AIKA - At Home Nakadashi

Published January 31, 2020

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AIKA goes fakery-free in this real creampie virtual date MOBSTERS release.

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AIKA - At Home Nakadashi
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

AIKA is one of those JAV stars that are fast-approaching legendary status while being extremely popular from the get-go.  Debuting as a gyaru and essentially remaining as one to this very day, she has bucked the trend and refuses to fade away.  Controversial opinion:  be it JAV or simply mainstream Japanese culture, a lot of women who adopt the gyaru look do so to hide potentially self-perceived physical flaws.  AIKA, on the other hand, even without a shred of makeup, without the tan, and with hair black as the day she was born, is still a very beautiful woman.  She knows it and has no qualms about showing off every nook and cranny in hundreds of titles.

However, one thing she, like most actresses, generally opts NOT to do are real creampies.  Risky, dangerous, and somewhat easy to fake.  Still, it's something fans really want to see and somewhat early on in her career she agreed to take a bullet train out to Kyoto to film a MOBSTERS title.  AT HOME NAKADASHI, is a virtual dating series by them shot entirely in POV with you as the mute boyfriend.  This isn't like those amateur POV titles that DREAMROOM often pushes out.  Here, we've a dedicated cameraman backed by a full production staff to ensure we get nothing but great footage during the private encounters though the actor does seem to handle the filming during the outdoor dating scene.

And that dating scene was a huge one!  Previous versions of this series mainly consisted of perhaps 10-15 minutes of actress and actor strolling around outside--perhaps by a local river.  In AIKA AT HOME NAKADASHI we get almost 25 minutes of AIKA having a blast at a zoo and mini amusement park.  Some may prefer just to see her naked and expressing physical love, but these less salacious moments are great to watch.  I have to give her credit for handling them so well since the actor intentionally remains mute throughout them all.

Fans of MOBSTERS may prefer their more standard affair which features A LOT more sex with multiple men taking turns finishing in the actress.  AT HOME is way tamer in that regard.  Sometimes it may be simply due to the fact that the actress may be uneasy about receiving so many creampies and other times, it's the money.  For AIKA, we bet it's closer to the latter as even back when this was filmed, she was already had quite a following.  Having someone travel so far already isn't cheap and is one of the reasons why MOBSTERS ended up folding.

Being a 'self-shot' title, we're missing some of the more unusual angles this studio is known for, but what we get is still done very well.  Most notably are those delicious views of AIKA from behind.  Perhaps it was the lens used, but gosh, she has a wonderful butt.  Big in all the right places.  A perfect match for her unabashedly Kansai personality.

Bonus footage!  After the virtual date concludes, we're given an extra scene done privately between AIKA and the director featuring some cunnilingus followed by her finishing off with a blowjob and titjob.  Not the greatest way to end a nakadashi release, but extras are always nice.  And beyond that, there's the standard several minutes of no-cut footage showing how they did not use fake cum or any production techniques to fake the creampie.  This one's as real as it gets.

Score:  4/5

Pro's:  Real creampie sex with AIKA.  She also goes makeup-free in the first sex scene (still beautiful!).

Con's:  SD quality, some may find the dating scene too long.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 516

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