Magic Mirror at the Beach: Giving Sensual Nude Massages to Japanese Students Boasting Tan-lines First Half

Published October 23, 2023

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Easiest task in the world: finding cute bikini-clad Japanese college students at the beach and inviting them for full body massages in our van with a view.

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Magic Mirror at the Beach: Giving Sensual Nude Massages to Japanese Students Boasting Tan-lines First Half

Timing and Translation by Patonyan

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If there's one thing true about most any Japanese beach during the summer--or at least the month of August given how breaks work--it's that you're almost guaranteed to find happy-go-lucky students in high spirits looking to and most likely currently having a great time. More so than the streets of Ikekuburo where many may have their guard up (after all, it's seemingly a hot spot for amateur-themed JAV movies), the beach is where dreams are made. Sticky, sexy ones mind you! Ones featuring cute Japanese women in tiny bikinis with tan-lines and more on full display. Now let's see how far they're willing to go to have a really good time!

The first thing that I noticed when previewing this movie is something the cover noted, but didn't note well enough: ALL THE CREAMPIES ARE REAL. Yes, like that incredible cuckolding roulette movie from the other month, this is "真正中出し" though for some reason the cover only noted it was their 'first creampies'--a phrase most would quickly skip assuming it's one of those staged movies. But upon closer inspection, each nakadashi finish is the real deal. How can I make such a bold statement? SOFT ON DEMAND, taking a page from the playbook of MOBSTERS, ensured that each and every finish would be done with zero cuts and the masseur would pull out for the first squirt before going right back in! Mosaic may be there (albeit quite thin this time around!), but rubbers are not!

MAGIC MIRROR AT THE BEACH: GIVING SENSUAL NUDE MASSAGES TO JAPANESE STUDENTS BOASTING TAN-LINES in a way is a kitchen sink update. It's huge pushing four hours, has eye candy up the yin yang, massage-focused, risky sex-oriented (guess who's standing just outside in full sight!), features aforementioned real creampies, has a decent amount of lesbian massage play ala a harder version of AOYAMA, and said female masseuse is none other than MYUU. The only thing lacking are newhalfs because otherwise, this is one of those JAV movies that really does seem to have something for everyone.

Each of the four scenes runs similar with a quick beach pickup followed by introductions in the infamous Magic Mirror truck. The massage itself begins and given that this is a JAV, goes from normal to abnormal at a smooth pace with more and more of each student's most intimate areas becoming exposed. Erotic play, lesbian play, anal play--the works!--happens before MYUU steps back for a masseur to provide extra deep tissue stimulation. That really is the only downside: each scene is pretty much identical to the others with the only real difference being the bikini-clad student. With each being young and bubbly, the only adjustments of note are body types and even there most are similar. Also, the weird green goop used in the initial massage portions is a bit odd and it may serve as a funny prop, simply giving a sensual oil massage probably would have worked better.

All in all, the minor issues with repetition and similar-looking actresses are indeed minor. Major MAJOR points must be given for a real no rubber real creampie production by such a big player. The Magic Mirror really does bring out the best in JAV. The uses of it are endless and it will be making many frequent stops at ZENRA.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 2318

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Real creampies.  Yes, really.
+Truly something for everyone.
+MYUU hosting AND massaging is about as good as it gets.
+Anal toy play and fingering.


-Essentially the same scene four times in a row.
-Green goop a bit of a weird choice.  It pays off though, but takes getting used to.

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