Partying with Mature Women - King's Game and Orgies 2 - First Half

Published July 24, 2020

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Witness a wild Japanese goukon aka group date featuring mature women that quickly gets very out of hand.

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Partying with Mature Women - King's game and Orgies 2 - First Half
Timing by Patonyan
Translation by ZENRA
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Confession time:  I've been on a 'goukon' aka Japanese group date before.  It was many years ago, I was younger and dumber, and honestly, it fizzled out almost as soon as it began.  There really was no fault to the host; he did a swell job gathering up a bunch of women, but hey, things just didn't click.  It was at a restaurant, talk was genial, the food OK, and that was pretty much it.  Unlike today and Monday's downright insane Japanese milf update, sex out in the open with everyone taking part absolutely did not happen.  No, there were no 'bathroom breaks' for clandestine couplings.  No group sex, no orgies, and certainly no creampies!  All that happens in this fantastic double update is taking the group date concept and giving it a wonderful JAV spin.

PARTYING WITH MATURE WOMEN KINGS GAME AND ORGIES 2 pretty much is identical to the one we showed the other month.  Really, swap the women and a few of the actors and you get the same movie.  The scenes all have the same structure almost down to the order of sexual positions.  I can't really complain though as HOT ENTERTAINMENT did a fantastic job booking such a big studio and going all out with such a huge cast.  Also do note that while the box cover lists this as the third title of the series, it's actually the second with exclusive footage.  The first PARTYING movie simply was a compilation title of previous movies.

The average age of women taking part is about 40 making this an almost bona fide mature women release.  One actress actually is in her early fifties and even the youngest is probably older than many of our fans--including the experienced ones.  PARTYING WITH MATURE WOMEN is a wild release from start to finish due in part to how open these fiery jukujo being totally fine with overt cuddling, facesitting, and even impromptu CFNM during the King's Game portion of this release.  King's Game, for those not in the know, is essentially a Japanese take on truth or dare.  Everyone takes a chopstick with a number on it except for one which notes who becomes the temporary king.  The king then can order numbers to do various things with most being mildly sexual.  In real life, you may get some hugging and kissing, but ordering orgies to happen probably is just the perverted fantasies of an afternoon pervert.

Unfortunately, HOT ENTERTAINMENT did not have an available cast list for this release and all the names given during the introductions in the first scene led to internet dead ends.  While all actresses had their charms, I found the one playing the teacher to be the best (last scene foursome performing alongside a 38 year-old who reminds me of MOMOKA NISHINA if she moonlighted as a hostess).  What goes in PARTYING WITH MATURE WOMEN pushes reality to its breaking point, but I found her transition from just wanting to have a nice time to all-out sex freak the most believable of the bunch.  What we get from start to finish is a lengthy in all the good ways JAV movie starring nothing but older women.  If you like 'em young, this one isn't for you.  This time it's all about unfaithful wives finally having some good, naughty fun.


Score:  4/5

Pro's:  Extremely wild group sex with passionate older women from start to finish.

Con's:  Identical format to previous release in the series.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 920

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