JAV Sales Report - January 2022

Published : February 17th, 2022 Written by Oppaira

Hey everyone, welcome to the first sales report of the year. I'm still working on a report for the yearly sales stuff so keep an eye out for those, but in the meantime let's get to our first post of the year.

Top Actresses

Last year when I wrote about 2021 debut Alice Kisaki I was thinking she might stay a shared exclusive between E-Body and Oppai. That seemed like a pretty solid career choice to me, I tend to be very high on shared exclusive as a career option. It looks like that isn't the case and Alice has started freelancing this year. I can already see half a dozen releases slated for February, which is why she's way up on the list. Alice has got a banging body but is not so great in the acting department, so this career path is actually really good for her. It'll help her get the experience she needs much quicker so she can really become the actress we were all hoping she would become. It'll also let her get a bit more interesting content under her belt considering a lot of what E-Body and Oppai would do are pretty lame. Case and point is the second video on the list that's a lesbian video starring Chisato Shoda. Between you and me this is pretty far outside what I would have expected but also extremely welcomed. The contrast between the two looks really nice and when you factor in some strap-on sex, oh mama. Hopefully Alice can follow in the path of Hana Himesaki and have an awesome career.

Konan continues to be one of the most popular actresses in the industry, putting her way up top with some of her contemporaries at S1. While she isn't quite Yua Mikami she's one spot higher than Aka Asuka, putting her in great company. I think considering that Aka is the most natural comparison to Konan (Aka having debuted roughly half a year earlier) and we know how popular Aka has been, Konan shows a lot of great signs of a great career. I actually think Konan's best comparison might be Mei Washio, another busty S1 actress flying a little bit under the radar. Konan seems to naturally perform quite well, coming off very innocent and bubbly, just as I find Mei does. At any rate, I'm a fan and things can only go up from here as Konan gets better and better videos to star in. Her videos are still a bit plot-light but that should be changing fairly soon.

Julia is just one of those actresses that everyone loves. She's been around for what feels like forever now and she's still going strong. I find Julia's career to be in an interesting spot right now because she's got a good variety of videos coming out. She's been freelancing for Chijo Heaven, Wanz Factory, Tameike Goro, Honnaka, and Premium since leaving Oppai. It gives a pretty good variety of content when these studios focus on completely different things. Tameike Goro tends to focus on more drama heavy MILF videos whereas Chijo Heaven focuses on more slutty MILF videos, and I find that contrast among videos to be quite nice. I still think there's a lot more fun things to come with her, especially if they let her take on some more interesting roles. I can think of quite a few videos for these studios that would be awesome to see her in, and she shows no signs of slowing down. She's said before she wants to keep going as long as she physically can, even if she becomes so old and frail that she can barely take it. I say bring it on because Julia is one of my favourites and there's so much more left for her. At any rate, it's absolutely no surprise to see her always floating on the top of the charts.

Mia is an actress I know we don't talk too much about, call it author's bias I suppose. This month she's up a fair bit from a pair of videos of her doing quite well. What's interesting is seeing two very different releases both selling well. One is a simple nurse theme with a spin on it that allows her to be a bit more naughty and dominant. The other is a far less wholesome video where her neighbour makes her the object of his sexual urges. The second video feels far less wholesome with his apartment being filthy. I find it particularly interesting when actresses can play multiple roles well. I personally can't really comment on whether she does do them well or not, but I guess fans seem to think she does. Mia's certainly a name we know and certainly someone that's been on the list before, but a significant jump up the charts like that is always something to notice.

Mikako Abe is another actress like Mia that I don't really pay any attention to. That being said, there's no way a lesbian video like this one wouldn't sell well. It costars Chiharu Miyazawa, another actress also up quite a bit on our list this month. It's hard to think that this video isn't the reason why they sold so well. It features an interesting naughty vs nice theme, with one of them being gothic and one of them being angelic. I think that kind of interesting theme an go a long way, and fans seem to think so as well. Especially as you see some of the screens on the back, it looks like they bought into it at times in a great way. Again, I'm not someone who watches either actress but I can spot what looks like an interesting video a mile away, and I have heard that this video is worth watching.

Ruka Inaba is way up on the charts this month, but interestingly only on the digital side. It strikes me as odd because January wasn't much of a month for her, at least in my opinion. One thing I will note is that I fully expect February to be quite kind for her on the physical side. She has a couple of upcoming releases that look like bangers alongside some other notable names (Mei Satsuki + Rino Yuki and Misono Mizuhara). It's pretty hard to go wrong with casts like that and these videos only got spoiled at the beginning of the month. Set to release at the beginning of March, I suspect they'll sell well next month on the physical side (as preorders) and then well on the digital side in March when they release. Before signing off about Ruka, can we talk about how photoshopped the cover of her release with Misono is? I know Ruka to be busty but damn is that crazy, she's not that big and she looks even bigger than Misono after the photoshop. All of these duo releases for Moodyz have had this crazy photoshopping and it's really rather annoying as a fan. I don't blame them for doing slight touch ups but this stuff takes it to a new level. Moodyz, please stop, thanks.

