Beauty Venus Series Review

Published : October 20th, 2023 Written by Fried Chikan

Beauty Venus

Studio: Idea Pocket with S1, Moodyz, Premium, Oppai <br>

Start Date: 2006 Tags: Harem, Studio Collaboration, Group Sex, Lesbian

With the return of the series it feels appropriate to cover about it. Beauty Venus is back with a new entry as I am glad to say. For those that don’t know Beauty Venus is a harem series from Idea Pocket that first started in 2006. The first in a special label that, among other things, liked to highlight group releases. The first Beauty Venus brought together 4 well known actresses and since has only grown bigger and bigger. The series has become a fan favorite. The series would release sporadically before going on a hiatus after 2013. It would comeback in 2018 and in a new way.

The modern Beauty Venus series would bring some of the biggest JAV studios together. Becoming a studio to studio collaboration where they would team up some of their exclusive stars. One of the rare times where you can see the stars of S1, Moodyz, Premium, or Idea Pocket together. Even rarer is when the ladies got it on with each other. Since then Beauty Venus has only grown in popularity. A dream team of JAV stars teaming up together for one star studded good time. Now let’s walk through each title and their spinoffs and see how they stack up.

*Read more on BV on ZENRA here.

IPSD-001 BEAUTY VENUS – Beautiful Goddesses

The first ever Beauty Venus. The start a little sub label from Idea Pocket. It brought together Noa Torigoe, Reira Aisaki (Chihiro Hara), Sayuki, and Asahi Miura. I can’t say I’m too familiar with all of these actresses, outside of Noa. At the time many of them were relatively newer faces. They would all go on to have nice careers but this was far from the star studded events BV would be known for later on. Despite that this quartet of ladies performed well in this extra sized title. A video that nearly clocks into 4 hours it has plenty to see. The video gives us the ladies in all sorts of ways and combos. From group blow jobs, to duo team ups, to solo scenes for themselves. All ending in a little orgy.

As far as group titles goes it’s solid and extra-long. There’s a lot to check out here. The star of the show for me is Noa but that’s partly because she was the only one I knew. Outside of her Asahi Miura really caught my eye with her good looks. The girl on girl action is there but light. The highlight scene for me where the POV scenes with all four ladies. Especially when the ladies went reverse cowgirl. Noa has a surprisingly nice ass. All in all a decent group title, not the best of the BVs but has lots of content.


The second entry stars Saya Koi, Rei Matsushita, and Honoka. The style of the video is a lot closer to the glamourous style it would later become. The video was a lot better than I was expecting despite not know anyone in it. We get every combination we could want in the video. Solo, every duo combo, and group scenes with multiple partners or just all girls on one guy. The sets are nice and varied. The clear standouts for this title were Saya and Honoka. Rei was very cute and pretty but the other two ladies were much more spirited performers. Two honey skinned beauties with some nice enthusiasm in bed. A great group sex title and a good Beauty Venus. This oldie holds up very well.


Now we are getting into my territory. The third BV brings Aino Kishi, Jessica Kizaki, and Miyuki Yokoyama together. A terrific cast of ladies. This was the best of the old BV videos. Partly thanks to it’s stellar cast and largely thanks to it’s massive runtime. This video goes on for almost 8 hours. You are reading that right. This is an insanely long porn video. We get the full course plus solo scenes for every girl and some extra group scenes.

All the ladies give good performances no real weak points here. The one who took the cake however was Jessica Kizaki. She just stole the show. Her solo scene was the best and in the group scenes she was the most playful between all three ladies. She’s also quite the sweaty babe. Ending scenes glistening wet while the other ladies are only damp. Just a fantastic group sex title that gives you everything and more. One of the best Beauty Venus titles. I could go on and on with it’s many great scenes but unlike the video I’ll keep it short.


The fourth BV gives us Yu Namiki, Arisu Miyuki, and Kaori Maeda. The last of the old BV from director Tadanori Usami. Once again the title goes for a super long length. It’s a solid title with plenty to see. The cast didn’t really speak to me too much. These titles are always better when you know or like the talent beforehand.


Finally we get to the new ear of Beauty Venus. With a new director and style behind them. This updated series first brought IP, S1, and Premium together. The first of the studio collaborations. They started off with hot rising actresses with Minami Aizawa, Aika Yamagishi, and Arina Hashimoto. Great choices as each girl would go on to have fantastic careers. Arina was already an established star but the other two would become bonafide stars with their studios later. These modern titles would prove so popular, IP gave them re-releases this year.

