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Published : October 11th, 2023 Written by Syndrome


Tsubomi is one of those big names that almost everyone seems to know because of either their popularity or long existence in the JAV industry. Much like Hitomi Tanaka and Julia, tons of people are familiar with Tsubomi, and while I've seen a few of her movies here and there, I'm going to dedicate my time to observing and understanding more about her. I will start from her very first JAV back in 2006 and work forward to 2022 (which is when she retired), examining her various movies along the way, and criticize them whilst analyzing how Tsubomi grew throughout her adult video career.

1. New Face x Barely Censored: Tsubomi

Video         ONED-415

Cast         Tsubomi

Duration      118 minutes

Studio         S1 NO.1 STYLE

Genre         Small Breasts, Onanism, Oral, Facial, Debut.

Release Date  2006-04-19

Tsubomi's first JAV from 2006 had the girl introducing herself before quickly getting straight to stripping nude and playing with herself. We get to see Tsubomi in all sorts of cute casual outfits, and the camera zooms in close to her bosom and butt when she is nude. Tsubomi seems a bit stiff and also gives some rather slow-paced oral, and overall seems a bit emotionless.

The movie doesn't have anything too extreme or fetishy, though Tsubomi does have some slightly fast-paced sex in one of the scenes. She takes a facial in one scene, but other than that, if JAV watchers observed this today, they likely wouldn't think this girl would become as popular as she did.

Her first movie is rather standard and nothing too spectacular, but perhaps her later works will disclose why she became so coveted?

2. Maison de Foudre Tsubomi

Video         SAK-8433

Cast         Tsubomi

Duration      74 minutes

Studio         Kasakurashuppan Sha

Genre         Small Breasts, Oral, Facial, Bunny Girl, Hadaka Apron, Nurses, Feet.

Release Date  2007-04-20

Not long after the release of her debut JAV and Tsubomi has already explored some classic fetishes, making use of the hadaka apron and nurse outfit in this luscious film. Tsubomi's "loving husband" is unable to contain himself as he watches her perform her wifely duties. The man also makes use of the fresh vegetables that Tsubomi just prepared, with such vegetable insertion being an easy way of making the JAV more memorable.

With the nurse outfit, Tsubomi cleverly uses the stethoscope in a lewd way, and the movie even has a more hardcore segment. Though there is a lot to praise, the bunny girl on the cover of the movie is deceptive, as there is no actual sex scene with the outfit. On top of that, the movie is really short at 74 minutes. However, I believe this is an effective demonstration of Tsubomi being able to do a lot with such a short amount of time.

3. Story of a Priestess / Tsubomi

Video         T28-232

Cast         Tsubomi

Duration      121 minutes

Studio         TMA

Genre         Small Breasts, Oral, Facial, Miko, Onanism.

Release Date  2011-04-22

Some nice miko (shrine maiden) play is present in this JAV as Tsubomi demonstrates her efforts towards being a generous miko. The movie even includes an actual shrine as Tsubomi can be seen diligently sweeping. Things start off with some "cleaning" as Tsubomi then provides oral service.

Later there is a sex scene that makes use of some stairs, serving as an interesting visual. This combined with the bondage action, the movie indicates that Tsubomi is open to various kinds of fetishes, and those in charge of editing are willing to work with some different ideas to see what works and what doesn't. I'd say Tsubomi's role as a miko was pretty erotic, so things turned out rather well, in my opinion.

4. Beautiful And Cute, Yet Greedy Lesbians Reira Aisaki x Tsubomi

Video         ANND-085

Cast         Hara Chihiro, Tsubomi

Duration      118 minutes

Studio         Anna To Hanako

Genre         Small Breasts, Oral, Onanism, Lesbian, Pet, Feet.

Release Date  2011-05-19

Tsubomi has given sex with other women a try in this lusty JAV. All sorts of feminine acts are visible in the movie, such as toe-sucking, finger-sucking, rubbing, and other content. The girls do some pet-play, and also make use of strap-ons, hopefully compensating for the lack of penis. The JAV will resonate well with yuri enthusiasts, and will at least fulfill the desires of fans by showing what a Tsubomi yuri JAV would be like.

5. Naughty Little Creampie Cheerleaders (Tsubomi)

Video         BF-260

Cast         Tsubomi

Duration      178 minutes

Studio         Befree

Genre         Small Breasts, Oral, Onanism, Cheerleaders, Gangbang, Creampie, Handjob.

Release Date  2013-08-07

Tsubomi realizes the power of fetishes as a lot of her JAVs are fetish themed, such as this one that has her in the attire of a cute cheerleader. She wears several different cheerleader outfits, which should help watchers from growing bored, and the girl performs all sorts of erotic favors during the sex scenes. She also gets involved in gangbangs with multiple men.

Oddly enough, there is one sex scene with Tsubomi not wearing a cheerleader outfit, but a sweater instead. Aside from that, I was a bit disappointed that the sex scenes didn't make use of any actual cheering or choreography, as it would have made the scenes more kinky and humorous. That being said, I think Tsubomi is becoming more accustomed to working in JAV, as she looks more comfortable performing erotic acts.