Aoi is a 2021 debut for Honnaka that has seemingly been flying under the radar. She hasn't been selling nearly that well and has been totally left out of the fold. Considering how well lots of debuts sell, it's rare to see someone like this who shows up on the charts several months after their debut. Her debut release is 10th on R18's videos from last month, even more strange. You would think that it would be domestically that she would do well considering their huge emphasis on debuts, but I guess not. What strikes me as strange is that it's her debut video and not some of her newer stuff that is selling well. Especially when you look at the covers, her debut doesn't do her justice but later covers do. I think there's probably a good amount of photoshopping going on so I wouldn't put too much stock in just the cover, but regardless it's still unusual. Regardless, I'm curious to see if this is a one-off thing or if people actually found a hidden gem here.

One interesting thing about this months report is the lack of Idea Pocket actresses. We've been seeing a lot of names breaking the top 25 recently, like Kana Momonogi and Karen Kaede who were both on last month's top 25. We've still got Idea Pocket actresses in the top 100, including both Kana and Karen, but they're both down 30+ spots. I've been saying that I'm not quite sure what's been making them so popular and I guess now we're seeing the hype go back down. Karen's drop is more likely due to no January release, but Kana's drop is a bit more mystifying; maybe the release above doesn't look any good? At any rate, I equally wouldn't be surprised if these two (or any other IP actresses) bounced back up at any point. Like I've said many times in the past, there are a bunch of actresses who are popular enough to do well at any point, and many IP actresses fit that bill.

If there's one thing this cover does right, it's that it's very flashy. Maybe it looks weird, maybe there's no way in hell you'll stop and watch it, but I say it's at least interesting enough to spend five seconds seeing if it's worth watching. Looking at the video it's kind of an "anything goes" video. Of course, it's directed by none other than Nao Masaki because who else would come up with something like this. At any rate it's got a lot of fun and interesting content. Tons and tons of squirting, creampies, deepthroating, lesbian, strap on, pretty much everything you can think of. I can't say that I know all the actresses well, but I do quite enjoy Honoka Tsuji (on our list) and Yumika and I know the quality will be there. If you're like me and have been noticing Akari Niimura doing well lately, this is probably as good a time as any to watch your first video of hers.

PS. These screens look amazing and I just couldn't not include them.


Top Videos

Okay if you haven't heard about this then you've really been living under a rock. Ruri Saijo is a huge name from a few years back that retired in 2017. Since then we've even interviewed her and heard about a potential comeback. Well, it's finally here, Ruri's back in business. While they claim it's only for a single video, well, who really knows. She definitely made bank coming back for the one video but maybe she'll find she enjoys it and wants to come back for good. It's too difficult to really speculate on it so I won't, but I guess it's on the table. I used to be a huge Ruri fan back in the day, and I'd be excited to see another actress come back. Especially with how comeback videos like this tend to be quite bland, I always hope for more so I can see interesting content. Let's see it happen, Ruri!

Momo Sakura's video looks to be really interesting. It appears to be very similar to the famous Wanz Factory series where Momo has just a few minutes to get a guy off or give him creampie sex. The particular spin here seems to be 5 minutes of blowjob, which is really quite fast. Obviously it's all staged but it will likely still be a lot of fun. I think this style of video would go well for Momo as she'll have some opportunities to be her bubbly self during it. I also really like the creampie aspect, both in terms of giving them something extra for winning but also as it encourages others in Idea Pocket to do creampie. IP is a studio that has mixed results on actresses doing creampie: some do it regularly, some don't do it at all. If they start moving this series down a path where creampie is necessary, well, they might convince a few extra actresses to do it down the road. Especially with creampies all being fake, there's really not any downside to it. This is actually the fifth entry in the list and first creampie video so here's hoping that more go down Momo's path. I suppose they're really just trying to be able to sell a creampie unban video down the road for actresses, so if anything this just puts more emphasis on doing that. Still, we've had actresses like Karen and Kana star in it already without doing creampies, so my hopes aren't high. At any rate, this should be a fun video to watch for any Momo fans.

Karen Yuzuriha is an actress that continues to impress. Even though I wasn't initially super keen on her I've somewhat turned around on her. At the end of the day, results speak for themselves, and Karen's got results. She's at the top of the physical charts for both overall and this individual video, so clearly something's going right. Especially with this video not being one of her most recent (it's from back in the summer) I'd say she's doing quite well for herself. Being a shared exclusive between Oppai and Premium is overall serving her quite well and I'm hopeful that she'll continue to do just as well throughout the rest of the year.

Ria Yamate is a name that really excites me. She's got a fantastic body and an even nicer pair of tits (at least if these covers aren't bamboozling me). At any rate, she's only on her third release now but all of her releases are selling insanely well. Her latest is on the top physical sales, her previous two are on the top digital sales. Those kinds of numbers are pretty wild and who knows, maybe we'll see more of her on multiple lists. What's clear is that Ria is extremely popular, and she'll probably be the first that comes to mind when I review a few more of 2021's debuts later this year. I've been saying that for a while about her and everything is pretty much vindicating what I've been saying. It's still a bit early to look into them, especially for Ria who's still only on her third video, but I can hardly wait with the results she's garnering.

