5 Other JAV Actresses Anton Also Quite Likes

Published : September 15th, 2023 Written by Anton Algren

Alright! So! Our story thus far. Anton Algren, intrepid JAV reporter, wrote a list of ten JAV actresses he really, really liked. There were more actresses he really, really liked besides those on that list, so he wrote another article about them. But then, lo, his poetic waxing grew too great to fit ten actresses in that list, so he ended up only writing about five actresses instead of ten. Who were the other five actresses Anton wanted to mention? Well read on to find out!

Also, once again, Anton would like to clarify that these actresses aren’t in any specific order, and they aren’t really ranked, because he doesn’t do that sort of thing. He likes different actresses for different reasons, so trying to rank them all on the same scale seems silly to him (though if that’s something you do yourself, he’s not hating). He should also probably stop talking in the third person, as it’s a bit that’s starting to outstay its welcome now.  Anyways. Moving on.

1 - Sumire Mizukawa

The femme fatale. That classic archetype. Pitch-black hair, a husky voice, Pre-Raphaelite features, the mere mention of the two words is enough to evoke images of which we’re all aware. And I think I can say, without fear of contradiction, that when you hear those two words someone like Sumire Mizukawa pops into your head.

Sumire seems to be doing pretty well for herself. Like classic stars of old, such as Anna May Wong and Sessue Hayakawa, she appears to be carving out a niche for herself in the European industry that she couldn’t obtain in Japan. As of me writing this article, I don’t think I’ve seen her perform with any American actors, but this may simply be because she likes European men. I don’t know her personally so I can’t say. What I can say though is that I’m genuinely happy that she, thus far, doesn’t seem to be making any films where her main selling point is her being “exotic”.

I’m happy with this because I think that shunting her into the exotic box would be selling her short, and not utilizing her talents as a femme fatale. Yeah, I know, people don’t want to hear me go full Social Justice Warrior when talking about porn of all things, but I really do think that Sumire deserves the opportunity to showcase a cruel, capricious, dark sensuality, as opposed to simply being placed in the role of “hot Asian stereotype”. If Sumire is okay with playing the occasional schoolgirl or idol role, then I’m not going to complain. That is ultimately her decision. But I think Sumire is at her best when she portrays a Pre-Raphaelite perversity. That’s why I watch her. That’s why she’s on this list. And that’s what I hope she gets to do for the rest of her career, however long that may last.

2 - Minami Kojima

For the longest time, it was impossible for me to put Minami Kojima on a list like this, or at least, to put her on this list individually. You see, SNIS-585 remains one of my all-time favorite JAV films, and a great influence on my tastes in the overall medium. However, for the longest time, my favorite works of Minami Kojima and Aoi Tsukasa were where they collaborated. Like many a double team, they were always at their best when together, their individual efforts never managing to shine as brightly as their collaborations. But in more recent years, I think they’ve finally managed to strike out on their own and put out really great individual stuff (though when they have collaborated more recently it’s still just as wonderful as before).

The thing is, I shouldn’t like Minami as much as I do, because I personally am not a fan of the burikko “babytalk” that you find in various celebrities such as her. It’s very obvious that the high-pitched, squeaky voice that Minami puts on to appear cuter is an affectation. This isn’t to say that it’s fake, but rather that it’s like Macho Man Randy Savage’s promo voice. If you listen to Randy Savage in a more candid setting, you can tell that the distinct pitch of his voice was pretty natural. It’s just that when he was the Macho Man he exaggerated it until it became a cartoon, brudder! Ya get me? It’s the same way with Minami, where I can sometimes hear her voice crack when she’s trying to sound extra-extra-cute, and while it’s supposed to endear me to her, it usually leaves me cold.

So why do I not only still like her, but like her enough to put her on this list? Because, when Minami is in the throes of passion, she drops the burikko voice and bellows. She doesn’t moan, she doesn’t squeal, she emanates a deep, powerful howl, the kind that comes from deep in one’s belly and belies her tiny frame. The thing is, Minami is still cute as a button even when she bellows. She’s still a five-foot-nothing, adorably petite girl, but that bellow of hers makes her a favorite of mine. Indeed, I would even go so far as to say the contrast between her diminutive appearance and the voice that erupts from it make her even cuter. But that’s just me.

3 - Aoi Tsukasa

I’d venture to guess that a not-insignificant portion of our readership had a sexual awakening thanks to Gillian Anderson on The X-Files. Whatever our age and whatever the season we first noticed the funny way she made our tummy feel, I think I can say without fear of contradiction that at least one person reading this now had their first sexual blossoming after seeing Dana Scully on a tv screen.

But just what was it about Scully that made her so sexy? What qualities caused countless viewers to feel strange flutterings in their hearts, stomachs, and other areas whenever she came on screen? Was it her auburn hair? Her wit and intelligence? Her petite and adorable frame? I’m sure that different people have different answers to that question (please do leave your own answers in the comments below).

