Nude Beach Thanks to My Magic Glasses

Published July 23, 2021

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Put on glasses, all women become naked and fascinated by your erection. All men also disappear. Is this heaven or just a really good JAV?

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Nude Beach Thanks to My Magic Glasses
Timing and Translation by Patonyan

I love camp in JAV--and I'm not referring to that place some people go during the summer.  I love movies that are funny, light-hearted, and...well, campy!  Movies that really whisk you away from normalcy into a world your girlfriend or significant other would certainly not approve of.  A world full of always naked, always horny, always busty JAV stars who have an almost unhealthy fascination with your penis.  Wouldn't be neat if every time you whipped it out, all the women in the vicinity would suddenly strip naked and play with your body in ways most salacious?  What if you had the power to do this and do it near immediately via nifty magic glasses?  Put 'em on and not only are all the women suddenly very naked and very horny, but all the men in the area vanish as well.  You're suddenly top dog in a hypersexualized nudist world!

NUDE BEACH THANKS TO MY MAGIC GLASSES reminds me a bit of the classic STOP THE TIME series.  It comes as no surprise that while ROCKET didn't create the first JAV that featured this theme, they've steadily been releasing movies featuring it for some years now.  What we get today is not time stop.  It's reality-altering.  And yet again I'm surprised that ROCKET managed to find such an open area to shoot something so erotic.  Outdoor filming in JAV has almost gone the way of the dinosaur, but sometimes we get very pleasant surprises.

Today's update features an all star cast of who's who of B- and C-tier (hey, we're honest) busty JAV stars.  First and foremost, we've KAHO SHIBUYA, MAO HAMASAKI, CHIE ARIGAKI (a welcome return given her brief appearance as a hotel masseuse last year!), and many more.  Even though the highest tier of talent wasn't used, this definitely was not a cheap movie to shoot and is a great example of what you'll never see nowadays in mosaic-free releases.  If you want super high quality, big cast, big budget, 'proper' JAV is the name of the game and will be for some time yet.

We get a 'has the world gone mad?' vibe seen often in SADISTIC VILLAGE movies, but this time we're put in the shoes of a lucky man, not an embarrassed, naked women.  It's harem play from start to finish with barely any respite.  It's crazy blowjobs leading to crazy titjobs to crazy sex again and again with some monumental squirting thrown in (casting KAHO and MAO means you will absolutely have a 'wet' set!).

Far from lovey-dovey and certainly not the type of movie you'd like to show your girlfriend if she ever wanted to cuddle up and watch an adult video with you, this is JAV firing on all cylinders.  It's fun, crazy, and features my favorite "everyone is naked!" element almost the entire time.  No clothes, yes, magic, yes fun, no pulling out!  A beach party for the ages open to all women and only one man--YOU!

Cast List:

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1471

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Huge cast, huge budget.
+Fantastic location given the theme.
+Big breasts as far as the eye can see.
+Amazing harem sex scenes.


-Mosaic thicker than ideal.
-Almost too hyper at times; some amount of respite may have helped.
-It's ROCKET so expect the actors to leave with full balls and the studio to be short a liter of egg whites.

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