The Penis Cafe - Walls! Desks! Chairs! Dicks Popping Out of Everywhere!

Published April 14, 2023

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Like a cat cafe, but way less of a gimmick. Japanese women in Tokyo find solace and relaxation via a lovely cafe full of glory holes and anonymous erections.

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The Penis Cafe - Walls!  Desks!  Chairs! Dicks Popping Out of Everywhere!
Timing and Translation by ZENRA

In a bizarro world, penises are attached to wild rodents that run around restaurants scaring patrons.  In JAV Land, they pop out of walls in a world where glory holes can be everywhere.  The other difference:  patrons--only women in this instance--are not scared, but are expecting it!  Welcome to a magical cafe located in the vicinity of Ikebukuro Station that services scrumptious snacks, drinks that really hit the spot, and fresh penises just waiting to be sucked on!


No, this is not a prank JAV, but is from SOD's other-worldly SENZ label that focuses on societies where sex is less a private thing more simply...a thing.  A thing done in public, a thing done for stress relief, a thing done gosh darn anywhere, but as we have seen already, the line stops if the customer is explicitly seeking sexual gratification.  This is not one of those services!  However, what exactly happens at the PENIS CAFE is slightly different in that the all female clientele is happy to suck and even happier to lap up what comes out as a second dessert of sorts.

I can almost imagine a cafe like this really existing for curious women to go on their own.  Think about it:  on paper, this is a totally legal idea.  A service totally anonymous like love hotels with private booths that may consist nothing more of a chair and a glory hole in its most basic form.  Women are guaranteed the penises are attached to attractive, hygienic, and most importantly, regularly tested men.  The male equivalent could be some cunnilingus cafe where they can play on their smartphone while exercising their mouths.  It's a weird concept, but Japan, a land known for these oddities can surely make accommodations for one or two more.

Being a JAV at its core, this does not simply end with glory holes.  Some scenes feature patrons decided to go all the way WHILE in the middle of the establishment and often WHILE talking to their friends.  It's a magnificently odd yet erotic sight that so direly needs a sequel yet sadly we have not really seen one of note.

Subtitling note:  due to the dialog being solely slice of life talk with various levels of audio quality while actresses do the cafe's namesake, only the introduction has been given English captioning.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 13

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Production Quality
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+The final frontier of glory holes.
+Big, varied cast.


-Random slice of life banter best swapped with talk about the penises.

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