Magic Mirror - Reverse Nanpa Harem at the Beach First Half

Published July 8, 2024

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Four super cute JAV stars wearing the tiniest of bikinis treat lucky fans to the time of their lives in a special beach edition of Magic Mirror naughtiness.

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Timing and Translation by Patonyan

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After an almost uncountable number of MAGIC MIRROR movies, we finally--FINALLY--get one that whole-heartedly and unabashedly takes the fourth wall and smashes it to little tiny bits. Sure, there was one from the other year featuring a super cute AI MINANO where her scene kinda-sorta broke it (she played a girlfriend who turned out to sometimes watch JAV and knew from the get-go that she was in no ordinary studio--oops!). Otherwise, it's been great movie after great movie of zany encounters with amateurs that somehow seem to always end in wild and messy sex. Today's update is almost no different in that regard.

But the same it is not! The location and casting have turned today and Friday's juicy double update into a different beast.

As the name implies, MAGIC MIRROR REVERSE NANPA HAREM AT THE BEACH is not about amateur women (and sometimes with boyfriends in tow), but amorous JAV stars--four in this release--who journey to somewhere not too far from Tokyo when the weather is perfect for bikinis to give a handful of fans the time of their lives. SADISTIC VILLLAGE keeps on surprising and sometimes moves so far from their OG namesake you wonder if it would make more sense to make a spin-off label for their more playful affairs like this one because the only sadistic thing about is just how lucky those guys are compared to the sad saps like us whose only option is to watch it at home well after the fact.

The casting is fantastic and I must salute the studio by picking out four Japanese women all with unique bodies with little overlap. We've ZENRA newcomers YURIKA AOI (170+ cm!) and RIANA YUZUKI nailing the slightly older and amorous side, RUKA AISE who returns again to the same studio no longer a sexy dancer and now just a sexy and mostly naked actress, and lastly the uber-cute KOTONE TOA. KOTONE TOA, while preparing this movie, made me realize she is probably the perfect example of a JAV star who would see little success in most any other market. She totally nails the Sarah, Plain and Tall (but not tall) student every Japanese person has had in their class.

The plot? Is there one? Unlike all the other MAGIC MIRROR movies we've shown that do center around something be it female employees playing trivia games at an Izakaya or sexual massages while boyfriends wait outside, we got almost nothing here...and that's fine! MAGIC MIRROR REVERSE NANPA HAREM AT THE BEACH is a break from reality and a break from the standard fare of this series. This is almost three hours of non-stop sexy fan service with said sexy fun starting from the get-go and running till the very end. No games, no quizzes, no challenges, just hot JAV stars in bikinis that are soon dropped for a blessedly lopsided orgy.

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Nonstop four-on-one (and sometimes two) orgy footage.

+Playful eye candy sexy fun at the beach till the end.

+Excellent casting with very varied body types.


-Pretty much lacks a plot, but as noted in the review, that should get a pass.

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