Mixed Bathing People Monitoring - How Many Minutes to Informal Sex?

Published May 12, 2023

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What would happen if total strangers of opposite genders enter a mixed bathing onsen together? How long until they have sex? A JAV investigation.

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Mixed Bathing People Monitoring - How Many Minutes to Informal Sex?
Timing and Translation by ZENRA

We've heard your requests and we are listening.  Reality wins out most of the time and what can be better than reality mixed with some sentimental JAV goodness?  From all the recent Magic Mirror movies we've been showing to of course almost everything by GOGOS, at the end of the day, it's watching something that seems like it can actually happen AND looks unique enough not to be of this world is where it's at.  Thus, look no further than today's update combining the beauty of an outdoor Japanese onsen in winter (take note of the intermittent snow falling throughout this release!), beautiful women, embarrassed bathers, and a traditional ryokan helmed by a slightly mischievous proprietress dressed to the ten in a kimono.

SOD CREATE, the production arm of SOFT ON DEMAND is the juggernaut of JAV movies in that they produce a ton each month; more so than most any DMM studio (you know who they are) and across most every genre.  For many, one's entire craving of adult video can be supplied solely by this studio.  Recently, while still filming all their great variety, they have been more known for their SOD STAR output.  Featuring bigger names and simpler themes, it seems to be doing well though what we plan to show by them on a regular basis will NOT be from that label.  Instead, we're sticking with our core focus which includes such things as seeing how totally real strangers of opposite genders react when bathing together--naked!--for the first time.  Will this simply be an awkward encounter that goes nowhere or will it lead to informal then-and-there sex?  That's the gist we see repeated across three scenes in MIXED BATHING PEOPLE MONITORING:  HOW MANY MINUTES TO INFORMAL SEX?

Truly, I tell you, this is what JAV is all about; no overused set pieces you've seen in a million movies, amateur casting of faces I've never seen before (including the actors!), a unique theme, and sex that while does not cover every position known to man ala what's seen in more vanilla movies, comes off as way more authentic.  This goes double in the final scene which is done almost entirely with the woman in the prone position.  It will be hard to avoid summing up each encounter and I can't even pick a favorite if I tried.  From the cute tanned "I may look like a gyaru but don't call me one!" lady in the first scene to the skinny, but passionate once her buttons are pressed follow-up, and of course both the petite and busty and pale and curvy friends in the group finale, we have all bases covered.

Do note being a movie that was partially filmed outdoors AND in an onsen, even with the top class crew by SOD behind this one, there are still times when the audio becomes rough.  There may be a few instances--most notably in the final scene--where we were unable to provide subtitles.  All in all, it amounts for a few dozen lines at most out of the 1000+ that make up this movie.  And yes, there are indeed more in this series and if this one proves popular, we certainly will license more in the future.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1185

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Super unique theme combining realism with just the right about of JAV.
+Excellent real amateur casting of both actresses and actors.
+Gosh darn that proprietress is a little devil!
+Perfect for fans of embarrassed nudity and accidental arousal.


-Given the environment, audio quality is a bit rough at times.

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