You Should Be Watching: Konan Koyoi

Published : June 9th, 2024 Written by Oppaira

Hey guys, Oppaira here, back with another in the You Should Be Watching series. Today I’ve got the lovely Konan Koyoi, and I think you should be watching her. You’re living under a rock if you aren’t and if I can’t convince you then all hope is lost. So with that said, let me do exactly that, convince you to watch her.

First off, Konan is gorgeous. I mean come on, you’ve got eyes, right? It doesn’t matter whether she’s dolled up, casually out watching the cherry blossoms, retro, or just enjoying breakfast, Konan always looks great. I could honestly watch her just for how beautiful she is. It really says something that she always looks good because so few look this good this consistently. Especially with relatively little makeup, always a bonus when that happens.

The glasses are a particularly nice touch and she has so many photos lying around where you can see her with glasses. Man we really need a nerdy girl Konan video… Too bad she’s at S1 because h.m.p. DORAMA has the perfect series for her directed by Jo Asagiri (and they’ve worked together already). Am I trying to convince you or myself?

Next up are her boobs which let me tell you, they’re grrreaattttt! Just look at those things go in slow motion. The bounce, the jiggle, ooof I could watch this on repeat.

I especially like these hanging positions where they look just a bit bigger and really shine. They are decently full tits and there's just something about them having that teardrop shape you get when they're like that is chef's kiss.

The places where Konan's boobs look just a bit bigger is really the key to them. Would you prefer to stare at them or are you the kind of guy that wants to just grab and squeeze? They're both good!

Konan’s also got an enjoyable body. What else would compliment her soft boobs but a soft body? She’s got just the right amount of pudge where depending on the position she looks fairly slim or a bit juicy and I like the way it adds a bit of variety. It’s not even just on her stomach but her ass that jiggles a bit and helps make it look a bit nicer. Especially with the whole skinny trend, seeing someone that isn’t pure bones is nice. But don’t just take my word for it, look at the side-by-side and see for yourself.

“But Oppaira”, you say, “the hot ones are always so boring in bed” you protest. Nope, not this time. Bad performances? You have no power here. It’s a Festivus miracle!

You can see the kind of fun Konan likes to have in this clip. It’s such an innocent thing shoving her tits in his face but boy does it ever work.

Konan also strikes me as the kind of person who would spontaneously have sex with you. No need to make it an event, just casually sitting on the couch turning into a session just like this. I find these kind of casual videos go hard with her because they fit the image I have of her in my head. If she doesn’t, well, I’ll just lie to myself and think that she would.

I especially like how Konan has these fantastic moments that are both fun and passionate. Like here’s her bright smile turning into some passionate kissing. It’s always so much nicer when the actress initiates and seems into it just like Konan is in this clip but it's especially nice when she manages to maintain that playfulness.

The thing that stands out the most is how she makes it look effortless. Look at how she goes from having an orgasm to pulling him in to make out to the playfulness as they switch positions. It all just flows so well and shows how skilled she truly is.

Konan also has great social media presence. Go check out her Twitter or her Instagram and you won’t be disappointed. Here's a sneak peek of what you can expect.

And then there’s her YouTube channel, oh god. Don’t understand Japanese? Don’t need it to watch her work out. You can just watch a ton of casual content there, she posts like crazy, every few days. Not many actresses can compete with this level of output it’s insane. And a lot of it has her in workout clothes or in a towel which is like, don’t ask me why it’s hot when I could just go watch her fully nude already but it’s hot.

At this point I can visualize you frothing at the mouth. Oppaira, what should I watch? I need to see this girl in action. I’m glad you asked!

This video is great if you want something more lighthearted and fun to capitalize on that more upbeat style she has. She visits a guy’s place for a day and fucks him silly and it’s all kinds of fun. Guy is making some food? Might as well do it nude so Konan can have a bit of fun. Going for a walk? Might as well put his leash on. Small things like that really kept the video flowing well with you being engaged during the downtime. Especially as it is directed by none other than Nao Masaki, she brought the best out in Konan. Her performance is vibrant and whimsical, having plenty of stand out moments where things are lighthearted and you don’t get absorbed into some complex drama. There’s a good reason this ended up on my top 25 of the year back in 2022.

This one is great if you’d rather see a more passionate style from Konan. It involves her stepbrother coming for a visit, realizing the amazing woman Konan has grown into, and being unable to contain himself. The narrative was complex but Konan hit a lot of the right cues being that delightful woman she can be. Like sure there’s this whole narrative of him finding out Konan’s job and being conflicted about things but at the end of the day it came together quite nice. Instead of this heavy narrative the action ends up more passionate and you can look past the narrative. Konan smiling and making out is a treat to watch. The first video I recommended is a couple years old so if you want something a little newer (this one is half a year only) then this is it. And, like the previous one, it also made my top 25 list, in 2023.

At the end of the day I think the thing that makes Konan shine is the niche she has. S1 is a studio that, well, I don’t really know them for having strong performers when it comes to the bustier side of the studio. You’ve got your Rara Anzais, your Hikaru Nagis, your Ria Yamates who are all terrible performers. I mean sure, they’re physically great, but like, so are such a large number of porn actresses. You watch them and just want to go “hey… do something”. With Konan I sit there and go “hey… she’s doing something!” and it’s great. She reminds me more of an Aika Yumeno type who shows more enthusiasm and it’s great. And especially with Aika being on hiatus for half a year, now is the perfect time to go all-in on Konan. Maybe someone from last year might turn out alright but it’s too early and I need someone to tide me over until Momoka Kagura learns to perform, Haru Minato comes back, or Ren Gojo gets a decent video. Let’s be real for a second, Konan is great regardless, it just so happens that right now is an especially good time to be a Konan fan.

If at this point I haven’t convinced you to watch Konan, well, I’ve failed as a writer. Or maybe your penis is broken. Yeah, let’s go with that. I mean how could you not? She’s beautiful, she has great tits, and she’s a delightful performer. There’s just so much to love and so much to go around.


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