Miho - My Nurse Infatuation

Published November 1, 2017

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

Miho-chan is a real life nurse in Japan and with a busy schedule and no boyfriend decides to do JAV in this unique title by GUTS.

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Miho - My Nurse Infatuation
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I'm going to be making an extremely out there comparison regarding the last scene in today's update to a movie from the late 70's.  I apologize now for the amount of eyebrows I may cause to raise.

Welcome back again to another of those 'amateur woman does professional JAV before vanishing back into the masses of Tokyo' releases by GUTS.  The format of MIHO - MY NURSE INFATUATION is tried and true.  We've shown many titles that follow the same general layout, but today's update does have a few unique things going for it beyond the FACT that the actress is drop-dead gorgeous.

A question many may be wondering is if MIHO actually is a nurse.  Obviously she doesn't provide actual working credentials, but by the end, I was convinced.  There are things in her story that become fleshed out in the final scene that I don't think someone 'winging it' could make up.  Then again, in my adult life I've never been admitted to a hospital (knock on wood) so my view of nurses is more fleeting than anything else.

Being an older title--yes, this is a true blue 'Classic JAV' release from the mid-2000's--extra risks were taken that you'd never see attempted today.  The first scene, for example, featured an interview with MIHO eating a late breakfast.  That in itself is still Kosher and you should still be able to do that at least in this modern heated climate, but the very public handjob that came right after is a different story altogether.

Yes, MIHO really did give an actor a very public handjob in a crowded restaurant!  We've shown heavy public nudity movies that only sometimes enter this territory of salacious outdoor exposure.  I'm surprised she was down for it, but when presented with the suggestion, she went right at it.

The overall format of MY NURSE INFATUATION doesn't bring too much new to the table.  There's that public handjob interview, two sex scenes acting as bookends for some more unusual play in the middle, and of course the predictable, but heartwarming 'sending MIHO back into Tokyo at the nearest station finale'.  However, that last sex scene was very, very unique.

If you've ever seen Apocalypse Now Redux, you may recall one of the 'new' scenes where the Willard and his crew stumble upon the Playmates up in the river during a pretty bad rainstorm.  You may recall one of them having his way with one of the Playmates I think in the cockpit of a helicopter and while he was kissing and fondling her and more, she kept on lamenting about all the negative things in her life.  He kept on grunting to pretend he actually gave a hoot about her life story while continuing to get her and himself naked.  Well, the final sex scene in MY NURSE INFATUATION is *almost* a low-budget Japanese AV recreation of this.

The actor remains nearly mute with only a few light comments while MIHO talks aplenty about the trials and tribulations of being a nurse.  Yes, the hours suck, the doctors see themselves as deities, the patients get lonely and often sexually harass nurses, etc.  All the while, the actor (who gets massive props for needing to cum 3 times (!) in this release) continues to strip her, lick her, and eventually put it back in for another go-around.

If that last sex scene was a bit more standard fare--if instead of talking, MIHO just remained nearly mute like the actor, it would probably be somewhat forgettable.  However, that little insight into her busy life while she was being physically pleasured was really unique to watch and surprisingly enjoyable to subtitle.  I hope you all find some pleasure in watching it as it's worth a peek.

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