Oppaira's JAV Debut Preview - April 2024

Published : April 11th, 2024 Written by Oppaira

It's that time again, time to check in on debuts. This month has a very spicy one right up top that totally dominates anything I've seen this year so let's just jump right into it.

New Debuts


Q cup... Q C U P. Just let that sink in for a minute. Holy hell is this everything I've wanted in a debut. Q cup is just mindboggling. To think we're seeing a debut with tits bigger than Hitomi's O cups. Yeah that's wild. And from the looks of it she's incredibly slim too just like Hitomi. Are we seeing the second coming of Hitomi? Difficult to say right now but the potential is definitely there. Most people know I've been reeling since Hitomi retired and Himari is the closest I've seen to a Hitomi-esque debut in years. To say I'm excited is an understatement, I'm teeming with anticipation hoping she's the second coming of Hitomi. Again, very early to tell but then again you practically never get actresses this busty. Last year I was quite happy with the 108K cups we got so hopefully this pair at 110Q cup is even better.

Toa Kiyomiya (清宮仁愛)

Toa Kiyomiya is an actress I really want to turn out well. Looking at her cover and trailer there's a lot of promising stuff. She looks like she has a nice rack but also looks to be on the prettier side. She reminds me a lot of 2023 debut Kyoka Takayama but just a little bit nicer. Hopefully that ends up being true because I've been loving a lot of debuts after what we got last year. I'm not quite as hopeful on Toa as I am Himari but I'm still hopeful she can be good.

Rea Maruishi (丸石レア)

S1 is back at it with another omega busty actress, this time Rea Maruishi with her 95J tits. Here's the simple truth about Rea: I don't think she's going to be as good as some of what we got last year, but I'm willing to watch her given the track record S1 had. S1 did mindbogglingly well last year to the point that the threshold to checking out S1 debuts now is very low. You show me some big tits I'll watch them. Maybe they'll suck but I'm willing to take that risk knowing what the upside is. Considering I watch 31 debuts each year she's definitely one I'm interested in.

Earlier Debuts

Mihana Sumikawa

Mihana Sumikawa is someone I've had some mixed opinions about. As a busty debut at Madonna (90G) she's right up my alley, but I've also just not really seen anything special in her. The further she gets into her career though the more I get tempted to watch her. I have no clue if I'll really end up caring to watch her when all is said and done but I think at this point she's firmly on my radar and we'll just have to see how things progress throughout the year with both her and how many other great debuts we run into.

Shizune Morisaki

This isn't the first time I've written about Shizune, far from it, but now we're finally seeing where she's likely to land. Starring alongside Chitose is, well, it's a great sign. Chitose is easily one of the best in the whole "bigger and busty" side of the industry. Whether you quite call Chitose a BBW or not, she's not the slim figure the industry typically looks for. Shizune is quite a bit heavier than Chitose and it shows in many ways, especially her face. There's no way Shizune would come close to competing with Chitose but this is breathing some new life into my opinion of her. Before I was more off on a track of writing her off but I think if this trend continues I might be convinced at the end of the day. We'll just have to keep a close eye on her and see how things play out.

As I mentioned last time I wanted to include something to help track this a bit better and this was the idea I had been planning on come to life:

So far we're at four I'm definitely going to watch, another eight I'm likely to watch, and another seven I'm thinking of. That's a grand total of 19 / 31 on my radar so far, not to mention a bunch of actresses I am following along with but not discussing in these posts. Granted that we're only a third of the way through the year we would end up with almost double the amount I will actually watch by the end of the year. If I cut it to just the first two tiers then it's very close to what I will actually watch (31 vs 36). I point this out to say that the ones in the possibly tier are actually more likely to be unlikely just given how things are likely to proceed.

At any rate I hope you've enjoyed another installment from me on the debut previews and hope you continue to follow along until we get to debut season at the end of the year. Until next time!

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