6. If You Can Handle Tsubomi’s Weird Sex Techniques, You Get To Have Creampie Sex With Her!

Video         WANZ-192

Cast         Tsubomi

Duration      162 minutes

Studio         WANZ FACTORY

Genre         Small Breasts, Oral, Onanism, Creampie, Handjob.

Release Date  2014-06-01

A lewd challenge serves as the main theme of this JAV as multiple men compete to resist Tsubomi's sex techniques for the opportunity to creampie her. While the title describes them as "weird", Tsubomi's pleasuring techniques seem rather standard as she mostly uses her hand and mouth.

Naturally, there are some men who win the challenge, and an intercourse scene then follows. Most of the lewd scenes take place in a secretive bus, so the atmosphere lacks a bit in that regard, but the premise of the JAV is enticing and unique. Such weird concepts are perfect for erotica, as sex by nature is comical and strange. The movie indicates that Tsubomi is willing to take part in more strange concepts for the sake of experimentation.

7. Magical Girl Tsubomi Falls Into a Dirty Trap

Video         WANZ-290

Cast         Tsubomi

Duration      117 minutes

Studio         WANZ FACTORY

Genre         Small Breasts, Oral, Onanism, Gangbang, Creampie, Cosplay, Magical Girl, Handjob.

Release Date  2015-02-01

A parody of magical girl shows is also amongst Tsubomi's extensive history of JAV, and this one has plenty of villains succeeding against the heroine. Tsubomi is offered the chance to become a magical girl via a mysterious tool, and she uses this opportunity to fight evildoers.

Her outfit is naturally incredibly skimpy, and the woman's "skills" at being a magical girl aren't exactly the greatest, which leads to a rather predictable outcome as both "friend" and foe all want a piece of the girl. The movie is a classic parody of the well-known magical girl genre and will be loved by otaku, and it shows that Tsubomi is also willing to cater to otaku and dabble in more hardcore fetishes, with such variety ensuring that more and more different types of watchers will check out her content.

8. Throat Clit: She Cums 106 Times While Being Deep Throat Face Fucked Tsubomi

Video         MIDE-356

Cast         Tsubomi

Duration      150 minutes

Studio         MOODYZ

Genre         Small Breasts, Oral, Creampie, Deep Throat, Orgy, Handjob.

Release Date  2016-09-13

Tsubomi has a chance to flex her sexual skills as this movie has her performing challenging deep throat service. While a lot of Tsubomi's movies that I've already covered mostly focus on fetishes, this is the first one I've covered that specifically caters to her sexual abilities, as deep-throating is indeed a difficult task.

The movie is rife with oral action, gross noises, and a profuse amount of fluids. The JAV will not be preferred by everyone, and it will surely be top quality for deep throat enthusiasts. Tsubomi's talents at deep throat are also made clear, and are an indication of the woman leveling up her skills.

9. Tsubomi Puts On A Reverse Bunny Outfit For A Full Course Of Whore To Get Off Like Crazy. Non-stop Sloppy Creampie Cum Loads!

Video         WAAA-165

Cast         Tsubomi

Duration      145 minutes

Studio         WANZ FACTORY

Genre         Small Breasts, Oral, Onanism, Creampie, Orgy, Bunny Girl, Bathing, Seifuku.

Release Date  2022-05-03

Tsubomi dons a reverse bunny girl outfit for this particular movie, a ludicrous idea that just oozes sexiness and will surely leave her fans with positive opinions. The woman is determined to service male customers in this JAV, even going so far as to help bathe them (with sex happening in the bathroom too, obviously).

While the reverse bunny suit isn't present in all scenes, it exists for a majority of the sex scenes. Performing all sorts of favors, Tsubomi even eats out the man's ass. Tsubomi's willingness to be lewd has not changed at all this far into her career, and her loyal watchers are no doubt proud.

10. AV Retirement. Tsubomi Stays Tsubomi... Last Sex

Video         MIDV-201

Cast         Tsubomi

Duration      150 minutes

Studio         Moodyz

Genre         Small Breasts, Oral, Onanism, Creampie, Orgy, Seifuku, Facial, Bunny Girl,

Release Date  2022-09-20

Tsubomi's final JAV before she "graduated" is sadly rather standard fair without many actual fetishes, which is a bit disappointing considering all the JAV covered so far. The movie starts with a brief talking segment discussing Tsubomi's retirement, and then the first sex scene is her with a single male actor. While Tsubomi performs the usual favors and takes facials, the JAV is rather uneventful.

The woman puts on a bunny girl suit and has an orgy with two other male actors for one scene, and for the final one, Tsubomi has sex on a bed laden with petals. While a pleasant visual, the sex isn't really too striking or out of the ordinary, though, considering all the past movies and their fetish focus, perhaps something more normal is a good change of pace for Tsubomi's parting movie.


Tsubomi, much like other renowned AV actresses, has been in the industry of JAV for a very long time. Because of this, it's allowed her various opportunities to take part in JAV of all sorts, ones that cater to certain fetishes or ideas, and ones that experiment and try new concepts to see what works amongst watchers. Tsubomi's charm is fondly remembered by those who have ogled her movies throughout the years, and while many were probably saddened by her retirement, hopefully there will be more actresses in the future that take inspiration from her.

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