First Time Lesbians Secret Hot Springs Vacation Returns 11

Published July 22, 2022

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Can we call this the extra big butt edition? Real friends coming out at a picturesque onsen resort.

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First Time Lesbians Secret Hot Springs Vacation Returns 11
Timing and Translation by Patonyan

To get things going, if you like Japanese lesbians with big butts and like seeing them in a movie that is as realistic as its gets, then look no further.  You have found it!  What's hinted at in the screenshots is on full display in the trailer:  actresses/friends (your pick) who may not have gigantic chests, but make it up and then some below the waist.  You can almost consider both RIE and YUKA (pseudonyms of course) to have classic Japanese bodies (well, sans pubic hair of course because that's a trend now).

What we get in FIRST TIME LESBIANS SECRET HOT SPRINGS VACATION RETURNS 11 is nothing new.  If there's one thing this GOGOS series can claim and still sell like hot cakes is that there's nothing new under the Japanese lesbian sun.  Same themes, same places, same kind of play, same food.  But still, with a revolving cast we do get new mysterious to unveil.  Friends, yes, but how exactly do we get from a bubbly meeting in the train station to eating out each other's massive derrieres?  There's a method to their madness and we're granted the ability to witness it over 120 minutes of surprisingly solid self-shot material.

For a series we've shown almost a dozen movies for (and more if we count the proto series running I believe 16 encounters!), there isn't too much I can note of interest in these reviews.  By now, you should know what to expect.  The formula is solidified.  GOGOS has seen the light and pretty much every month they have been releasing another as in spite of previous information I heard from them, it does seem like it's becoming easier to find JAV stars willing to perform in girl-girl features.  Perhaps the 'ban' is not what it used to be?  Reality is at fever pitch.  This is a slow burn in spite of the trailer starting right away with action.  Have patience and glory will be unveiled to you thanks to two adventurous friends who soon become way more than that.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1175

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+VERY cute actresses with big butts.
+Self-shot, but done right.
+Highly realistic journey of coming out.


-Still only SD (one more left like this before the series switches to HD!).