JAV Sales Report - August 2020

Published : September 8th, 2020 Written by Oppaira

Hey everyone, Oppaira back with this month's sales report. Let's jump right into it.


Top Actresses

We see a lot of the usual suspects in the top physical sales this month focusing heavily on debuts. Interestingly Nozomi Ishihara remains in the top spot so it looks like people have really taken a liking to her. We also see Nene Tanaka jumping up the rankings quite a bit. For anyone that has been following debuts this year Nene has been whipping up a storm. She's been shooting a lot, about two or three a week, which is a lot for most actresses but insane for debuts. She's even broken into a lot of the major studios recently working for the likes of Hon Naka, Fitch, Moodyz, and Madonna. I know I keep mentioning I had planned to watch debuts late in the year (closer to my debut rating posts) but I've already seen Nene. I won't spoil anything though, you'll have to check in later in the year.

Another interesting case is Aika Yamagishi coming in at 10th place in the physical sales charts out of nowhere. If I had to guess I would say it's due to her special release this month. As Mangochin mentions the video is primarily comprised of masturbation scenes using fan suggestions from Twitter. It's also a whopping 12 hours long! If you're ever going to try and get your money's worth on a video this seems like the one, and I suspect a lot of fans felt similarly.

The R18 top actress list shows some more interesting results this month. For starters we see Karen Kaede way up at the top. I think she's coming off the success of Beauty Venus 7 where she starred alongside Miru Sakamichi and Minami Hatsukawa and attracting some new fans. While I personally didn't find her all that special BV is really just a series that attracts a wide audience so I can see why she's doing quite well. Another interesting note is just how far up the list she climbed, 139 spots! This is also a good time to point out some differences in the data between DMM and R18. DMM provides a lot of different categories for information including things like debut DVD sales. While R18 doesn't have the same breadth they make up for it in depth having over 1000 actresses listed on their popular actress page.

Aside from Karen Kaede jumping up so much we don't see anything too crazy on R18's side. The majority were on last month's list and everyone else is still within the top 100. I find it's nice to check back in on debuts the next year and this month's list has four debuts from 2019 on it: Ruka Inaba, Yui Nagase, Kaho Imai, and Mitsuki Nagisa. Ruka and Kaho were both featured on my list last year and were among my top three selections. A year later that's also still the case, they've both been performing quite well for themselves. I've been more impressed by Kaho Imai's career, particularly that she's been able to get a lot of contracts with top studios, though I find Ruka Inaba's thicc body more enjoyable. Both are still very nice though and if you haven't seen either of them I would highly recommend checking them out. In fact, they have a video where they costar releasing later this month that I'm super excited for.

Speaking of 2019 debuts we see more featured on DMM's list including Kanon Kanade and Akari Neo. Akari Neo was someone I gave a B to last year - I was interested in watching more of her but not necessarily right away. That ended up taking quite a long time but I've recently started enjoying her a lot. Akari's ass is out of this world, it's everything I want in an ass and then some. I pointed out just how amazing it was last year when she had my favourite ass of any debut. Now that she's had some time to produce more content she's emerged as one of my top five debuts from 2019. This has been especially true as many of my favourites with nice asses have retired, including Asahi Mizuno and Kaori. It's nice to know the industry has more nice asses where theirs came from.

I've pointed out a lot in recent posts about Eimi Fukada showing some decline but her numbers are up quite a bit this month. Even just a small increase in rankings are big when you're as popular as Eimi is. While I'm not personally a fan of Eimi it's nice to see her climb back up a bit rather than see her continue to decline.

Top Videos


Looking toward the DVD sales we see debuts making a very strong push. Debuts videos make up six of the top 10 spots and then the remaining videos are pretty much all by 2020 debuts. Most notably is Riri Nanatsumori's second video doing quite well. As I pointed out last month Riri is a bit of a celebrity and her popularity before debuting was through the roof. It is nice to see that people saw her and decided she was worth watching more of. The cover of her second video is way better than that of her first but in typical JAV fashion I'm sure it's photoshopped a bit. We'll see if I decide to check her out later this year.

When looking at debuts the most interesting is definitely IPIT-004 starring Emma Lawrence. This is a new label for Idea Pocket focused on finding exceptional debuts and this is a pretty spicy pick. Emma is listed as being Swiss per the cover and while foreigners debuting in JAV is spicy enough on its own having her debut for Idea Pocket is crazy. We pretty much always see foreigners work for studios that specialize in foreigners, June Lovejoy being a notable exception to that. In June's case she actually lives permanently in Japan and speaks Japanese so it's really not the same. Looking at the video's trailer Emma also appears to speak Japanese. It's hard to tell how much when she's saying fairly basic things like her age and height but speaking even that much is impressive. It's unclear whether Emma lives in Japan and will continue doing videos but regardless it's interesting seeing the influx of white actresses doing JAV.

Perhaps more interesting is the first place DVD, JUFE-202, which stars Rena Momozono. Rena debuted back in 2016, had only a handful of videos, then left. It's always a shame when an actress with so much promise leaves so early. She was really cute and busty and I think she had a lot of potential. Some people have been really excited to see her come back and I'm inclined to agree. You really can't go wrong with cute and busty.

R18's top releases really aren't surprising, all of them are from major actresses at major studios including four videos from Rara Anzai. R18 is forever having sales and I think it's pretty easy to sell content featuring major actresses in sales. Despite Rara clearly stealing the show this month with the number of top videos I think it's actually Yua's release, SSNI-845, that steals the show. If you haven't read Panking's review he makes a pretty compelling case about why it's one of the best of the year. Having seen it myself as well I wholeheartedly agree. It's absolutely fantastic seeing Yua take on a more dominant role and you won't regret watching it, which is more than I can say about bland Rara releases.

Looking to next month there continues to be great content. One I am super excited for is Aka Asuka's debut. There was a lot of buzz on Twitter over the mystery of S1's next busty actress and fellow blogger WoodOfTheRisingSun broke who it was before S1 did. Now that the cover's out I can say I'm extremely excited. With all signs pointing to Rara retiring yet again I'm looking forward to another busty actress taking her place. Aka is listed at 105cm J Cup and I'm sure they're every bit as good as they sound. While I think Rara is incredibly pretty (and prettier than Aka) Rara has forever been known as a terrible performer. Who knows, maybe Aka can surprise us and be even better than Rara. Either way this is one debut video I suspect I'm going to be checking out even despite usually avoiding actual debut releases.

That's all for today folks, stay tuned for next month's sales report.

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BlckTne 3 years ago
Are there any rumors what is happening to Karen Kaede? Her twiter has been silent for some time now some posts have been deleted and her instagram account has been almost completely wiped
ZENRA 3 years ago

We noticed that the day they were being deleted (manually, it appears!). We're not sure shy. Agency change?

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