Real Life Wife Swapping 3 - Passions of Husbands

Published November 1, 2021

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With swapping comes responsibility, but before that: desire. Real married couples, real swapping. Their first time with it all being filmed.

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Real Life Wife Swapping 3 - Passions of Husbands
Timing and Translation by ZENRA
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For some, the act of cheating is unforgivable.  For the same group, you can almost consider them somewhat hypocritical because if you're pleasuring yourself while thinking about someone (or someones!) that aren't your spouse/significant other, couldn't that also considered an act of infidelity?  We've touched on wives being unfaithful too many times to count (and rest easy, as we'll NEVER be retiring that theme!), but how often do we have movies featuring an unfaithful married Japanese woman not only cheating, but doing it with her husband's blessing?  Sure, we've shown cuckolding before and certainly plan on making that a more regular feature as time goes by, but actual married couple swapping is a theme to my knowledge we've only had the pleasure of updating with twice.  It was two years ago when we showed the first in this series and a year after that, the second.  We're back now a little late, but holy cow did GOGOS deliver with this one.  REAL LIFE SWAPPING 3, to put it succinctly, is epic.

Compared to the significantly shorter run-times of the previous two entries, we receive something gargantuan.  Three separate releases spanning three updates.  Each with its own theme and each deserving many repeated viewings.  Allow me to explain the difference before we dive deeper into this review:

PASSIONS OF HUSBANDS:  While this was released the same day as the other part (see below), this should be watched first.  As the name implies, before any of the play actually begins, we're treated to a heavy interview focus with the husbands and why they're so eager to engage in swapping.  The interviews are broken up into instances where they're with their spouses, on their own, and also with the other husband.  In this release, the initial separate rooms sex scenes (mind you, they're right next to each other with the tiniest of doors separating them) are split so we get the younger husband with the older wife.  The orgy/swapping is shot from master director Karaki's viewpoint.  He may not have an ideal body, but he is a master of speaking and really knows how to keep things interesting.

CONFLICTS OF WIVES As the name implies, the tables are turned.  Originally, this release runs a bit longer than PASSIONS, but since the group interview footage is identical, we cut it from this version (we're not going to re-subtitle something we just already did).  Here, we get those one-on-one interviews with the wives on how they truly feel about going into this.  They do indeed know they're being filmed and from what we see, deep down both prefer healthy sex lives and until now due to various issues, have not been getting it.  This time we get that long-awaited younger wife with older man sex scene and orgy footage shot from the other director's point of view.  Unlike Karaki, he's quieter and doesn't get in on the action (we'll get to that shortly).

SECRET LESBIAN AFTER-PARTY AND THE NIGHT BEFORE:  Originally ONLY sold on GOGOS's official site, we received contractual permission to also offer this on ZENRA for foreign audiences.  This is the bonus material we've all been waiting for!  Lesbian play with the wives via 'helper' MILF actress RIEKO HIRAOKA.  You only live once, right?  On top of that, we get special fixed camera footage of both couples having sex the night before they engage in their first swapping experiences.


Unlike the first two REAL LIFE WIFE SWAPPING movies, this one thankfully is shot in FHD.  My biggest issue with those two was the sub-par picture quality.  Now we get great picture, great sound, and as noted above, an extra woman!  To help provide the wives with emotional support, GOGOS was smart enough to invite an established actress in their age range.  RIEKO HIRAOKA did a fantastic job here and made me a fan.  She's pretty, has a great body in spite of pushing 5-0, and is not just a pretty face and a shoulder to rest one's head on.  You see, during the orgy she strips naked and gets totally involved in the action too!  From lesbian play then to full-on sex while everyone watches, there's times when this movie feels less like two married couples swapping and more of an all-out orgy.  It's hard to say if that's a bad thing or not.  Remember, aside from RIEKO, these really are amateurs who don't know how to best present themselves when being filmed.  There are certain ways you need to position your body so the camera can get it all (think resting your head to the side when eating out a woman rather than doing it straight on).

Pushing five hours with some incredibly rich and heavy dialog, making REAL LIFE WIFE SWAPPING 3 an English-subtitled reality was no easy talk.  However, we know that be it swapping or cuckolding, you all want to see more and since GOGOS regularly shoots the latter (sorry, so far what we're showing today is the most recent swapping movie they shot), we'll be sure to focus on it the next time we license their works.  Some may want to skip to the action and I suggest having some patience.  Sure, the first HOUR of CONFLICTS OF HUSBANDS is pure dialog, but it's great dialog and really helps flesh out what's going on.  I suggest you keep your pants on and watch it all before moving on to the action.  This is a rare movie that isn't perfect, but still is one most anyone should see.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1330

4 Files 4.65GB


Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Amazing theme with near perfect casting (real married couples?!).
+Addition of RIEKO HIRAOKA for emotional and lesbian sex support.
+Heavy dialog, but Director Karaki has a way with words.  Don't skip it!
+Both wives have gigantic breasts.  Way, WAY beyond average.


-Older wife is a mumbler.  I can't fault anyone for looks, but for speech?  Game on.
-Orgy footage in PASSIONS sometimes has a B-side feel to it.
-Too much focus later in orgy on Director Karaki having sex rather than the cheating couples.
-Both wives are somewhat dead fishes when it comes to positions.  RIEKO picks up the slack.

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