Ai Uehara - A Showa Tale of Shattered Purity

Published March 9, 2018

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ORGA presents Ai Uehara playing a high school senior in 1965 who finds out she is in an arranged marriage with a twisted and perverted family friend.

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Ai Uehara - A Showa Tale of Shattered Purity
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In Japan’s Showa Era in 1965, AI UEHARA plays Aiko, a young woman who just turned 18 and has to follow through with an arranged marriage.  It’s a dire choice her family had to make:  the need to continue their line in a time when all the eligible young folk are eschewing country life for the lure of cities.

AI’s husband, taking the last name of her family rather than the other way around, cannot help but show his sadistic streak when they’re together in private.  He can’t help but be his true, twisted self when they’re intimate.  He trains AI in extreme sexuality and although conformity to the abnormal does happen, is she the one who changes or is it him?


A SHOWA TALE OF SHATTERED PURITY is AI UEHARA's FINAL title with ORGA and one of the last shot in her JAV star career, but it *won't* be the final title we show featuring her at ZENRA.  Yes, she's retired and with her absence, the galaxy that is Japanese AV lost one of its brightest stars.  She may be gone from the industry, but going by a recent campaign she had to record wake-up calls for devoted fans, she's *probably* alive and well and just trying to give back a little bit once more before fading into obscurity for good.

Today's update also marks the final movie with the 'Showa Era' monicker though it's far from the final ORGA movie we'll be showing.  We've many, many more both from the same director, TEI JAGA (who also happens to be the studio's owner), and others will also take place in Japan's distant past.  AI UEHARA's time with us in SHATTERED PURITY is very special and I can't say for sure if we'll be showing something quite like this again.

In a rarity--at least when compared to previous movie we've starred with her--AI UEHARA plays a total naive schoolgirl in SHATTERED PURITY.  Yes, the other ORGA movie with her that we showed had her playing a masochist, but there she was submissive AND had an extreme fetish for abnormal sex.  She was embarrassed about anything remotely salacious, but also was immensely turned on by doing the most raunchy things possible while keeping it all secret from her husband.

This time around, she certainly is far from the leader though at the end, she does make an important and realistic choice on how best to lead her life.  In SHATTERED PURITY, she plays a high school senior who a week from graduation finds out her mother and a family friend entered into a pact to have their offspring marry when both come of age.

This is a tale of a traditional Japanese arranged marriage with an affair with her former teacher thrown in.  To complicate things even more, AI UEHARA holds little love for her husband.  He may be a family friend, but he's anti-social and perverted to the core.  One of the more unique types of sexual play he inflicts upon AI is the use of a taro-based ancient Japanese dildo and undergarment set.  You can actually buy the former here (no affiliate code!  Just gosh darn honest promotion!) though I haven't seen the latter sold anywhere.

The use of a soaked taro as a dildo is believed to cause an immense feeling of arousal.  It's not an aphrodisiac, but it's believed to enhance the quality of sex and may have been used often by elites throughout Japan's Edo Period.  Here, it's used on AI UEHARA who seems to find it makes her body hot and her sexual gratification from it remains questionable.

I think the storyline in SHATTERED PURITY may be the strongest I've ever seen from an ORGA title.  Granted, all this studio produces are drama JAV titles and all have pretty sound storylines, but I will admit there are times I feel 'story' is pushed to the wayside to satisfy the requirements in producing an adult video title.  This time around, the sex is fantastic and still beautifully shot (thanks to a production crew numbering almost 20!), but what happens around the sex remains realistic, twisted, and features a really well thought out ending that *will* make you think.


Special mention:  the encounter between AI and her mother at the bottom of the stairs on the first night of her new life as a married woman is both tragic and fantastic.  You rarely see such emotion and heartfelt delivery.  Just imagine how both must feel:  you've AI knowing her husband is waiting for her upstairs in their bedroom.  He's waiting explicitly to have sex with her.  She knows this, he's eager for it, and her mother right next to her by the staircase not only knows this, but remains there throughout the entire 'event' to ensure AI follows through.  There are a few times during this consummation scene where the camera shows AI's mother sobbing to the caterwaul that is AI's sweaty emergence into womanhood.  It's a beautifully-shot moment of deflowering.  This is something you rarely see achieved in a JAV title and thankfully it was done by the masters of JAV drama:  ORGA.

A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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