Oppaira's JAV Draft: Fitch

Published : February 23rd, 2024 Written by Oppaira

Hey guys, Oppaira here. Last month you may have seen my first draft. It was a pretty fun topic where I dismantled the Oppai roster and built it from scratch. This month I'm setting out to do the same with Fitch. I'll be deciding who is staying and who is going and who I'm bringing along for the ride.

With that all said let's jump into the second JAV draft!

Who Is Fitch?

Like how Oppai's identity was pretty obvious I feel like Fitch's identity is almost as obvious. It's all about thicc women at any cost. Give me someone with a nice, big butt and some nice huge hooters. Fitch as a studio tends to focus a lot on camerawork to really give you the sense of how juicy the woman really is. Sometimes they will ignore a lot of what makes a good video just to get in a few good camera angles, which can be both a blessing and a curse.

Where Oppai tends to focus on women that are more palatable to the average person Fitch is willing to go all out. You see that most on their secondary label, NIKUYOKU, where we have women who are quite a bit heavier but still pack some nice curves. Sometimes those curves are honestly not that great when looking at the entire package and their covers are honestly a bit of a bamboozle. If you are someone who likes BBWs though then NIKUYOKU is for sure the place to be. Fun fact, NIKUYOKU (肉欲 in Japanese) stands for carnal desire, 肉 = meat and 欲 = lust. I prefer to think of it as a lust of meaty women and it makes so much sense to me.

Roster Philosophy

My philosophy for Fitch's roster is really quite simple: I want to focus on actresses who have a trunk in the front and back. We want actresses who satisfy both huge tits and huge boob lovers at the same time. I feel like many of us who like one or the other actually like both and it can be difficult to find someone who fills both sides well. Even when you do they tend not to be at major studios often enough or are just a bit too chunky for the big leagues that Fitch really doesn't care about.

I'm also not opposed to picking actresses who are a bit lopsided either. As I pointed out, I think there's a lot of overlap of people who like both. Yeah sure, I prefer big tits, but I'm not opposed to watching someone with a huge ass either. I think at Fitch you can get away with someone a little bit heavier to one side as long as they still overall fill out quite nice, especially if they are just generally meaty.

Current Roster

Fitch has had a few actresses on their roster for a bit of time now. I think the one who has been around the longest is Rena Momozono who has been somewhat of a star on their roster. Reo Fujisawa is definitely the "plumper" type actress for them and the one that has seemingly stuck around, including returning after a brief stint at Madonna. We've seen others like Nina Nishimura take a stab here, and while I do think Fitch is a good home for Nina she obviously took her talents elsewhere.

Fitch is also a studio that picks up quite a few actresses every year to see who sticks. When you add in their NIKUYOKU label to the mix they can honestly take anyone with huge boobs or a big ass and make it work. It doesn't matter if they're not quite thicc enough or not quite busty enough, they'll pull them in for a video or two and see what happens.


Rena Momozono

Rena Momozono is the only name I'm booting from the roster. While she's certainly a sight to behold she never really felt like she fit on their roster. She has tits, sure, I don't recall her ass being particularly noteworthy. I think that the real appeal she has is her cute look which doesn't strike me as the right kind of actress for Fitch and I have other plans for where Rena should be.


Shiori Tsukada

Shiori Tsukada is the prototypical Fitch actress - always has been and always will be. Shiori is honestly probably the only actress that comes to mind if I want someone with a 10/10 rack and a 10/10 booty. She is seriously the definition of thicc and absolutely the first name that came to mind when picking Fitch. I think for Shiori she could also benefit a lot from a steady stream of good opportunities. I find Shiori winds up working with so many of the bottom tier studios that it just becomes a pain to watch her. Maybe if I could hope for the performance to be good but that's usually not in her wheelhouse, so bad on bad makes for even worse. Giving Shiori those better opportunities will hopefully brighten her career.

Nanami Matsumoto

Nanami has always been a juicy actress in my opinion. Sure, her tits are nicer than her ass but she's always been a lot thiccer than I think people ever give her credit for. Like I called out initially, I'm not opposed to actresses that lean one way and while Nanami's cake isn't nearly as good as her boobs it's still plenty to enjoy. Nanami was a quick name that came to mind, partially because I do enjoy her ass more than the average person does (which might be due to me settling since not so many busty actresses have a nice ass). I think more than anything though her career lately has been very underwhelming and I think getting on Fitch's roster could do her some good. She's had a lot of really bad content lately and I think that has to change.

