Ayako Inoue and Kana Shiokawa - Unchained Wife Swapping 2

Published December 20, 2019

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Relationships on the rocks leads to married couples taking drastic measures. A drama JAV via ORGA.

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Ayako Inoue and Kana Shiokawa - Unchained Wife Swapping 2
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

A married couple unable to conceive.  Ayako, seeing the last of her youth fade from her increasingly matronly body has had enough.  By chance, she finds herself introduced to charming Tabuchi, a friend of her husband.  Like her, he’s married.  Like her, he’s also in a relationship going nowhere.

Lines are crossed, relationships become tangled.  As ovulation day approaches, the unthinkable happens as both parties engage in the most sacred acts side by side in a raging fit of partner swapping coitus.

Before we even get into the review for today's update, allow me to start with a note:  technically UNCHAINED WIFE SWAPPING 2 is UNCHAINED WIFE SWAPPING 1.  We reversed the order for these two ORGA movies.  No biggie, really as the stories are not connected in any way.  Both simply follow a theme that the title references.  We opted to show the second one first as it features better known names and since it fortunately turned out to be a popular update, we went back and licensed the first one starring two slightly lesser-known, *slightly* older actresses.

ZENRA subscribers seem to love older women.  They're not alone.  I feel the same and having the opportunity to show a drama JAV featuring two 'jukujo' engaging in such brazen adultery is something that almost never happens.  Does UNCHAINED WIFE SWAPPING 2 exceed upon the first one we showed?  Honestly, while the actresses may be up the alley of more of our fans and users, I found the story to be a bit lacking.  The nexus for cheating of both couples could've been handled a lot better.  There isn't much buildup and suddenly unfaithful sex.  It's a JAV at its heart, but given director TEI JAGA's finesse in weaving rich stories with beautiful sex, I went into this one expecting something a bit fuller.

AYAKO INOUE and KANA SHIOKAWA (billed here as SHIHO AOI as that was the name she used up until recently) both should satisfy that plus-40 itch.  This marks AYAKO's first time on ZENRA and for KANA...well, there was a title we showed a few years back that features an actress that looks eerily like her.  Could they be the same?  Or are they and are we simply following the maker of that previous update's request not to reveal her name (wink-wink)?

The story may be light on details, but the sex is as rich as it gets.  I'm happy MASAHIRO TABUCHI was cast though I've always imagined him as suave 100% of the time.  In UNCHAINED 2, there were moments where he was rather...uh, quirky.  Still, he's by far the best-dressed actor in JAV and that says a lot in an industry where female talent can choose their outfits, but men simply have to don whatever they actually own.  This man knows style.  Go in for the picturesque group coitus and at least try and pay attention to the story.

Score:  3/5

Pro's:  Picture-perfect foursome finale and a great title for MILF fans.

Con's:  Not very realistic plot.  Both actresses were Showa'd way too hard (80's hair styling, style, and makeup).

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 616

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