The Origin of the Hotel Night Stay JAV Series: A Rabbit Hole

Published : April 7th, 2023 Written by Fried Chikan

This a piece about the origin of Overnight Hotel Stay series. This article began innocently enough, it was supposed to be a review slash highlight of the Overnight Hotel Stay series as a whole. Which I started off by trying to find the original video of the series. I started at 6 PM. Some of us will recognize the series, the covers are pretty much all the same. Many of the biggest and newest stars have their own entry into the series. Yua Mikami, Aika Yumeno, Kana Momonogi, Momo Sakura, and many more. Videos like this or that or this one. Simple right? Do an article about it, talk about what it is all about, and cover some choice titles in the series. Easy peasy. But this goes deeper than that so much deeper. The deeper I got the dirtier I felt. Welcome to the rabbit hole.

The Overnight Hotel Stay Series: What is it?

The series is pretty recognizable. The covers have the actresses as an Office Ladies; complete with the white blouse, pantyhose, lingerie. Looking towards the camera while seminude in a blue-ish toned light in the shower. The video set ups and plots are almost uniform. They usually start out with a business meeting that becomes a drinking party. The night gets long and out leads have to stay at a hotel for the night. Here either the man or woman becomes the aggressor and they start having sex with each other.

Later on the action moves to the bathroom. Where in a large shower they have sex again, making ample use of the glass in between the shower and the bathroom. More sex during the morning before leaving and so on and so forth. Everything is pretty distinct style wise and structurally, I’m not crazy here. The titles all use a similar soft dark lighting. The rooms are all the same. Two bed hotel rooms with the same cushioned bed backboard. The basic core premise is typical but the series is very distinct. This has become a very popular series, a new staple from studios. So what is the issue here, what is the big deal here? The issue is…who started it exactly?

The Overnight Hotel Stay Series: Who started it?

You can’t review the series unless you know what that series is. So I went digging and of course it’s S1, one of the biggest makers in JAV. Their video with Tsukasa Aoi is fantastic. But then a brainwave dropped. Kana Momonogi isn’t with S1, she’s an Idea Pocket girl through and through. There’s been two series all this time. How could I have not seen this? The video’s styles are so alike and so are the scenes. An honest mistake. Studios steal from each other all the time and things become a trend look at the reverse bunny suits. So I dug deeper and unaware that it was my own grave that I was digging.

(one is from Idea Pocket the other S1)

Click through the R18 series links and filter through latest, find the original video and finally get this article started. Idea Pocket was the OG, S1 stole from them. The first video came in Mar 10, 2019 with IPX-282 and Tsubasa Amami. Directed by Bungo Maeda and with him doing loads more videos I finally found the creator and could start writing. It was 10 PM when I saw kawaii and CAWD-039. But the hits kept on coming. Fitch had their own video too, as did Moodyz, Skyu Shiroto, Uchu Kikaku, OFFICE K'S, all these small time studios I’ve never even heard of. More and more it didn’t stop coming, even Attackers has their own unlisted version of the series. Who wasn’t in on this racket! And the variants, all the off shoots and spin off titles. From school girl to traditional inn, so many copies. And no I have not as one ZENRA writer said lost my goddamn mind. I was going to find the source of these videos; the original inspiration and I wouldn’t be deterred.

(more copies from other studios)

A Breakthrough

And then I finally found it, at 11:32 PM with my case of Red Bull’s on empty. Madonna with JUY-642, directed by Mametaro Mamezawa and starring Sumire Kurokawa released first in 2018. At first glance the video only looks a bit similar to the Overnight Hotel Series but the similarity isn’t skin deep. There is a bigger focus on the butt on the cover and no shower backdrop. This was the OG. It is just like Idea Pocket’s video in structure, plot, and style. A bit different here and there but they even have a bath scene. Not as nice as Idea Pocket or S1 but for all intents and purposes this was the original video. They stole from Madonna and Mametaro Mamezawa, the true creator. I was finally done or so I thought.

(The Original?)

It was then I found MOND-028 from studio Corona Sha. The same title, the same set up, the same scenes, even a damn bath scene like all the others. The release date read Mar 24, 2015. 2015. How much further can this go on? How many more of these videos can I find? Why didn’t I stop at Idea Pocket’s videos or even Madonna? Is anything original in JAV anymore, in porn in general? Did it even matter anymore? Will my editor allow this rambling piece? It’s well past midnight now and I need rest. Anyways here are some of my favorite titles from this series, I mean these series below.

More Copies

“Business Trip Shared Room NTR A Female Employee Is Made To Cum All Night Long By Her Orgasmic Boss Minami Aizawa”

One of the best from the series, a masterclass performance by Minami.


“How I Wound Up Sharing A Hotel Room With My Gorgeous Boss On A Business Trip Tsubaki Kato”

Madonna the possible originator of the series features older and more mature women in their videos. This one starring the fabulous and lively Tsubaki Kato.


“A Beautiful Lady Boss And Her Cherry Boy Employee Went On A Business Trip And Were Booked In A Hotel Room Together When She Lured Him To Temptation Tsukasa Aoi”

S1’s version with Tsukasa Aoi. The normally wooden and aloof actress gives a very subtle and off kilter performance, greatly enhancing the sex.


“I Hate My Boss So Badly But During Our Business Trip, To My Horror, We Were Booked Into The Same Room And This Disgusting, Horny Old Man Made Me Cum, Over And Over Again.”

A spinoff of a knock off series. This one features kimonos, traditional inns, and lots of hate sex.


Until never again FC out

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Double egg 1 year ago
I recognise it long time ago. Sometime there movie that doesn't have series on it, but actually if you see the director list of work obviously its has series. the problem is the director doing it for so many studio that's why no series recorded.
Moonlight 1 year ago

I did not realize that these are series from many different studios. Not too surprised that many different studios copied from the original one as hotel and business attires are classic topic. I am with you that S1 and Idea Pocket's series are similar. Personally I prefer Idea Pocket one as I enjoyed Momonogi Kana's version. Thanks for your hardworking (I am sure this took lots of your time digging into it)!

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