Ruu Yumemi

Ruu's time in JAV has kind of been all over the place with how many breaks she has taken. Right now her latest video is on a low tier label at SOD, not the place someone who was on Moodyz's main roster should be. I don't think she quite has the staying power she thinks she does to be at a top studio but Fitch is still way better than where she is now. Like Shiori Tsukada she strikes me as that extremely juicy woman and honestly feels like the second coming of Shiori. Yeah, she might be a little too big for some mainstream rosters to want but Fitch is all about it and she'll fit in quite nicely there.

Nao Jinguji

Nao has been a staple of both Madonna and Moodyz for a while, much to my chagrin. It always felt like she never quite fit in, especially at Madonna. I mean sure, she looks mature for her age, but she just somehow never fits in with their roster. I think focusing on her looking mature for her age is just criminal when she's got one of the best asses in the entire industry. Show what you've got and who better to do that than Fitch? As great of a performer as Nao is, I think at least one of the studios she works with needs to focus on her physical qualities a bit better. Like Nanami, Nao is definitely tilted heavily to one side but I think people are probably more accepting of her thicc thighs saving lives on Fitch and how that's a better indicator of the thicc that Fitch generally looks for, and like I said I'm okay with some amount of actresses on either side.. Who knows whether she'll remain on Madonna or Moodyz when I get around to them but for sure she's going to start working for Fitch.

Maria Nagai

Maria Nagai might be the closest thing the JAV industry has to a bimbo and I mean that in the nicest way possible. While the bimbo look is not for me there are many who do like that look and if I had to pick a home for them Fitch seems like the place. Exaggerated ass and boobs? You're right at home here on Fitch. Maria Nagai has been off on her OnlyFans adventures now and I think she's probably making more there than she is in the JAV industry. That being said I think there's still value in being an actress as she needs to keep fans interested while acquiring new ones. The more people see her JAV adventures the more they search her out, see what crazy OF content she has, and jump into that. We see that commonly from actresses who have side hustles going on who do enough just to make sure fans don't forget them. Maria doing once a month seems doable for her and I think this is a great win-win situation for both her and Fitch.

Yuri Manase

Yuri is a brand new debut who really speaks to me on both sides. She may not look it when they label her as an innocent nursery teacher but underneath those clothes are some fantastic boobs and a fantastic ass. In fact, you might not expect her ass to be that good when you get a look at her boobs and will only later on get surprised by it. A lot of the actresses I'm bringing in are more veterans so I want someone with a hint of experience but is still fresh enough. Fitch brings in a lot of debuts each year but also a lot of debuts that don't stick around and Yuri seems like someone whose stock has risen since she first worked with them.

Kana Kusakabe

Pan might have only recently gotten into Kana but I've been silently watching her for years. Turns out when you have incredibly full boobs with a nice booty to boot, you get on some lists. No, not the bad kind of lists, the kind where people talk about you and show nice clips of you. I mean seriously, look at her, she's physically astounding. For a woman of her caliber she's got very proportional assets. It's just rare to see someone have boobs that big look like they belong quite as nicely as Kana's do. Even her ass feels the same way where her meaty thighs and generally thicc body don't make it seem out of place. Kana is admittedly enjoying a bit of freelancing right now but methinks she will want to capitalize on it soon enough and take her place as an exclusive again.

Sakura Tsukishima

Where Maria Nagai does that over-the-top look Sakura Tsukishima's is much more reasonable. Yes, she's not all natural (looking at her original debut it's really obvious) but I think she still looks great. Fitch really doesn't care about whether women are natural or not just as long as the fit the motif. I think Sakura is a good value pickup if I'm the studio. She's really never been that big of a star and I'm honestly not entirely sure why. She's cute, has a nice body, and can probably muster a decent performance if she puts in some effort. It feels like this would be another win-win situation where Fitch can get Sakura at a bargain and Sakura can view this as a great stepping stone for her career. I always try to balance things out as if I'm the CEO where I'm overpaying for some and underpaying for others, and hopefully people see what I see in Sakura.


I've had a ton of fun drafting another roster. As I mentioned, this is my second one and you can go check out the Oppai draft here. I plan to do several more of these so let me know which roster you're most interest in seeing next time. I'll be most curious to see if people agree with my picks or not, or if there's anyone I left off, and as always let us know in the comments down below. Until next time!

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Altair 1 month ago
Definitely one of my favorite studios.
Too bad that they don't do stuff like JUFD-811, this one was one of my favorites but they only made I think 4 or 5 DVDs with the theme thick personal trainers.
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