Magic Mirror Perverted Box Guessing Game First Half

Published July 17, 2023

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Taking the mystery box concept of yore and giving it a fresh new spin in one of the most famous set pieces of all Japanese AV.

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Magic Mirror Perverted Box Guessing Game First Half
Timing and Translation by ZENRA
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Some years ago when penning the review for the PERVERTED BOX GUESSING GAME duology of movies, I recall lamenting on how these types of zany big budget variety JAVs may forever remain a thing of the past.  Those movies, shot way back to the point where any accidentally pregnancies arousing from it may have led to adults old enough to now purchase a ZENRA subscription, are everything one can want in a 'weird JAV' and then some.  Truly kitchen sink affairs!  Thankfully, somebody was listening and that somebody was not who I was expecting!

While a spiritual successor of THE PERVERTED BOX GUESSING GAME would very obviously be filmed by ROCKET due in part to the original director of that movie working there (!) or even SOFT ON DEMAND, an obvious shoe-in for these types of movies, it's our resident underdog-yet-still-goes-all-out JAV studio SADISTIC VILLAGE picking up the slack.  Who knew a studio all about light teasing would be the one to add some direly needed variety into the mix?  Well, take one part "guess what's in the box!" and one part Magic Mirror, and the result is an almost gold standard on how to shoot with gusto:  MAGIC MIRROR PERVERTED BOX GUESSING GAME.

This is a big, big release running 240 minutes and may now be the official ZENRA record-holder for most subtitled lines in a single movie with it coming in at almost 3100 (!).  A talkie and a fun one at that.  I'm also happy that while the third round always was the same (it's a penis!), the two rounds leading up to it used different...uh, unique...objects in each scene.  The reactions of all women taking part also ranged from commendable to "wow, where'd they find this person?".  The final scene in particular features an almost too rowdy for her own good MARI HIROSE and right before that we get KAREN KYOWA who you'd think would freak out when touching rubber bugs but instead acted as if she was simply smooshing udon noodles.  As you can see, PERVERTED BOX GUESSING GAME contains lots of unexpected moments complete with lots of great and audacious sex.

Do note that the final scene only ends with blowjobs which for SADISTIC VILLAGE is a bit odd.  Financial reasons or simply time?  After all, they somehow film all encounters in one day and one can only use that unique set for so long.  My money--no pun intended--was more on time commitments as this underdog studio normally will include sex in all encounters by casting lesser known (read:  less expensive to hire!) names.  The Magic Mirror studio and these types of variety productions go together like yakiniku and tare.  Sure, most aren't as grandiose as today and Friday's double update, but the concept at its core is easy to implement and we plan to keep showing them so long as they keep making them.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 3091

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Very unique game show theme.
+Reactions are great--don't skip ahead!
+Surprises for pubic hair fans.


-IBU OTOKA, the mixed actress in the first scene, is underutilized at the end.
-Dare I say it:  this movie needed Abe-chan.
-Last scene only has blowjobs instead of full sex.

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