Right up top this month is Unapi. If you haven't been following the buzz, Unpai is a Tiktoker with nearly 4 million followers. It was huge news when S1 picked her up because of how well known she was and they've been keeping her somewhat under wraps. S1 hasn't even released a full cover for the video (hence only the half photo above), along with a host of other things making this feel a bit skeptical. I think we see fans being a little bit skeptical as well given that her standard release is only in 4th place compared to what hyped up S1 debuts would really debut at. Who really knows what will happen when the video releases at the end of the month, but I for one wouldn't be preordering it. We've seen a couple of bad debuts in the past (even for S1, looking at you Aqua) so I would be very skeptical when everything is screaming red flags.

In 9th place we have Fumi Ayakawa, a Madonna debut. What makes Fumi special is that she lactates. I don't know about you guys but lactating G cups sounds super nice to me. Of course, only time will tell how she progresses. Madonna debuts do sometimes leave quite quickly and the same is also true for lactating actresses. I'm not really one to question life choices or anything like that, but it seems to me like the idea of making a few bucks to support themselves is an attractive offer to some ladies. At the end of the day though, lactating G cups is still something I can't ignore, and I'll keep my eye one Fumi and see if she's worth watching at the end of the year when my debut posts come around.

If you've been living under a rock and not reading my other posts, well, first off, what are you doing? But secondly, you'd know that Riho's release was one of my favourite releases of the year. It's a great video in my all-time favourite series. Riho's been gaining a lot of popularity these past few months and this video is easily one of her best. It's also not a brand new video, having come out last May, but that also means the price is a bit more reasonable compared to latest releases. If you've been meaning to watch Riho then I highly recommend this one.

Eimi is someone I don't always talk about because, well, everyone already knows how popular she is. I figure the particular video she's starring in is a great opportunity to give her a bit of the spotlight. You're looking at the cover correctly but no, those aren't real. They basically have a fake scrotum and cock with a pump that allows them to show out buckets of fake cum. The video is then all sorts of gooey messes as they cover her every which way. It's one of those love it or hate it things, there's just no middle ground. Personally I am a big fan of the concept but I know many people who absolutely hate it. To each their own, though I would say that it's something uniquely Japanese that seems to mix the wacky nature of Japanese game shows with porn, as weird as that sounds, and that it's worth watching once just to see what the fuss is about. Especially starring the insanely popular Eimi, now is as good a time as ever.

With that we've got our first sales post of the year done. Be on the look out for other sales posts upcoming, including the yearly sales reports. Also be on the lookout for the final batch of 2021 debut reviews, which I'll be posting in the not too distant future. Until next time!

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Francisco 2 years ago
I'm happy Alice Kisaki is doing well. She has the appeal of a shy "girl next door" while having one of the best bodies in the business. It is a given that she would have a fanbase but I didn't expect her to show up on this chart. She is still a stiff performer but she is keeping busy and has shown noticeable improvements. She may have a higher ceiling than anyone thought, I was surprised how dialed in she was when working with Chisato.Aoi Amano has been on my radar and I was even more surprised to see her here. Her face is average, her body is average, but her personality is S tier. She was introduced as someone with eyes on being a voice actor and she really chews the scenery when she is on camera. I'd love to see her work with Ichika Matsumoto, they have similar approaches to acting and it would be fun to see the sparks fly.I rarely see people talk about Mia Nanasawa but she is one of the best performers in the business. I imagine she works fast because Moodyz doesn't do a lot of gonzo specials with her. Everything she puts out is top shelf: high production values, great acting, amazing sex, great camera work. If I was Moodyz I would beg her to enter directing or some other creative position when she announces her retirement.
ramp_it_up 2 years ago
Since her debut, I have been following Aoi Amano; she has nipples that can enlarge to the point where they are almost bigger than her breast. I tend not to follow Hon Naka debuts because they are usually one and done or become D-list actresses down the line. I believe she's done shooting for Hon Naka because her next movie looks pretty low-budget. I hope to gain more traction soon.
ZENRA 2 years ago

This is considered a superpower in some circles.

Oppaira 2 years ago

Yeah her next release is for Art Body Collection, a pretty big step. And you're right that Honnaka debuts don't tend to produce good results. Interesting that they strike out with debuts so often.

Mahina Yumeno 2 years ago
Riho has fake boobs though, why you all make her your favorite?
BlackTone 2 years ago
I think there is no chance of a real crempie if even in the US they prefer to use fake sperm for a while
drk 2 years ago
I'm happy to see Shoko doing well for herself. It seems that the 'creampie' video gave her a considerable boost to her sales. If only she was more active on social media...
ZENRA 2 years ago

I’d be more happy with seeing a movie of a JAV star making an actual creampie while having sex from behind rather than all the “creampie” releases we get now. The finale of said movie can have the actor pulling out, ripping off the rubber, and squirting into the pastry that she then eats. That way you have hardcore, bizarre, and gokkun all checked off.

drk 2 years ago
That's certainly an interesting thing to want to see..... Would the pastry be baked in-between?
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