Hiyori Suenaga - Schoolgirl Sex Diary

Published March 30, 2022

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

Breaking the fourth wall via a Japanese shoolgirl who shares her vivid sex life with her imaginary friend.

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Hiyori Suenaga - Schoolgirl Sex Diary
Timing and Translation by Patonyan

Breaking the fourth wall can be dangerous.  I believe it's something most creative writing teachers advice against unless you really have a strong command of words (or if you're filming, the picture).  Things can get awkward fast.  Thus, there's a good reason we don't see JAV attempt it that often.  Directors, after all, aren't known for having the same production chops that mainstream ones may have (and yes, there are always exceptions!).  Going above and beyond by making a movie where the actress interacts with the camera in a way that isn't just plain old POV pseudo boyfriend material is kind of hard.

First, you need an actress who can handle the role.  Finding beautiful women to appear in JAV isn't too difficult if the money is there, but those with actual solid acting ability is a harder ask.  Then, you need actresses who can ad-lib great lines on the fly.  Holding scripts in the background in a movie where she is the only one talking is going to get tired quickly for everyone involved (not to mention it being extremely obvious through various poor editing methods that the actress is simply reading lines).  This leads us to a movie such as today's update, SCHOOLGIRL SEX DIARY, that features a cute and young actress who does a great job with the tools given to her.

This is GUTS showing yet another nice take on everyone's favorite schoolgirl theme.  Back when this was filmed, schoolgirls were the rage.  I don't know why they were so popular then compared to now where you still see JAV studios producing movies with that theme, but in much lesser numbers.  My guess is the user base is aging in line with Japan's population.  Sad, but true.  Welcome:  MILFs.

HIYORI SUENAGA is easy on the eyes.  Maybe she's not an all-out babe, but I think GUTS chose wisely in casting her for SCHOOLGIRL SEX DIARY.  I wouldn't call her a totally innocent type, but a schoolgirl with extra-salacious desires?  Sure.  One who's down with talking with an imaginary friend all about her sex life including when it's actively happening?  Absolutely.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 320

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Props to casting a capable actress who has to handle everything on her own.
+Sex is filmed nicely and can be funny given the fourth wall-breaking theme.


-Mosaic can be heavy at times.

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