Jessica Kizaki - Life After JAV (Part 1 of a 2 part interview)

Published : July 25th, 2021 Written by JWL

To the disappointment of many of her fans, Jessica Kizaki made the decision to retire in 2019.

After making her debut at the age of 19, she consistently maintained her status as one of the divas for over a decade. Besides being a JAV talent, Jessica also partook in more mainstream projects such as being a member of Ebisu Muscats and host the TV programe "Mecha Mecha 2 Iketeru!".

So just how is she nowadays post-retirement? Is she coping well enough outside the adult entertainment industry where everything is a new horizon to her?

Jessica in her debut title back in 2008

 Q :- Hi Jessica, how are you currently ? We never heard much from you after 2019. So are you fine nowadays?

 Jessica :- Thanks for asking. I'm involved in a desk job at an aesthetics clinic on a five day rotating shift at the moment. Now, normally one could expect that kind of work to be a receptionist of sort in a major company. But since the place that employs me is a small private one where it just 30 other people besides myself, I've involved in other ad-hoc duties such as handling email, phone-calls, consultations, and even helping out with maintenance. So yes, I have a lot on my plate.

Q :- So why do you choose to work at an aesthetics clinic as your "second career" post-retirement?

Jessica :- Somewhere along my active days, I start putting various thoughts about about my post retirement plans. Decided to focus on the field of cosmetology, perhaps even become a beautician myself and set up shop somewhere in my hometown. There's just a problem here:  from the age of 19 in 2008 to my retirement at 30, I've never done anything else [besides JAV]. I do not know how the world works outside. Believing myself to be that "naive" relative to my age, I want to start at the most basic and general level.  So here I am after doing some research in regards to the cosmetic industry.

Q:- Might I ask you to elaborate on what got you into cosmetology and when did you start thinking about the career switch?

Jessica :- Sure. When I was active, receiving a massage was really a pleasure I've enjoyed. Especially of the aromatherapy type. It's so therapeutic for me, both physically and spiritually, that I got naturally intrigued in the inner workings of the cosmetic industry. Now it was around the age of 28, 2 years before I retired, I begin to wonder if JAV was really what I want to do for the rest of my life. The field is not known to be kind to women, especially for those over the age of 30 where roles would start to slow to a trickle. I could caved in to the harsh reality and take things as they come, but I do not have high hopes at the way things are going at that time. So as time drags on, it only strengthen my conviction to take a leap of faith.

After 2 whole years of hesitations, I decide to quit after I turned 30.


Jessica in the midst of her glory days.Perhaps not too different from how she is currently

Q:- Did you initially have any insecurities about venturing into an unknown field starting at the 4th decade of your life?

Jessica :- Of course. I possess only a high school diploma after all, am totally clueless about computers and my resume amount to just being a JAV star. The question of "Why would anyone want to employ me" was always on my mind, keeping me awake at night. Other girls might choose to stay in areas pertaining to entertainment after they retire, but not me. To set the record straight, I did not get into the JAV industry because I myself was gunning to be in the entertainment fields nor did I have an interest in watching JAV from the start. Saying that, I suppose my bridge is burnt now. But that only pushed me harder to charge headlong into cosmetology and gain rightful employment thereafter retirement.

Q:- You must have made more than a few good friends after more than a decade in the industry. Dd you discuss any of your plans with any of them?

Jessica :- Nope, totally didn't. I kept everything close to my heart. I do not want anyone to dissuade me from what I set my mind on and only make known the facts after everything's done. I'm just that type of person. I still am the same 19 year old girl who choose to be a JAV star without consulting anyone--neither my folks nor my friends. I did it once and I will do it again since I do not believe in getting people worked up over my decisions. I'm headstrong that way.

One of the few influential friend she made over the course of her career.

Q:- It must have been an interesting journey from post-retirement to gainful employment once more. Please enlighten us on how everything went.

Jessica :- It was only some time after my retirement in January of 2020, that I begin my job hunt. I started out browsing "Torabayu" like most people nowadays. I confess that by that time I was getting desperate enough that I'm just grateful that someone or anyone would hire me. So the potential wage was an after thought at that point, what I was really focusing more on was the corporate culture and working environment of the employer. After much considerations, I believe I fit more in a small private establishment that a huge company. My choice was narrowed down to 5 different employers to whom I sent in my resume, in which 2 replied to me, asking for me to come in for an in-depth interview and here I am in one of them since March of 2020.

Q:- Speaking of resumes, a good one can make a difference if one wants to land a job. So....what did you REALLY write in yours?

Jessica :- Glad you asked. I'll be honest here:  I was really caught in a dilemma on how to approach mine. I could not just choose to ignore that long chapter in my life lasting over a decade, leaving it as a blank, that will open a whole can of worms if I do. So I decide to be honest and just jot every single thing down. It may seem strange from a normal general point of view and could cause negative sensibilities from potential employers. But it's a undeniable fact that I am who I am, so much so that I have come to a belief that I will never land a job again if I did not come to terms with reality. Even if everything seems detrimental at a glance, I know things will find a way.

