First Impressions - Haru Minato

Published : January 29th, 2024 Written by Panking

Haru Minato had been on my radar for quite a while now but I've been biding my time until she had a decent amount of releases to check out all at once. I've been hearing good things about her so I wanted to see if she's worth the praise. She's only recently debuted back in September but has already garnered a fair bit of buzz thanks to her fantastic figure and top-tier rack. Is she the next Rara Anzai or just another flop? Let's find out!


Rookie NO.1STYLE. Height 175cm, Bust 108cm. A Japanese K-cup That Defies Conventions – Rookie gravure idol

What better film to start with than her debut? And let me just say that's one hell of a cover. It doesn't get anymore eye-catching than that. Plot wise ya'll know what to expect from this one. It's just your typical by-the-books debut-style film complete with an interview to start before she undresses and shows off her body leading into several vanilla sex scenes. It's nothing groundbreaking but it serves its purpose well enough giving you a great glimpse of her potential. Now action wise it's a little light but still enjoyable consisting of two sex scenes, a paizuri scene, a rather dull masturbation/toying scene, and the initial interview scene at the beginning. For what it's worth the sex scenes are great and do a wonderful job of showcasing her stunning figure and magnificent chest.

The tittyfuck scene isn't too bad either but overall I can't deny that the pacing is quite bloated with its three-hour runtime that is dragged by the lengthy interview scene, toying scene, and just slow starts to a couple of scenes. Now I will say the production values are pretty sharp as always with S1 films. I especially like the lighting in the 2nd sex scene with the way the light reflects off her oiled-up body. The camerawork and hair/makeup are on point too for the most part. Finally regarding her performance, I can't say much really. It's her 1st film so it's hard to glean anything here. She seems to have some personality at least and shows a bit of emotion so that's a start at least. All in all, a fine first impression that is sure to whet the appetite of any big titty lover.

Overall Rating - 8.2/10


Super Heavyweight K-cup Rookie Gravure Idol Tremendous Orgasms! First-time Climax In 3 Performances

Following up on her debut film we have another traditional vanilla film. The first batch of films from a new S1 debut always follows the same safe formula for the first couple of releases and that is certainly true here with Haru. The setup is extremely vanilla only loosely focused on orgasms and stimulation. It's essentially a nonfactor besides being a central focus in the toying scene where she squirts a little bit. The main reason you're here is to see Haru's huge titties and stunning body which this film definitely delivers. The eyecandy factor is through the roof here and the brilliant production values bolster that aspect in a great way thanks to the top-notch lighting and solid camerawork. When it comes to the action, it fares considerably better than her first film.

It consists of three sex scenes with one being a threesome, a paizuri scene, and yet another toying scene that is mildly enjoyable thanks to a bit of squirting and Haru looking absolutely amazing. Still a pretty skippable scene though for the most part. The pacing is overall improved although I could do without the excessive stimulation setup. But the sex itself is fantastic and Haru's personality is starting to break through at times which is a positive sign to see. Now one personal grievance I have is that Taku is the star of the second sex scene. He doesn't go full Taku mode at least but I'd still rather not see him at all. That aside, I still think this is a fantastic film. It doesn't break any new ground but it doesn't have to. Come for the big titties, stay for the big titties.

Overall Rating - 8.6/10


Mixing Bodily Fluids, Intense Sex, Complete Uncut Special

Her next film is about as safe and predictable as you can get but that doesn't mean it's necessarily bad. It's your typical hotel room sex video devoid of any real plot whatsoever. I'm normally not that keen on these types of films as they're usually pretty bland and while this one doesn't break the mold in any way, it's still enjoyable. They at least use different hotel rooms for each scene which accounts for something. I also appreciate that each scene utilizes a unique lighting setup ensuring things don't get too stale. Considering the limitations of the theme, the execution is handled quite well although it would've been nice to see the shower be used at least once but that's not a huge issue. Now of course the main focus here is on the action and it does not miss.

It consists of just three sex scenes and a paizuri scene but each one is satisfying in its own right. They make excellent use of the room by constantly moving around and the resulting position variety is very solid. I could do without Taku being the star of the last scene but what can you do? He's not unbearable at least. Last but not least I need to mention her performance as she actually does a great job all things considered. It's refreshing to see an actress this early into her career showing signs of potential. She's quite passionate here on top of being skilled at paizuri. Perhaps she can be the one to beat the ' lifeless S1 big titty actress" allegations. Don't let the bland setup stop you from watching this film as it's far better than the sum of its parts.

Overall Rating - 9/10


Intense Orgasm 108 Times! Convulsions 4204 Times! Squirting 1900cc!