No need to mince words this is the best of Beauty Venus. And it’s not just my favoritism for Aika and Minami. This video gives us the what only BV can give us. Three exclusive stars in a high quality title getting down and dirty and getting down with each other. Filled with great little moments like Minami and Arina having the hottest make out session or Arina accidentally squirting on Aika’s chest and Aika taking a lick. Group titles in JAV get knocked on for lacking girl on girl play but we get a decent bit of it here. One of my favorite 3P/Group titles in JAV. It’s got a long runtime, great talent, good production, and great sex. The best of Beauty Venus.


The follow up to BV 5 was always going to be tough. The bustiest of all of our cast. A very booby set of ladies. It stars Shoko Akiyama, Tsubasa Amami, and Miharu Usa. Sadly this follow up is a bit disappointing. Not the most promising cast. Nor did they have great chemistry together. Very light on girl and girl play. A pretty standard group title but a poor Beauty Venus title. My least favorite of them all from the new or older entries.


BV 7 was a return to form. Starring Karen Kaede, Minami Hatsukawa, and Miru. These ladies would become fine stars later on. Three not very well-endowed ladies who make up for it with their great looks, enthusiasm, and skill in bed. All the girls are great performers and had a nice rapport with each other. This title is second only to BV5. A terrific video and one of the best group sex titles. Good sex, nice variety, some costume play. All around great. The only thing these modern day BVs are missing is the orgy scenes. Which you can forgive when the rest of it is so great.


After three years off, partly thanks to the pandemic derailing collaboration efforts. We finally have a new Beauty Venus. And this time they are throwing established stars right into the mix. IP, Kawaii, Premium, and Oppai join forces. This time with some new studios. Bringing us Mayuki Itou, Momo Sakura, and the double exclusive Karen Yuzuriha. A fine addition to the BV line this cast and crew all sport fine figures with ample busts. Of the modern BV’s it is not quite as good as 5 or 7 but much better than 6. A great way to welcome back fans to the series.

Spinoffs AVGL-111 Blowjob VENUS

IP and other studios would copy the Venus title to promote similar titles. So we got videos like Blowjob Venus from M’s Video Group. Starring Reina Matsushima, Maria Ozawa, and Erika Sato. A nice get with JAV sensation Maria Ozawa this was just a fine title. Despite the title however I found it really lacking in the blowjob category. An okay title with a better tagline than video.


Beachy Venus was one of the better BV spinoffs. With returning BV alum Aino Kishi costarring with Airi Kijima and Mayu Nozomi. A cute title taking place mainly outside. It ends with a nice scene in the water with all three ladies. Nice in concept but sex outside always brings it’s problems. Bright sun and bad conditions to have sex. Also lacking in the signature girl on girl play.

SSIS-698 Yua Mikami, Arina Arata and Minami Aizawa

The best of the spinoffs. After the lay off S1 blesses us with an unofficial Beauty Venus. Not even giving it a title but just the names of the three leads. It stars returning actresses Minami and Arina with JAV superstar Yua Mikami. The biggest star to appear in a BV, she’s closing out her career with a bang. The first time I believe Yua will be doing some girl on girl play for JAV. This was a big get. Unfortunately she is the weak part of the cast here as Minami and Arina outshine her. Still of the spinoffs this is clearly the best of them.

Beauty Venus 9

It’s too early to say if it will even return but let’s get greedy and say it will. I’ve already written about who I would love to see in BV. I think S1 should send in their superstar Saika Kawakita or perhaps Konan Koyoi. On Idea Pocket’s side I would very much like to see Anna Kami. She’s bright star for them and should play nice with others that's what I would have said months ago until her sudden retirement. IP could also elect to bring out their superstar Kana Momonogi. The long time star has yet to appear in one and she is their biggest name at the moment. As for the third studio there is so much to pick. BV has picked different third studios every other time. If they go with Premium I would love to see Miu Shiraminei. If they go with Moodyz then Nao Jinguji or Mia Nanasawa would be my picks. There is also the possibility they go with a whole new studio. In which case the sky’s the limit.


Beauty Venus is a terrific series from Idea Pocket. A special event in JAV where the biggest and brightest can come together (literally). It’s changed and grown for the better. If you are looking for great group sex videos in JAV then this series is a good place to check out. Sure freelancers in might go wilder in their group titles with smaller studios. But few have the same star power as BV. Overall the series gets a 10 out of 10 from me. It’s pretty much what I want from this genre and then some. Beauty Venus Rankings: 5 7 3 8 2 1 4 6

What ever happens to the series in the future, I just hope it continues on. That the studios see that fans love seeing these stars coming together. And I mean that in both ways. And I hope that fans show the studios why they should make these. It’s some of the best JAV has to offer. Plus it is so fun to think up of different actresses teaming up. Now if you will excuse me I have my BV9 wish list to think up.



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Moonlight 7 months ago

Thank you for a nice writing. I did not know this is series. I remember watching AVGL-111 a long time ago. It was reasonably well made movie. I will need to check out other ones too.

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