Yuuko Hasegawa - Diary of an Itinerant Lactating Wife

Published June 2, 2021

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

Insanely cute from all angles and with the ability to squirt milk. How could her husband want to leave her? The true story of a mom doing JAV.

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Yuuko Hasegawa - Diary of an Itinerant Lactating Wife
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

Anyone who's been reading reviews for our sporadic GUTS movies by now must know I'm a borderline otaku when it comes to JAV from the 2000's.  I won't deny it.  It's the greatest era.  Mind you, I'm an eternal optimist and think given the growing power of disruption services such a FC2 and PH we'll be seeing domestic studios and even their umbrella organization start to rethink how to best do business when an entire generation of Japanese seem to be jumping ship to 'free' services.  Still, there was just something amazing about all the craziness we saw in the previous--no wait, we're already in the '20's now--previous previous decade had to offer.  Sure, back then one man shops weren't really a thing, but it also wasn't too hard for smaller studios like GUTS to sometimes go head to head with big names.  GUTS sadly failed for various reasons, but in their half decade or so run they turned out a few bombs and quite a few good-to-great movies.  Today, we're showing one of the better ones.

DIARY OF AN ITINERANT LACTATING WIFE starring YUUKO HASEGAWA has some similarity with another cheating wife movie by them.  On top of being shot by the same director, they star women who absolutely are mothers are new at that.  You can fake many things in JAV.  You can fake penetration if done right and fake cum has been an industry staple for a generation, but fake lactation?  Considering the fact you (thankfully) don't need mosaic over nipples, I can't imagine a way of having this done.  Women like YUUKO are the real deal and their commitment to appearing in JAV so soon after giving birth should be respected.

The most memorable thing about this movie is not the multiple times YUUKO had milk squeezed out of her teats.  That was cool if you're into it.  What really struck me as awesome was the masturbation scene.  Normally women masturbating on their own is something I'm not too interested in, but the way it was done here was the best if you're a 2000's JAV otaku.  YUUKO, dressed as a schoolgirl circa 2001, was brought up to the actual GUTS office and was instructed to pleasure herself in front of their staff.  If you're a fan of JAV movies that take place in real studio offices, then by all means check out that scene.  I've been to quite a few studios and whether it's good or bad to say, they still look pretty much identical.  There are rarely beautiful women at JAV studio offices.  Perhaps interviewing a new actress before hiring her, but that's about it.  Usually it's a surprisingly quiet sausage party.  If you're lucky, there will be posters up and you may see all their movies on display.

Before I close out this review, I should spend at least a few sentences talking about YUUKO herself and the sex.  YUUKO is thin, possibly artificially tan, sports large (albeit by her own words, sagging) breasts, has a shoulder tattoo pointing to a delinquent past, and for fans of hairy pussies, has a hairy pussy.  A very hairy one.  She fortunately is a lover of sex (part of the reason she divorced her husband was his lack of a shared interest) and both penetration scenes here are pretty solid.  My only grip is that they are back-to-back and shot in the same hotel room.  A bit more variety there would have been better.  Sex at GUTS's office, perhaps?

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 572

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Great example of 2000's JAV.
+Masturbation scene at actual studio office (with staff present!).
+Cute, gyaru actress who actually lactates.


-OK picture quality (even for when this was shot).
-There were times the director needed to shut up.
-Editing almost makes the movie too short.  Reverse 'scene creep'.

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