Ai Uehara - After School Black Magic Sacrifice

Published February 28, 2020

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A weirdo teacher and a voluptuous schoolgirl with a crush find love by means of truly occult rituals via ORGA.

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Ai Uehara - After School Black Magic Sacrifice
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

Early on when ORGA was really getting their name out there as a high quality drama JAV studio, they created an additional label called MYSTERIA.  Unlike their main line, MYSTERIA would be for titles that are slightly unusual.  We're talking ones that involve campy elements, supernatural occurrences, and...well, magic.

I'm pretty fond of seeing JAV movies attempt the unusual.  Perhaps it's due to my never-ending love for the early 2000's Golden Age, but seeing any title that acts as a throwback to that wonderful era is solidly OK in my books.  Now does today's update that features both camp and magic perform above satisfactory?  Will you leave it wanting to see it again (and again)?

Easily YES.  AFTER SCHOOL BLACK MAGIC SACRIFICE stars AI UEHARA in her prime.  Sure, she's returned to public life only just a few months ago, but many a fan including myself love the voluptuous AI of yore.  Not only is she just super adorable in all the best ways, much to her almost certain denial, she's got great genetics.  And what I mean by this is her body's awesome ability to store fat pretty much evenly.  This makes for perfectly plump arms, legs, and derriere, BUT surprisingly a moderately compact waist and tummy.  She really had it all, but I can understand her desire to remain slimmer and fitter so if she's happier with her new look, then more power to her.

BLACK MAGIC SACRIFICE begins with camp, but with straight-forward romance taking center stage for the bulk of it (aside from the last few minutes at the end).  The story:  AI UEHARA is a high school student who has a crush on her teacher, Oki-sensei.  Oki, while handsome with a big head and square jaw, is also something of a weirdo.  His wife?  Lost in a car crash years ago.  His obsession?  Bringing her spirit back via occult rituals involving sex with schoolgirls.  His next target?  AI!  One day after class, he's tutoring her in English and goes in for a poor man's attempt at seduction that features him wielding pseudo black magic wizardry.  Obviously it doesn't work, but due to her crush, AI simply plays along which ignites their highly risky relationship.

This title was shot beautifully.  I've said that before about ORGA releases, but really, they went above any beyond for BLACK MAGIC SACRIFICE.  The camera used is way up there in picture quality, the sound is crystal as always, and being a title released several years before the thick mosaic diktat of 2017, we're given some incredibly thin pixelation.  Even by standards of the day, ORGA was pushing it with this one.  From the glistening pink folds of AI's most intimate areas to all those insertion close-ups, you can see nearly everything.

I would of loved to see the campy magical elements remain in play throughout the entire movie.  That's pretty much the only negative thing here (aside from the believability of the story, but hey it's a JAV so we'll give that a pass).  AI performs wonderfully and has one of those bodies you just can't stop staring at.  The angles and positions during coitus were incredible as well.  This is going to be one of those movies that leads to many screenshots taking along with stern pre-publishing decisions on how much is it OK to show.  My belief is AI will NOT ever be returning to JAV so future updates by her are an endangered species.  Via ORGA, we have one more left in the queue, but beyond that...

Score:  4.5/5

Pro's:  Peak AI UEHARA.  Where does it go from here?  Anal?

Con's:  Occult story-line plays second fiddle as the movie runs its course.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 359

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