watches and admires Yuki Jin's (I think it is hard to make out everyone when the action gets chaotic) blow job is so hot. She even slaps and encourages the guy as he cums into Yuki's mouth. This title (and series) is filled with these little small moments. It is hard to pick out any moment in this title. It is wall to wall greatness. I haven't even mentioned what Kaho gets up, one of my all time favorites or Yui Hatano the JAV's mainstay, or Asahi Mizuno. This title is just that packed.

The video is also capped off with a separate POV blow job from all the idols in pairs. Yui Hatano with Ai Uehara or Kaho Kasumi with Aimi Yoshikawa servicing you? Yes please. Hibiki also leads a behind the scenes team who moves and fucks separately from the main cast (though they do join forces at certain times, so no worries there). Overall this title is the best showcase of the spectacle and grander scale of this series.

*Now to the downer part of this title. It is currently delisted so you will have to work extra hard to find this JAV gem. If you can find it, you'll be in for a good time I guarantee it.  


Starring Noa, Tsubomi, Elly Akira, Rui Saotome, Anri Hoshizaki, Anri Suzuki, Miku Ohashi, Erika Kitagawa

Some of these videos have a theme, this video is idol themed and has the girls in lots and lots of outfits. Over a dozen girls in dozens of costumes, a cosplay heaven. Orgies and cosplay are not the only stand out features of this title but the performances. In particular Erika Kitagawa, Noa, Tsubomi, and Elly Akira. They steal focus at time which is impressive considering that they are competing with an orgy.

Like Noa, who chooses to do some light femdom here. Which is such an odd but alluring choice to do in an orgy. Or Tsubomi who does some nice kissing with the other girls or takes a stellar facial in a hallway. Though if I had to pick an MVP for this title it would have to be Erika Kitagawa. I was already a fan of hers but she really impressed me here. She is much younger version than I am used to and I like it. She is bubbly, fun, and flirty throughout the extra long title. She flirts with the other girls and fucks the guys hard. She seems to be having the best time out of everyone in the orgy. A fun orgy title that features some unique individual performances.



Starring Tsubomi, Rei Mizuna, Eri Okuda, Mio Kuraki, Uta Kohaku, Kotomi Asakura, Momoka Nishina, Hana Yoshida

This is hands down my favorite title out of all the series. Mainly due to how loose and free the girls get with each other. It stars smaller names like Rei Mizuna, Mio Kuraki, Uta Kohaku, and Kotomi Asakura but does have the immortal Tsubomi. However the cast has the best sexual chemistry out of all of the series. You have Rei giving fantastic blow jobs, Mio slowly grinding cocks, and Kotomi being as slutty as possible. Every girl is great and even better when they get together.

This video has the most lesbian action out of all the videos and it is seriously hot. The girls will kiss, finger, fondle, and even eat each other out. In the final orgy like 5 of the girls run a pussy fingering and squirting train on each other that needs to be seen. One moment that stuck with me was the end of the fantastic bath scene (which also has a great scene of Tsubomi fucking in some nice knee high socks). Uta, Kotomi, and one other girl (I can't name all the girls. It's Idol overload sometimes) finger themselves at the end to get out some excess piss. It was so hot to see these girls be so casually filthy with each other.

I haven't gone through every video with a fine tooth comb but I've gotten close to that. And this title is the best in class. It lives up the promise and appeal of an orgy. I could do a whole solo in-depth review of this title (and I might later). I can’t recommend this video enough, it might not have the biggest names but it does have the craziest orgies.


Before watching these videos, I did not care for group sex and orgies but this series has piqued my interest into that. Seeing all the chaos is something else. A sea of naked tits, ass, girls, and yes even dicks. Even if you don’t, you may like that the spectacle of it all and seeing big names in JAV all in one video. A lot of these girls are retired and out of the game so seeing them here is kind of a trip. I was introduced to a lot of girls here for the first time.

We might get the occasional orgy or group sex title but never on this scale, not again. Looking back now you can see these videos as a sort of time capsule that can’t be repeated again, at least not for a while. If you are interested in group sex, or seeing an all star team of idols in one video then you should give this series a look. They really is nothing like it anymore.

(Bye Bako Bako Bus)

Fried Chikan out.


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Ichorus 2 years ago
I thought the reason why they had to stop was because they got in trouble with the last in the series (MIRD-159). The owners of the bath house did not know they were going to use it for an orgy and threatened to sue. I hope they find some other venue and bring it back.. but Moodyz lineup is no where near it’s glory days.
0 0
ZENRA 2 years ago

That was *a* factor, but $$$ is the biggest. Movies like this casting so many big names probably cost six figures USD to shoot (whereas your usual one woman movie from a big studio may cost around 10K).

0 0
Fried Chikan 2 years ago

I never heard about the owner thing. That's funny if that was the case, that place is iconic for me now as the bath place orgy setting.

0 0
Seb 3 years ago
I love the Bus Tour series. They are my favorite. There is so much to see. I love all the different personalities of the girls from out-there to shy - but they all perform. I love being able to see all the behind the scene stuff like the camara men filming the scenes, directors, attendents such as water, tissue and condom distrubuters. Sometimes one of the girls or boys are spent (tired) and they are just waiting for the scene to finish. Sometimes you can see the girls or boys actually setting the scene or organising themselves. As the movies progress the girls become less inhibited. The movies always move towards a final crescendo and the energy in the final scene is full on. I also love how the girls meet and introduce themselves as the walk on the bus and the final closing scenes when they are on the bus going home. If you are a lover of looking out for the behind-the-scenes in AV, then the bus tour videos are a must see. PS - thanks for your great work.
0 0
ZENRA 3 years ago

Thank you for the great comment!!

0 0
JOEY 3 years ago
Is there a timestamp on Julia's lesbian scenes in MIRD-159?
0 0
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