But for me? It was her lips. I knew Gillian Anderson was an attractive woman, but she never really did anything for younger me until suddenly, almost out of the blue, I was watching “Tooms” and couldn’t take my eyes away from her bright, red lipstick. Something about those ruby lips was mesmerizing to my youthful eyes, and I couldn’t look away. I vaguely recall the plot of that episode. But the image of those pouty lips is forever seared in my mind.

I bring all this up because, when I try to think about what quality Aoi Tsukasa possesses that gives her an edge, what distinguishes her from the countless other actresses competing for attention and airtime on the AV airwaves, while I certainly enjoy her soft, silken voice and impressive breasts (whoever gave them to her did a very good job), the thing that puts her on this list for me are her lips. Just as petite and pouty as those of Dana Scully, and just as beautiful in ruby red lipstick, those lips are so erotic it’s enough to drive one mad. Or, at the very least, to leave one with funny feelings in one’s tummy.

4 - Hibiki Otsuki

It’s a bit difficult to talk about why I love Hibiki without rehashing the reasons why I love Yui Hatano. They’re similar actresses, filling the similar niche of adaptable everywoman. And they have similar charm points, with their beautiful skin, fit figures, and lovely smiles. However, when I really try to think of what makes Hibiki stand out, I think there is an elegance and sophistication to her that Yui Hatano doesn’t quite possess. I would never put her in the same category as a Mio Kimijima or a Reiko Kobayakawa, and yet the similar cachet is unmistakably there.

I think Hibiki’s everywoman qualities allow her to maintain this goldilocks position, where she’s enough of a cute girl next door to have the same sweetness as some of S1’s stars, while she’s also enough of a graceful lady to not seem out of place next to more high-class, stately actresses.

The thing is, there’s actually something kind of eerie about Hibiki’s beauty. Her skin isn’t simply pale and soft, it’s practically alabaster, and it looks as soft as silk. I don’t know what sort of cream Hibiki can afford to get her skin like that but whatever it is, I want some (though with my luck her magic skincare lotion would be too oily for me). And while I am not someone who thinks beauty is tied exclusively to youth, Hibiki reminds me of the Doctor somehow, in that her features are of someone ten or fifteen years younger, but because of her poised manner and the way she carries herself, she gives the impression of someone far older. She has this strange mix of youthfulness and age, which leads me to wonder, might she in fact secretly be a Time Lady? Perhaps… I can’t say for certain that she isn’t an immortal Galifreyan. In all seriousness though, just what is her skincare routine?

5 - Amami Tsubasa

So, I feel like this is cheating somewhat, adding Amami to this list. See, while I’m definitely a fan of hers, most of what I’ve watched with her is years old, and part of that batch of videos that initially got me into JAV in the first place. Honestly, I think Amami is one of the few actresses from that time period who is still active in the industry today, and I didn’t even learn of this still-activeness until earlier this year. Given how many retired actresses who first piqued my interest in JAV there are, I’m wondering if maybe I should do another “Top 10” list, but this time focusing on 10 actresses who got me into JAV.

It’s certainly an interesting idea. But for now, I should focus on Amami, and what about her made me a fan. In many ways, Amami’s appeal is similar to Hibiki’s, in that she’s not quite an older, elegant woman but not quite a cutesy girl either. She has a sophistication about her, while still remaining more down to earth than someone like Mio or Reiko. At the same time though, she has an impishness, a mischief, about her, which Hibiki does not possess.

Watching Amami is like being a youth again, seeing one of your senior soror’s cool friends, who’s so laid-back and beautiful. And sometimes she winks at you or calls you cute while your soror isn’t around, and even if it never goes any further than some secretive flirting, a single, sensual sentence from her is enough to make your inexperienced heart start beating like a big brass band, and you start to feel things that only Dana Scully on the tv was able to make you feel. Not that I would have any personal experience with that sort of thing, but you’re all familiar with that fantasy, surely. It is, after all, a pretty popular porn premise, and it’s the best way I can describe Amami’s central charm point. Part of elegance is, after all, effortlessness, a nonchalance that expresses surprise that one’s poise or movement could ever elicit such a response. Who, me? Come now, surely I’m not so attractive. This effortlessness, this nonchalance, helps turn Amami into perhaps the best big sis in the biz. Now there’s another possible list. Best big-tiddie onee-sans in JAV.

So, at last we’ve reached the end of my second Top Ten article. Will there be more of these in the future? Maybe. There are always new actresses debuting every day. For all I know, I’ll have become a fan of ten more debuts by the end of next year. But for now, I think I’d like to focus on that list of actresses that got me into JAV. Maybe some of you readers also discovered JAV through them, and it would be fun to reminisce about our first exposures to this category of film.

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