Aoyama Massage Clinic for Women 101

Published September 9, 2019

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No more face mosaic! Aoyama lesbian massage as real as it gets via GOGOS.

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Aoyama Massage Clinic for Women 101
Translation by ZENRA
Timing by Amiri

After showing AOYAMA 100, we knew we had to let this most amazing lesbian JAV massage series rest for a little bit.  I mean where do you go after you show a title with increased resolution (thanks to it being a master tape transfer), no more face mosaic for the therapist, and two out of three scenes featuring three women?  Well, you go back to the basics and that's where we begin again with AOYAMA MASSAGE CLINIC FOR WOMEN 101.

The picture quality is still better and it's the same beautiful and highly skilled massage therapist and yets, thankfully from here on out face mosaic is a total goner.  GOGOS has done well with this series and I'm still crestfallen that they stopped making them not too long ago.  With therapist Y.S.'s retirement from filming JAV, they just were not able to find another actress who could look the part, act the part, yet also give off that sultry vibe at the same time.  Trust me, massaging, talking, and leading traditional therapeutic treatments into all-out eroticism is far from easy.  You need the knack and Y.S. may be one of the few who have it.

Does AOYAMA 101 exceed the sights and sounds of 100?  Honestly, no.  100 was the special edition to end all special editions and having three women per scene is a scheduling nightmare and frankly is not an inexpensive affair.  While future specials (the AOYAMA's in multiples of 5) will have their share of other-worldly play, 101 is a bit more by-the-books.  As we know our subscribers love the realism conveyed, I'm sure this more straight-forward iteration will please many.

All three clients look incredibly approachable.  There's no true goddess tier beauties here, but that's the point.  This series has always been about keeping one in touch with normalcy and from start to (almost) finish so that's what you get.  I did find myself gushing over the final actress.  Again, perhaps not a top-tier goddess, this super cute 'girl next door' type had my attention from the get-go.  She's also the only one of the trio who receives the 'hot sponge' treatment this time and her reactions are intense to say the least.  The client who proceeds her may not be as cute, but gives off super adorable and innocent vibes making her perfect for fans of those who lack much sexual experience.

Where do we go from here?  More AOYAMA of course.  The series may be on the rocks (for now), but there's still many more releases on the way featuring everyone's favorite therapist without any face mosaic.  While we still are unable to give out her stage name due to the director's wishes, I will give out this nugget of information:  she's done other JAV movies with most releases being heterosexual.  Sadly, she's never done a massage title with male clients as seeing her with the same mannerisms teasing a horny client to ejaculation would be spectacular.

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