Working at a Bottomless Family Restaurant

Published August 2, 2021

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Strict dress code makes for extremely embarrassed bottomless new female employees doing their best not to get fired.

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Working at a Bottomless Family Restaurant
Timing and Translation by Patonyan

Before we even dive into this fantastic SADISTIC VILLAGE release, allow me to clarify what a "Family Restaurant" is.  Basically, the western (or at least east coast USA) concept of a diner doesn't exactly exist in Japan.  The closest we have are izakaya.  These establishments serve a variety of comfort food consisting of staples like Japanese fried chicken and various other easy to eat dishes plus perhaps a few local treats as well.  There also exists "family restaurants" that on their surface may appear close to the western diner due to them serving...well, mainly western dishes, but for those looking for the diner experience, prepare to be disappointed.  Family Restaurants are where dreams go to die.  Where families on the bottom end of the economic ladder treat themselves on a Sunday night.  The food is anything but special and matches the low prices in quality.

In the final form of thinking out of the box, SADISTIC VILLAGE visits the dreary concept of actually working at a family restaurant and mixes in their unique brand of CMNF teasing.  Remember, while their namesake has 'sadistic' in it, they're less of a BDSM studio (have they even shot a bondage title?) and more of placing cute and mostly young Japanese women in situations that see them lose their close and dignity while everyone around them acts as if that's totally normal.  Of course the fun doesn't end there as another staple to their releases is the especially heavy sex that concludes most encounters (and a complaint of mine is how just like we see in today's update, is often shoehorned in at the end).

This Family Restaurant located somewhere in the suburbs of Tokyo recently hired two part-timers.  Both are cute college students and both look suspiciously like familiar JAV stars.  We've AI MUKAI who is fast-becoming a formidable MILF Lite (she may look mature, but she's only in her mid-twenties now!) and another actress currently transitioning to older women roles in spite of her age, YUURI FUKADA.  We only just showed YUURI a few weeks ago.  Just how it's coincidence we're showing today's update right after a previous one from the same studio, it's more of the same why YUURI is appearing so soon after her maiden ZENRA appearance (not that we can complain given her incredible looks!).

The concept repeated in both scenarios is pretty much the same:  new hire, uniform violation, bottomless work environment.  Have her engage in all the yucky and strenuous tasks regular employees don't want to do like changing light bulbs, chasing after rodents (yes, some AD brought a pet hamster or something on set for this), and other tasks that give real customers an eyeful of their exposed legs, butts, and gosh knows what else.  This is the kind of embarrassment that exceeds ITAZURA ONSEN.  At least there many customers are also in various states of undress; here, we're smack dab in a crowded restaurants and they're not onsen guests, but new hires doing their best to make a good first impression.

I really like WORKING AT A BOTTOMLESS FAMILY RESTAURANT and it's a bit odd to write so much about a great JAV movie but only namedrop it at the end of a review, but there's not much to complain about.  Yes, like other SADISTIC VILLAGE movies the sex is done all the way at the end.  Yes, the sex is a bit on the rough side.  Yes, wasted opportunity to not somehow do it in front of customers (I think we can safely throw reality out the door the moment they're instructed to work bottomless).  BUT the mosaic is as thin as it gets and we get some great real cum facial finishes too.  This is a movie you will enjoy.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1123

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Unique theme.
+Great location.
+Lots and lots of CMNF moments.
+Extra thin mosaic.


-Sex shoehorned in at the end.
-One or two more actresses would have made it all the better.

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