JAV Dramas: One More Layer of Eroticism

Published : April 14th, 2021 Written by vienna

Have you ever watched a drama? I generally never watch television and in fact have completely stalled on consuming digital content exclusively, which I find much more convenient and accessible. Still, there's something particularly magical about watching a certain television series, episode by episode, in front of the small screen with a loved one or friend. In particular, the type of series that keeps you most glued to the screen are dramas. Korean dramas, Japanese dramas, Asian dramas in general, Turkish dramas, American or European dramas, and so on.  There are plenty of them, series of all kinds, and their overwhelming variety undoubtedly certifies their success. It's a really interesting phenomenon, in my opinion, and one that has - not even too recently - been linked to the vast world of Japanese porn.

Drama is a product that tries in every way to create some kind of addiction, it pushes the viewer to keep following the series to find out what will happen to the characters, how the plot will evolve, what the ending will be. For heaven's sake, I do not want to dwell on why dramas are successful, but how is it possible that a product of this type has also had a foothold in the pornographic universe? In my articles, I talk all the time about the importance, at least to me, of settings in JAVs. Context is key to amplifying and emphasizing the erotic depth of a film or series. That is why we have thousands of hentai and JAVs in home settings, in offices, on beaches, and so on: they are precise contexts, in which the generic John Doe guy can immerse himself, creating a very powerful layer of abstraction in which fantasy sometimes exceeds what is actually happening in the movie.

I think it is pretty obvious to everyone why dramas, even porn dramas, are so successful. They simply add an extra layer of eroticism, which is certainly much appreciated by all viewers looking for just that in a porn. With that in mind, I want to share with you five of the most recent dramas I've seen. They are all JAV dramas released recently by very prominent studios, and I absolutely recommend watching each one. Let's take a look!


Tsumugi Akari  −  "College Girl's Breaking-In Internship"

Movie RBD-917
Studio Attackers
Cast Tsumugi Akari
Release Date Dec. 29, 2018

Check out the trailer of the movie here:


You just graduated from college. You got top marks, moved to a big city like Tokyo, and now all you have to do is find stable employment to start your adult life. And you've succeeded! You've found a job in an office like many others, where you perform boring and repetitive tasks, but-- something's off. The tasks are not so repetitive, and indeed the most extravagant ones (not to say embarrassing) are entrusted to the newcomer, Tsumugi Akari. The beautiful Akari has certainly passed the interview but no one has told her about the company's initiation ritual. You already know what's coming, and you also know that you’re going to enjoy every last second of it. I mean, the ‘office JAV with some effortless acting here and there’ is nowhere now; to be honest, it is in fact abused by almost every major studio – it’s just something that works. It’s engaging, it’s erotic, and the setting itself makes possible a lot of sex scenes that would otherwise feel artificial.

The main actress, Tsumugi Akari, in this very recent movie, gives one of her best performances in the acting field. The office setting and the idea of the college girl who just graduated from college suits her very well. Her perfect body fits consistently with the context and the storytelling is worthy of a commercial drama, thanks also to the very high production quality of studio Attackers. This film is probably the best JAV drama I've watched recently. It has it all: a top-featured actress, a not particularly original but highly entertaining narrative, and more than satisfying sex scenes. You should definitely give this movie a shot!





Mai Kohinata, Nagi Miyoshi −  "My Boss By Day, My Lesbian Fuck Toy By Night! Masochism Awakened At Work..."

Movie BBAN-301
Studio bibian
Cast Mai Kohinata , Nagi Miyoshi
Release Date Nov. 06, 2020

Check out the trailer of the movie here:



This movie definitely did not make me question my sexuality; instead, it became one of my all-time favorites. I just figured out, mainly thanks to this movie, that I love – and I really mean love – lesbian movies. Just like the last entry, this one, produced by studio bibian, is set in an office as well, and features two top-notch actresses, namely Mai Kohinata and Nagi Miyoshi.

Embarrassment and shame are this movie’s main focus on sex scenes, which also includes heavy use of sex toys and strap-on. To be fair, I found the sex scenes overall very hot and erotic, not really because of the setting itself, but because of the actresses. I loved Mai Kohinata and Nagi Miyoshi’s performances and acting, and I found it to be very appealing and adapt to the context of the movie. They actually perform as they were indeed worker and boss in a secret, forbidden relationship, even where third male parties are around, who would very well join the pack. The ‘drama’ aspect of this movie is definitely the coercion of the innocent, defenseless intern by her ruthless, sexy boss, who always moves around the office topless and with black stockings. The boss grabs the internet by the hair, forces her to come into her office, and then… you know. You should seriously consider watching this movie. It’s undoubtedly one of the best of his kind, and it’s also a pretty recent release. I advise you to check it out!