Holding on to that belief, I state outright that I was a JAV star going by the persona of Jessica Kizaki, listed every titles credited to me for all 11 years and finally what I did as a mainstream performer in Ebisu Muscats. I even linked my past Instagram and Twitter account as referrals. Happily, 2 potential employer came calling back as mentioned.

Q:- That was quite daring of you, I must say. Since you mentioned that you kept your plans under a tight lid.

Jessica :- You are talking about me being straight and blunt about who I was on my resume, right ? I suppose I was (lol). I just might be a pioneer now since this is really unheard of and I didn't have anyone else prior to make a reference too. So you have me now at least, and here's hoping I've started a movement.

Q:- I believe you could be an inspiration to someone else in the future. Now, moving on to your interview with your final employer.......

Jessica :- Right, everything starts out with the general manager before proceeding to the director. It might come as a shock, but the director mentioned outright to me "Apologies, but I have not seen or heard anything in regards to you at all". He really doesn't seem to be lying about not knowing about me there. From then on, all is smooth sailing as things starts to relax into a normal conversation. Looking back, it was foolish of me to do research online and memorize interviews procedures. Part of my nature as an actress, I suppose. But that nature had come into good use as the director note that this talent of mine could be put into use as a receptionist at the front door and so a contract was minted there and then.

Her swansong days at Attackers must have pushed her acting ability.


Q:- It's great that a part of your experience helped you out, but there must be something more that land you the job.....

Jessica :- Perhaps, but what that could be will be my secret for now (lol). But I will say this much: Even if my current job seems mismatch to who I was, the fact that I persevered as a JAV talent for over a decade was a major point. Here's another factor: After signing the employment contract, I asked about the first impression that the director had of me. He was all grim and serious when he answered "I'm glad that you choose to be upfront and honest about being a JAV star". Frankly, all my new colleagues know about my past and it's a huge relief that I do not need to hide nor deny anything.

So here's to Jessica Kizaki, who scored big coming to terms about who she was. Even now her entire catalog is still being listed for distribution . Truly, a unique example in the current times where a lot of retired talent jump at the chance to invoke their right to be forgotten. The next part of this interview will focus on how she is coping with her new career and what is her new plans in life.

Source :- 【前編】セカンドキャリアでいままでよりも大きな看板を掲げたい


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Archie 2 years ago
Very refreshing woman. I've always liked her as an AV star and it appears that in real life she is also very nice. Good luck Jessica!
0 0
Curiouspuppy 2 years ago
Generic question: if I buy her videos, would any of it go her to or all of it will be taken by the studios??
0 0
ZENRA 2 years ago

100% to the studios and this is fine. She, like all JAV stars, western adult film stars, and most mainstream actors outside of super A-tier names, perform under a work-for-hire arrangement. They get paid for the work they put in and that's it. If they want royalties, they'd need to shoot on their own and put in all the work that entails with distribution, accounting, etc.

3 0
nanashi 2 years ago
It might not matter in the grand scheme of things, but why does the translation get creative in ways that completely change the original meaning?"To set the record straight, I did not get into the JAV industry because I myself was gunning to be in the entertainment fields nor did I have an interest in watching JAV from the start."originalでも、私はもともと芸能系の仕事がしたくてこの業界に入ったわけではなくて、自分自身がAVを観ることが好きで入ったから、それは違うなと。"However, I didn't join this industry because I wanted to work in the entertainment biz, but rather because I myself liked to watch AV. So I felt that [the entertainment field] was not for me."Also, was it necessary to imply she landed her job by blowing the interviewer when there was no such nuance in the original?"Q:- It's great that a part of your experience helped you out, but there must be something more that land you the job.....Jessica :- Perhaps, but what that could be will be my secret for now (lol). "original ――面接で最も評価されたポイントはどこだと思いますか?希崎 謎です(笑)Q> Which do you think were your strongest (most valued) points in the interview?A> I have no idea (lol).
4 1
JWL 2 years ago
Translation is not an exact science, it's more of an art that depends on the one reading the original article. Hence why some prefer to use the term "interpretation" and why there is the pharse "lost in translation". Nothing's perfect.That is why I choose to link up the original article for people, perhaps better than me, to do their own interpretation and come to their conclusion.
1 1
nanashi 2 years ago
I'm sorry, but this sounds like bad excuses. We're not dealing with subtle nuances of the discourse here, this is factual stuff. She says she liked to watch AV and gives it as one of the reasons why she joined the industry. You translate that as her having no interest in AV. Whether you believe it or not, all you need to do is translate what she did say, not convey some "interpretation" that directly contradicts it. Readers will form their own opinion.As for the second example: in the original, she didn't joke about using some let's call it "sexy technique" to land the job. You can say bluntly that she let the manager raw dog her at this point if you're going to make up stuff. This is a piece about Jessica having the courage to embrace her past and put her AV experience in her resume, and her finding a place where her experience and people skills (and not of the sexual kind) are useful. Introducing sexual innuendo out of some "interpretation" changes the tone altogether.
6 0
JWL 2 years ago
That is your interpretation but you are welcome to post your version of the entire interview somewhere for other to get a clearer picture of things and all of us will be better for it. That's what been done for the English Bible over and over as no one can agree on which version offers the best translation and interpretation.
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