All Things Armpits 2

Published May 30, 2018

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

A no holds barred maniac CFNM release by GUTS featuring an almost unhealthy obsession with armpits.

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All Things Armpits 2
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Gosh, did you know this is a sequel?!  Yes, GUTS actually filmed more than one title about perverted men obsessing about the (mostly) shaved armpits of amateur Japanese women.  I'm definitely not one of them, but I can understand soundly how some people have certain body parts above others they find attractive and yes, for most, it's either the face, tits, or butt, but there always be those out there with more peculiar tastes.

GUTS was well aware of this and while it's safe to say ALL THINGS ARMPITS 2 (and its prequel from a few years back) is not the kind of title that will fly off shelves, it still has its fanbase.  Even here at ZENRA in the modern day we still occasionally receive fan mail about that update from a few years ago.  Sure, the number of foreign fans of Japanese women armpits is miniscule, but they do exist and if you're reading this, we got your back though no promises about showing anything beyond these two!

It goes almost without saying that a release such as ALL THINGS ARMPITS 2 is one of those true blue maniac JAV releases.  It gets pretty bizarre with all that plucking, but fortunately each scene concludes with an overtly sexual element.  In this case, even if you're not an armpit person, you should still feel entertained with the wacky CFNM conclusion featuring novel armpit-jobs.  Yea, just imagine that:  embarrassed and clothed (well, camisoles count as clothes right?) Japanese amateurs trying to keep a straight face while stark naked actors rub their erections to and fro in between their lubed and squeezed armpits.

I could've sworn I've seen a few examples of successful armpit-jobs--in other words, ones where that clamping sensation was enough to get the actors off, but this time around it seems like we've regular handjobs to finish off the scenes.  It didn't happen every time, but given the fact the women taking part have done other adult things before, giving a weird actor a handie is a lot more tame than all that armpit abuse.

Will we have more titles just like this one?  Probably not, but we'll always make room every so often for a truly 'out there' update.  We know some of you want to see how out of the box JAV can get and titles such as ALL THINGS ARMPITS should very much fit the bill.

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