Anal Sex Class Reunion

Published November 8, 2021

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Is it cheating if you do it in the butt? After 20 years, former students meet for a reunion and test out this hypothesis.

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Anal Sex Class Reunion
Timing and Translation by Patonyan

Repeat after me:  "it's not cheating if you do it in the butt!"


The mantra of today's really out there, but extremely enjoyable update by masters of the unexpected BULLITT makes perfect sense if you think about it:  In Japan, it's not legal to pay for penis-in-vagina sex.  That's seen as something actual couples do.  Everything else from handjobs, blowjobs, and of course, anal sex, is totally on the table.  There even have been court cases on the adulterous nature of a spouse thrown out due to this reason.  Paying for 'sex' when it's not technically sex isn't technically cheating--by the law at least (in our hearts we certainly know otherwise!).

Now imagine a group of former schoolmates--former couples in this case--meeting twenty years after graduation for a reunion of sorts.  It's held at a traditional Japanese banquet room and is as jovial as jovial gets:  rowdy, fun, food, drinks, the works!  Everyone's having a blast and when you consider at one time in the distant past everyone present has been sexually active with at least one other person there, you know the countdown to the ribald is a given.  It happens.  Talk starts naughty and leads to some 'accidental' nudity, fingering (!), and more.  One idle suggestion about how it really isn't cheating if you have anal sex instead of vaginal sex takes off like wildfire.  Pair by pair couples see themselves out to rekindle lost flames and sometimes begin anew.  Lots of sex happens and perhaps sometimes an idle thrust would land in a vagina, but overall what we get in ANAL SEX CLASS REUNION is EXACTLY what the name implies.

This is a fantastic JAV release.  It's got great, realistic casting, begins and ends with a bang, and of course features four full anal sex scenes each with different actresses possessing body types that surely will please anyone.  We go from skinny and lithe (last scene) to all out voluptuous (one before it) to everything in between.  The mosaic is as thin as it gets and I really can see these types of events happening.  BULLITT probably agrees as well as they've shot two more in this series we will be showing.

ANAL SEX CLASS REUNION has tons of great things going for it, but the biggest issue is the image quality.  Odd-ball, like the theme, the colors appear washed out with some light visible bars present throughout the entire movie.  When originally licensing, I assumed it was just the trailer, but sadly was proven otherwise when receiving the production masters.  I'm not sure if this was a mistake or intentional given the 'candid' nature of the filming.  I can't even make an assumption here as it can go either way.  Nevertheless, it doesn't totally distract from a really well-done JAV.  Yes, aside from KIRIKO IMAFUJI, all the actresses don't appear to be active and when they were, mainly did random older women flicks and cheaply-produced uncensored titles (we may show some in the future and yes, we're honest about their budgets!).  This is not a movie to see popular faces.  It's one for seeing a wild fantasy about a most perfect class reunion featuring everyone having sex anally...because doing that way isn't cheating, right?

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1163

4 Files 5.54GB


Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Extremely unique theme that could actually happen.
+Great casting.  Various body types.  All MILFs!
+Real anal sex.  No thick mosaic fakery!


-Washed out colors and lightly visible scan lines (?).  This could be intentional.
-Cast of mainly unknowns could be a minus looking for big names having back-door sex.
-Some naked antics in the first group scene, but all hard sex is regulated to one-on-one affairs.

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