Hikari Ninomiya  −  "I Know My Husband's Cheating, So I Fuck My Boss All I Want - And It Feels So Good I Can't Stop. Hikari Ninomiya"

Movie ADN-295
Studio Attackers
Cast Hikari Ninomiya
Release Date Feb. 06, 2021

Check out the trailer of the movie here:


Another yet office JAV, another yet JAV drama, another yet Attacker’s movie. You are right: office and drama are way too related, as we already said. But this one at least tries (somewhat succeeding) to spice things up a little. We have both a domestic setting and an office setting, and the movie’s plot is intertwined between both. Hikari Ninomiya, a name that I didn’t watch many movies of, really surprised me here, and her performance stuck in my mind and some days after I saw the movie. Also, while we usually see a ‘cheating wife’ kind of plot, the cast usually never leaves the house, if you know what I mean – instead, here, it movies entirely to another location, introducing new characters as well, therefore remaining interesting to the very endThe sex was great, although not particularly memorable. I found the whole adultery thing really erotic, and Hikari Ninomiya managed to over perform more than once, which definitely led to watch more about her. I also have to admit that the male actor was great and had a very positive impact during the sex scenes.

Still, I feel that this movie is THE ‘drama’ movie. We have adultery, we have a wife cheating on her husband with his boss – all the good jazz. Overall, a solid movie that I would recommend to both die-hard aficionados and newcomers to the JAV world as a whole.




Yuna Ogura −  "No Call No Show College Girl Fuck, Yuna Kokura, A Girl With Qualifications To Be A Female Anchor Creampied By Loser At Pub"

Movie STARS-248
Studio SOD Create
Cast Yuna Ogura
Release Date Aug. 04, 2020

Check out the trailer of the movie here:


This movie is… cute. Like, really cute. I think it is because of the main actress, Yuna Ogura, whose face could only bring joy and wonder to my little heart. She is just so pretty that anything related to her could make a man’s heart melt. In fact, she plays a role that suits her character and appearance very well: a newcomer to the city, a fresh college graduate who is just hanging out with her group in a cozy and comfy Japanese bar in a big city. There she is, just having a good time with her loving ones when she suddenly gets up, goes to the bathroom and someone, maybe a stepbrother, a far-related cousin, or something like that, follows her. They both enter the extremely small bathroom together and BANG! She’s isn’t there just to have dinner with them, she’s there to fuck her relatives! Amazing!

You know, usually in a drama you would have a setting that actually implies that relatives already fuck themselves and have sex ordinarly, but this time it’s the complete opposite. It’s like they didn’t plan this, it’s like it just happened, which brings this movie on a whole new plane of eroticism. It’s so unexpected because no one would imagine something like this from such a cute and little girl, which rides like a cowgirl and almost smashes that bathroom into pieces, as you can see in the images above and below. It’s just a really good movie, with amazing sex and the main actress is perfect for this role. One of my favorite recent watches indeed. Absolutely give it a look!




Saeko Matsushita −  "A Helpless Married Woman"

Movie ADN-187
Studio Attackers
Cast Saeko Matsushita
Release Date Oct. 06, 2018

Check out the trailer of the movie here:


We are going to close this personal selection of JAV drama movies with a fairly expected cliché entry: a movie about a big titties housewife who longs and strives for her husband’s cock. This movie is the exact opposite of the third entry of this list, which instead regarded a cheating housewife in a somewhat toxic environment. This movie is super wholesome and talks about the genuine love of a long-lasting married couple who has regular sex every now and then. Even though this movie is nothing exceptional, it perfectly fits what we are talking about today: dramas. We have cliffhangers, Saeko Matsushita’s boobies (which are clearly the protagonists of the film) and well-rounded performance, and a domestic setting which sure does appeal to many viewers.

I would suggest this movie to someone who isn’t really used to JAV dramas. I think it’s a perfect fit for what a good JAV drama should strive to be: happy, lovely and passionate. In the end, when the sex seems genuine, it can only benefit the movie. Another great entry from studio Attackers, that never lets us off. Watch this movie and let me know what you think about it.



That's all for today, folks! Hope y'all stay safe and have a great day, and I will see you soon!



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Oppai is overrated 3 years ago
You should look into 3 director's work that i like :- Asagiri Jou (Master of Vanilla Drama)- Oota Migiwa (Really fun film, but it is hit and miss, STARS-147 is something i would recommended)- Easy Matsumoto (This is the one that come up with STARS-248, he made SDMF series too)And there is one drama, that IS CINEMATIC but the director seems to never made any work anymore. MMFL-001. Ai Mukai Sex on the projection is really creative.
1 0
vienna 3 years ago

Interesting recommendations, I will definitely look into them!

0 0
Johnny_Fontane 3 years ago
I'm in the process of translating the subtitles for ADN-187 and I feel that "careless " rather than "helpless" fits the main character better. It is Saeko's carelessness that triggers the chain of events that drives the movie's plot. Nevertheless, "helpless" in the title sounds better and more dramatic :)
2 0
vienna 3 years ago

Good point, I agree :)

1 0
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