What's this? Another vanilla film? I for one am shocked! Yet again it's a straightforward film with the only slight theme being centered around stimulation and some light squirting. Sounds kinda familiar right? It's definitely a little disappointing that we're seeing a very similar version of a video she just released a short while ago. Despite the lackluster setup, the film still makes for an enjoyable watch thanks to some top-tier eyecandy courtesy of Haru. She looks ridiculously good here and a large reason for that is the superb production values. The lighting is relatively varied with a decent array of outfits despite being rather minimal. The camerawork is also on point here with some gorgeous shots of her top-notch figure and juicy titties.

I will say that the film gets off to a bit of a slow start thanks to a brief interview at the beginning and even after that it takes a little while to set things into proper motion. But after that, the pacing moves along much smoother. Let's now move onto the action which features three sex scenes with one being a threesome and a toying/masturbation scene that is surprisingly enjoyable due to her outfit and some mild squirting. There's really nothing to complain about here. Every scene gives us some nice use of cowgirl, doggystyle, and missionary that all do a wonderful job of showcasing her S-tier rack. And performance wise I can't say too much as she's not really given anything to work with. Not terrible but nothing notable at all. Still a great film that makes for some very tantalizing eyecandy.

Overall Rating - 8.5/10


Megaton Body 108cm K-Cup Breasts

Last but not least we have her first VR title which I just had to check out. VR films are always a great way to experience an actress's true proportions and boy does Haru deliver in that department. Now there really isn't much of a plot here as it's just a typical vanilla VR setup serving as an introduction for the most part. I'm okay with it as an actress's first VR film is almost always straightforward like this, at least if it's from a major studio or she's an exclusive. With that out of the way, let's talk about the action. It features two paizuri scenes and a sex scene. Overall I found the action to be mostly enjoyable. The paizuri scenes were solid with some decent cumshots and the sex scenes boast a fine array of positions including both sitting and lying down cowgirl along with missionary. Every position gives you an ample view of her huge titties which is obviously what you're here for.

My only real complaint is with the sitting down cowgirl section as I find that it's too close up and isn't the most stimulating compared to the rest of the positions. Now obviously the main draw in this film is experiencing Haru in VR and she's nothing but grade A eyecandy here. Those huge jugs look amazing here. The VR experience can be a double-edged sword though as one drawback to seeing your favorites in a new light is noticing things you've never seen before. With that, I'm referring to her slightly stained teeth. It's not a major issue but it's hard to miss it sadly. The production values as a whole are decent with no glaring flaws and I found her performance to be adequate enough but nothing too memorable. I ultimately enjoyed my time with this one as it at least provided a tantalizing first-hand experience with her. I can only hope her next VR title will be more plot-driven.

Overall Rating - 8.3/10

Overall Thoughts

S1 has had a lot of big titty actresses come and go throughout their time but I think she's easily among the best. She really checks all the boxes. For starters, I think she's got a relatively nice face although I must admit her stained teeth can be a small distraction at times. It's not a dealbreaker as most of the time your attention will be focused elsewhere but it's still quite noticeable. But her figure and chest are where she really shines as she's an absolute specimen from top to bottom. Obviously, we gotta talk about her chest first as it's honestly one of the most impressive set of natural tits I've ever seen in JAV. It's like they were crafted by the gods. She comes in with a whopping K-Cup but is very well-proportioned. They're super firm and hefty with a really nice jiggle to them. On top of that her nipples and areloas are just as amazing helping to round out the total package.

I could go on and on about how insane her rack is but I'll leave it at that. Just a perfect 10/10. Her body is pretty good too. She's actually reasonably tall coming in at around 175cm or 5 foot 7. Now admittedly she's not the most curviest actress out there but she does fill out quite nicely. There's not much to complain about besides a "meh" ass but hey you can't have everything. Anyway, with a body like that it's easy to see why she's held a steady place in the top 25 sales charts since her debut. Now regarding her acting it's hard to draw much of a conclusion yet as she's still very fresh but I can at least say that she's got a bit of potential. I'm seeing some sparks of life from her that I don't even see from her fellow busty S1 counterparts such as Ria Yamate. She's fairly active and so far is quite proficient at paizuri. The real test moving forward will be to see how she handles more plot-driven titles but so far I like what I've seen. I can safely say that I'll definitely add Haru to my monthly watchlist and hopefully she'll continue to improve and become a flagship actress for S1.


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Double egg 4 months ago
Reminds me of Ruri Saijou.
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OppaiLover90 4 months ago
Rion tier body who actually seems to enjoy the sex. Hope she has many years in JAV.
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Oppaira 4 months ago

Glad to see we think alike. Real test will be who emerges as the best busty actress, whether it's one of the new debuts like Haru, Momoka, Ren, or Miyu, or whether it's one of the older ones not mentioned here like Hikaru or Mei. I'm personally betting on Haru.

1 0
Panking 4 months ago

Yeah so far I'd lean toward Haru but it's still too early to tell. To your point about the older actresses, I think the ship has sailed at least on Mei Washio. She hasn't shown much improvement over her entire career so I've given up on that front. And while I love Nagi Hikaru, her acting hasn't gotten much better either. Still great eyecandy though for sure.

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