Sexual Lesbian Massage Clinic 21 First Half

Published June 17, 2024

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All curious, all aroused, all hairy, and eager to try out their first ever lesbian massage clinic in this fantastic series perfect for Aoyama fans.

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Timing and Translation by ZENRA

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We have some good news we'll commence this review with: while AOYAMA may be concluded with Y.S. off to greener pastures, our partnership with PETERS has given us access to a ton of lesbian massage content that is quite similar. Mildly bad news: as of late they have not produced as much of it but from the early 2010's for quite a few years a surprisingly high output of their monthly releases was dedicated to lesbian massage content. So much in fact, U&K was probably eying them down as a legit rival!

Today we begin the first of many PETERS lesbian massage updates with their 21st iteration in the SEXUAL LESBIAN MASSAGE CLINIC series. The two biggest questions fans of lesbian massage JAV movies will be answered now: we are starting with number 21 because this is the first one shot in FHD and it's not as 'serious' as Aoyama is with the fourth wall almost always staying intact, but it's not exactly the crazy 'lez-fest' we saw in their more modern massage releases. In fact, as a big fan of AOYAMA, what we get here is probably better than their more recent output of similar themes because it's still slightly grounded in reality.

Yes, reality! From start to finish each of the five scenes that make up the 200+ minute SEXUAL LESBIAN MASSAGE CLINIC 21 double update still maintain some semblance of it. Sure, unlike AOYAMA (aside from a few special editions), the therapist always ends up naked and making love with the client, but toys thankfully are absent. That may annoy some, but for someone's first lesbian massage, suddenly being pegged by a strap-on may be overkill (and of course if you do enjoy that, don't worry as we have movies like that also from PETERS on the way!). Another plus in this series's court compared to AOYAMA is along with being in FHD avoids having each scene play out in identical ways. If AOYAMA is said to have any flaws, it may be that each encounter was essentially identical in terms of how the massage plays out. Here, sure the beginning and and end are unchanged, but the journey has various twists and turns unique to each scene.

AYAKA KANOU as the therapist in scenes one, three, and five has the best masseuse chops. She's almost Y.S. level good in terms of skill and being able to make engaging dialog while showing said skill off (harder than one thinks!). ERIKA KITAGAWA joins us for the other two scenes and while does a swell job and sports a truly dynamite body, falls a bit short with her actual masseuse skills.

Being a review centered around points, both positive and negative, allow me to close this one out with two more positive ones: all clients are incredibly hairy and the mosaic is insanely thin. Lesbian massage movies when done right are fantastic and fortunately, this series delivers.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 968

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+An all around great lesbian massage movie.

+Super thin mosaic + hairy clients = win.

+Ayaka Kanou almost as good as Y.S.


-ERIKA KITAGAWA not as good as a masseuse as AYAKA KANOU.

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