JAV Sales Report - July 2023

Published : August 31st, 2023 Written by Oppaira

Welcome to the July sales report, sorry it's a little late but better late than never.

Top Actresses

Up in first place we have Yua Mikami which shouldn't surprise anyone. With her retirement having released already it's now the end of her prolific career. I'm sure this won't be the last we hear her name, she'll continue to sell and continue to be around on social media. That being said, I do expect her to start tapering off on the sales reports in the coming months, not always being right at the top of the list. I'll be very curious to see exactly how long she remains on the top 25 and top 100 because I don't expect her to go anywhere anytime soon.

Up next we have a pair of Sumires in Sumire Kuramoto and Sumire Kurokawa. I've honestly never seen Kuramoto but I can get why people her. Kuramoto has a really hairy downstairs that I think appeals to some people and makes her stand out, especially when so few are quite that hairy. On the flip side you have Kurokawa who has an incredible ass. I've only seen her once in a group VR where she was my least favourite but that ass is quite nice and with so many actresses with nice asses doing well lately (Mizuki, Jun, and Nao just to name a few) it's no surprise to see her here.

Hana Haruna is an actress I don't really expect to see on the list. Even though she has historically been one of the top actresses in the BBW category she's just not someone we tend to see or get a chance to talk about. Personally I've always found Hana to be a bit hit or miss just depending on my mood. If I want someone with her body type and huge tits then she can work, but often times I would watch Chitose Saegusa instead. I will say though, Hana has some fantastic tits, one of my favourites among all active actresses, and it's hard to ignore a pair that nice. That also perhaps brings me to the gripe with this release from August because concealing those things is a crime. I get wanting to look at her in hot lingerie but I find myself just wanting to see them free and bouncing around, so videos like this just aren't for me.

Waka Misono just barely missed my top 10 squirters list and I can't help but feel like a release like this might have changed my mind. She was so incredibly close to making the list and she is a talented squirter, and squirting specific videos really give you a chance to see them at their best. What I do know is that if I ever make a second list for top squirters, Waka is definitely going to be on the list.

Ruka continues to baffle me with how high up on the list she remains despite being retired. She's still sort of around (though not doing JAV) and her teasing about maybe coming back certainly excites fans like me. She's cute, busty, and has an incredible ass - what's not to love? I can certainly see why she's popular but it always begs the question why others who are retired and were even more popular aren't getting the same limelight she is. Either way I won't blame you for checking her out and a 26 title best seems like a good place to be.

Konan took a mini vacation earlier this year not having videos in the spring time but it looks like she's back in action now. Hot off her group video amidst Yua's retirement she's got this release here. All I have to say is with a cover like that you know what fans are thinking. She's pretty, she's got great tits, hard not to enjoy a video like this. Especially when you tease insane cleavage like that, holy hell. I'm just glad to have her back because she's easily one of my favourites over at S1.

Top Videos

Mio Ishikawa was kind of hit or miss for me but I get why people like her. She's got a certain charm to her that I think certain videos can do well. She strikes me as one of those "I can't believe she does porn" type women just because she really hits that girl next door quality. I think one of those "let her devilish side come out" scenarios like this appears to be could really suit her well. They do take a certain performing level to make work but who knows, maybe Mio can make it work.

So this video has been out for a while and I can say it's pretty good. It definitely won't win video of the year like some other duo videos have but it's still good for what it is. I certainly think part of it comes down to the hype around the two right now. Both are top newcomers at SOD, both are friends on social media, and I've you've bought into their friendship you've probably been waiting for it. Again, I thought it was good but if you came here expecting them to snowball some creampies you're expecting a little too much. Now all I want is for them to say they enjoyed it so much that they want to do it again.

Okay look, group videos can be fun but sometimes there's too much going on. I can get behind a second actress in a scene but when you go up to seven actresses it's a little bit too much. There's just so much going on that you're never quite sure where to look and it becomes way too distracting. Especially if you look at the main image or the image of them all bent over on the side, there's just too much to look at. The actresses all have different body types and sizes so I'm sure some will just stare at the one or two they like, which honestly maybe makes it easier. I find if I like all the actresses then I want to take the time to watch them all, but maybe if you like just one or two you'll not be so distracted by everything. Regardless, this looks like honestly too much and even in VR my experiences have always been to pass on content like this.

It's always interesting when you see older videos make the top of the list. I'm sure there was a sale of some sort but honestly I could see a lot of people being interested in a video like this. So much of JAV tries to root itself in realistic fantasies (compared to western porn at least) and you can really see that in Kanan's video here. I mean, she's got a Gameboy Advance and a PS2 controller on the cover, what more could you want? Even just the messy room is relatable to many I'm sure. Videos like this where the actress is supposed to be relatively inexperienced and finds herself in some crazy sex life have always been enjoyable for me and hopefully Kanan's is as good as others I've seen.

With that this month's sales report is over. Hope to see you all again next month.


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Shinmai 9 months ago
I think cause Ruka keeps teasing on social media that maybe she will come back to AV and is pretty active promoting old releases on there is why she has still stays so high on the sales list? I always find it interesting how Yu Shinoda almost always makes top 10 digital sales even in months where she doesnt have many releases, she truely must be at that legendary status with popularity
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